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Playboy, Burlesque and Pin-Up Magazines

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Lot 401.  5 “Playboy” Magazines –July 1954 and April, May, July & November 1955. “Playmates” of the Month” for these issues are Neva Gilbert (1954), Marilyn Waltz (April 1955), Marguerite Empey (May), Janet Pilgrim (July) and Barbara Cameron (Nov). Waltz, an actress and model, was the first of two “Playboy” three-time playmates. Pilgrim was the other. A “Playboy” office worker and model, Pilgrim was “Playmate of the Month” in July and Dec. 1955 and Oct. 1956. Empey was a model, dancer and actress, and Cameron, a model. Cameron is on the cover of the Oct. issue and in two pages of photos preceding the centerfold. Other photo features in the 1955 issues are “Naked Advertising”; a six-page pictorial featuring Bunny Yeager, the model who photographed Bettie Page (one Page photo included), Tempest Storm (four pages) and “West Coast Strippers,” including Misty Ayres and Renee Andre. Michael Arlen, Mack Reynolds, Herbert Gold, Shepherd Mead, Charles Beaumont, Irwin Shaw and P.G. Wodehouse are among the authors in these four issues. Fiction, satire, sports, music, humor, art, cartoons, and contemporary news are featured. These issues average vg-ex to ex. In the 1954 issue, in addition to Gilbert, “Playboy” cameras focus on controversial actress and publicity seeker Simone Silva and on “The Evolution of the Bathing Suit,” the magazine’s cover subject. In an article that asks “What’s Happening to Baseball?” sportswriter Jay Arnold “takes the old game apart and puts it back together again.” Gilbert was an American model and aspiring actress. She appeared in the magazine again, 25 years later, in the Dec. 1979 issue. Ex-m.
Winning Bid $83     

Lot 402.  Aug. 1943 “Eyeful” Issue Featuring Merlin Enabnit Pin-Up Artwork. Born in Des Moines, Enabnit was a versatile artist recognized for not only his pin-up illustrations, but for his portraits, landscapes and advertising artwork as well. In Seattle, he became known as the city’s “Wizard of Color.” Subsequently, he taught at the Art Institute of Chicago and other schools there. And in Hollywood in the 1940s, he created ads for V-8, Miller Beer and other companies, as well as famous Merlin Girl pin-ups. Later, as a nationally recognized portrait artist in Chicago, he was commissioned to do a portrait of Ralph Bunch and other United Nations leaders. He wrote several books on painting and received numerous awards, including a fellowship in the Royal Society of Arts in London. The magazine, Vol. 1, No. 3, consists of 64 pages printed in brown and white. Almost every page has a model, dancer or actress; most are identified by first name only. Exceptions are made for burlesque dancers Dorothy Darling, June Wayne, Dolores Dawn, Ann Morley, Jeannie Caton, Nancy Hale, Norine Howell, Jean Frazer, Pat Paree, Faith Arlen, Carolyn Biddle and Vivian Roberts and for actresses or models Maria Montez, Marjorie Woodworth, Carol Bruce, Peggy Moran, June Millarde, Shirley Patterson, Elizabeth Earle, Evelyn Keyes, Marion Odello, Helen Colby and Lotus Lee. Vg, 1” cover tear away from Enabnit’s pin-up but through his facsimile signature.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 403.  Feb. 1948 Issue of “Beauty Parade” with Peter Driben Pin-Up Artwork on the Cover. Born in Boston in 1903, Driben produced a series of pen-and-ink drawings of Paris showgirls while attending the Sorbonne. In New York in 1936, he moved into advertising, creating three-dimensional die-cut displays for Philco radios and other companies and products. In 1941, his close friend Robert Harrison created “Beauty Parade” and subsequently launched seven similar magazines. Harrison contracted with Driben to produce covers for them. Through the 1940s, Driben painted hundreds of covers for these publications – often six or seven per month. Through these illustrations, he became one of America's most recognized and successful pin-up and glamour artists. This issue of “Beauty Parade” contains 64 pages printed in brown and white and filled mostly with photos (and limited copy) of burlesque dancers and models, some identified, some not. Among them are June March, Jane Tyler, Georgette Windsor and Janice Hansen. The magazine is vg-ex with a split along more than half of the spine; the covers remain attached. The front cover has a tiny tear at the top, and two short horizontal black lines at the top right. Driben’s illustration displays very nicely.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 404.  “Follies” Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1 (Nov. 1950) with a "Steffa" (Earl Moran) Cover. During the 1930s, Earl Steffa Moran sold millions of his illustrations on Brown and Bigelow calendars. A 1940 “Life” magazine article featuring his artwork helped to transform him into a national celebrity. He helped to create the men’s magazine “Beauty Parade,” and his illustrations appeared in various other publications. After he moved to Hollywood in 1946, Marilyn Monroe became one of his models. She appreciated his work because she said his illustrations made her legs look better than they actually were; she thought her legs were too thin. Moran’s illustration is on the cover of this issue, which launched “Follies” magazine. Almost all of its 60 pages have black & white photos of pin-up models, including burlesque dancer Beth Powell, known for her “Spotted Cat” routine; Lili St. Cyr, one of burlesque’s most prominent performers; Christine Ayers, “The Body Beautiful”; Ellaine Hunter, the magazine’s Calendar Girl of the Month; and, in one pictorial, Hollywood stars Arlene Whelan, Ann Sheridan. Janis Paige, Joan Leslie and Lana Turner. Numerous other dancers and models appear in the magazine’s pictorials, including one on burlesque in Paris. Ex.
Winning Bid $45     

Lot 405.  11 Issues of “Cavalcade of Burlesque” – the First Issue (from 1951) Through Sept. 1954. Each of these magazines contains approximately 50 pages of burlesque history, articles on the contemporary burlesque scene and the dancers, and numerous black & white photos of the performers. Each edition is introduced by a celebrity – actor Robert Alda (Alan’s father), Phil Silvers, Bert Lahr, Jackie Gleason, Sophie Tucker, Bert Wheeler, Joey Bishop, etc. For the very first issue, Vol. 1, No. 1 from the Fall of 1951, two introducers were required – Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Gypsy Rose Lee is on the cover. Ex. Other covers have: Winter 1951, Kitty Lynn on the front, Hillary Dawn on the back, vg-ex, price added, full-page photo of Gypsy Rose Lee. May 1952, Georgia Sothern front, Irma the Body back, vg-ex. Sept. 1952, Vickie Welles, Rose La Rose, who appeared in the 1946 movie “Queen of Burlesque,” ex. Dec. 1952, Rose La Rose, Gloria Marlowe (Flame), vg+ to ex. March 1953, Peaches (Strange), Penny Page, g-vg, complete, cover taped, pages ex. June 1953, Flash O’Farrell, Trudy Wayne, vg-ex, Lili St. Cyr photo on the inside front cover. Sept. 1953, Dolores del Rey, Raven, vg, half of one page missing, photo of Blaze Starr present. March 1954, Irma the Body, Texas Sheridan, vg+ to ex, Gypsy Rose Lee photo on about two-thirds of a page, full-page Peaches photo on the inside of the front cover. Sept. 1954, Mary Mack, Blaze Starr, vg, edge chips, spine taped, half-page photos of Tempest Storm and Rose La Rose; photo of Venus la Doll, the “Bronze Goddess of Love, as part of an article on black burlesque dancers; also, a four-page pictorial of Gay Dawn.. Dec. 1954, Rose La Rose, Virginia Kinn, vg+.
Winning Bid $55     

Lot 406.  14 Issues of “Cabaret” Magazine, Dec. 1955-Sept. 1957, Plus a Quarterly. Burlesque and jazz are the focus of this publication. Issues are for 1955: Dec., g-vg (vg-ex with two small holes from a staple through the covers and each page). 1956: Jan.-March, June, Oct. and Nov., one nm (name stamped on, number added), one ex-m, one ex, one vg+ to ex and two vg-ex. 1957: Feb.-May and July-Oct., one nm, one ex-m, three ex, one vg+ to ex and one vg-ex. Among the cover girls are Lilly Christine, June Allyson, Do May, Helena Gardner, Denise Darcel, Irma the Body, Jennie Lee, Amber Halliday, Judy Bamber, Rita Grable, Dolores del Raye, Lily Ayers and Joan Bradshaw. Jayne Mansfield is on the cover of the spiral-bound Volume 5 Quarterly for 1956, vg with ex to ex-m pages. Most regular issues contain one or more articles on night clubs with photos of celebrities, musicians or singers, typically jazz, strip clubs and burlesque entertainers. Articles deal with Sally Rand, famous for her ostrich feather dance; Gwen Verdon, “Broadway’s Hottest Star”; Sammy Davis, Jr., “America’s Most Versatile Performer”; Louis Armstrong; Walter Winchell as “America’s Top Starmaker”; Ella Fitzgerald; “How Burlesque Launched America’s Top Comics”; Lena Horne; Frank Sinatra; Jimmy Durante; Lionel Hampton; Count Basie; Jerry Lewis; Rosemary Clooney; Edith Piaf profiled by Studs Terkel; Abbey Lincoln and others. Each issue has an article and photo spread on one or more cabarets. And each edition, all with 48 pages or more, has an abundance of photos of popular dancers - new and established stars. Starting with the Oct. 1956 issue, each edition has a color centerfold “Queen of the Month,” including: Irma the Body, Jennie Lee, Amber Halliday, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Tura Satana, and Joy Reynolds. The Quarterly provides burlesque scenes of Honolulu, Miami, New Orleans and Havana plus pictorials featuring Lilly Christine, Elaine Deming and other dancers.
Winning Bid $55     

Lot 407.  27 Issues of “Jem” Magazine, from the First Issue in 1956 Through March 1965. This magazine evolved from “A Treasure Chest of Rare Spice” with its inaugural issue in Nov. 1956 to “The Magazine for Masterful Men” by March 1959 and then “The Magazine for Playful Males” by Jan. 1961. A month or so later, it became “The Magazine for Playful Men.” Like “Playboy,” “Jem” offers in each issue fiction, humor, cartoons, satire, articles on sex and the sexes, and color and black & white photos of models and celebrities in various stages of undress. Early issues had a centerfold, which soon disappeared and then returned in 1962. Initially the magazine featured recognizable celebrities and models, but they became less common, generally replaced by attractive little known or unknown models that were often photographed in make-believe settings. Over time, “Jem” also placed more emphasis on satire and humor. It was consistent in addressing cultural issues related to sex. And it was consistent in addressing, often with humor, issues that divide men and women in articles and in such features as “The Trouble with Women” and “Battle of the Sexes.” Following is brief information on each issue: Vol. 1, No. 1, Nov 1956, ex, Candy Barr cover, Betty Brosmer two-page foldout, four pages of Jayne Mansfield photos, color photos of Lili St. Cyr, Anita Ekberg (2), Eve Meyer and Kim Novak (each four pages, one color). March 1957, vg, Candy Barr foldout, Diana Weber photos, Tina Louise photos, article on Sarah Bernhardt. May 1957, Greta Thyssen front and back covers, color gatefold with Thyssen on one side and Jayne Mansfield on the other, three more Mansfield pages. July 1957, vg-ex, Coreen Rodella pictorial, various unidentified models. Aug. 1957, vg-ex, a good mix of models and fiction. Feb. 1958, ex, four pages on French transgender actress and singer Coccinelle Dufresnoy (Dufeney in the magazine). June 1958, ex, offbeat six-page Ann Peters pictorial, “The Story of Modern Furniture,” a pinup for each month, and four pages of photos of burlesque performer Greta Thyssen. Jan. 1959 (Vol 2, No. 5, no year in the issue), ex, Gitta Piniella cover, 6 pages inside, three other pictorials featuring models. March 1959, ex+, three pictorials, fiction by Louis-Charles Royer. June 1959, ex-m, including an Alice Campbell opinion article, “Texans Are Lousy Lovers”; multiple pictorials. Aug. 1959, ex-m to nm, article “Hedy Lamarr Discusses L’Amour,” six-pages of Gina Bell presenting “the most perfect figure in the world.” Oct. 1959, vg+ to ex, six pages of Joan Bradshaw photos, one with Elvis. After being crowned Miss Texas USA in 1953, she made some TV appearances, became a Hollywood starlet, married a movie producer 31 years her senior and gave up acting. Dec. 1959, vg-ex, three pictorials with anonymous models and an article, “The Short Happy Life of Burlesque.” Feb. 1960, ex-m+, an interview with Gypsy Rose Lee, three pictorials. April 1960 (Vol. 3, No. 6, no year in the issue), vg+ to ex, six-page article on Lari Laine, Playboy Playmate of the Month in May 1958, who later made some TV and movie appearances as Corinne Cole; articles, including “How to Make a Girl Undress” and “How to Stay Single.” Aug. 1960, ex-m, (Vol. 4, No. 2, no year in the issue), three pictorials with unidentified models in fictional settings – two girls go for a nude swim, the model’s figure is used to create a life-sized plaster figure, and models perform ballet – with some humorous text added. Jan. 1961, ex+, 12 pages of humorous, satirical advertisements. March 1961, nm, three pictorials, interesting cartoons, satire and other humor. Aug. 1961, vg+ to ex, article “You Can Live without Working,” pictorial with Susan Rainer–High Priestess of Stonehenge. Dec. 19, ex, three pictorials, one with photos by Bernard of Hollywood, and plenty of humor. Feb. 1962, vg+, six pages of photos representing “The Best of Bunny Yeager” and an article, “Women Are as Romantic as Vultures.” Nov. 1962, (Vol. 5, No. 3, no year in the issue), ex, the centerfold returns with an appearance by Iris Bristol, one of the most popular pin-up models of the 1950s and 1960s, in six pages. She also appeared in some TV shows and movies. And six pages of French stripper Carol Riva, including a two-page photo. March 1964, ex-m, the centerfold is now “Jem’s Gem of the Month,” Bili Kobar in this case. In addition to the gatefold, she appears on four additional pages. Aug. 1964, ex-m+, a two-page article on Salvador Dali, Annette Johnson as “Gem of the Month.” Oct. 1964, ex+. Jan. 1965, ex-m, article on Bill Cosby, various pictorials. March 1965, ex-m, “The Jean Harlow Story.”
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 408.  27 Different Men’s Magazines from the 1950s-70s and 1999 – Peter Driben Cover, Etc. These magazines contain more than 1,000 pages of nude or partially nude women photographed as they typically were before the arrival of “Hustler” and similar magazines in the mid-1970s. Some celebrities are present, but most of the photos feature attractive little-known or unknown models or actresses that had limited film careers. Most of the magazines have multiple pictorials, some offer fiction and news articles, and others have a model on almost every page. Among the more familiar figures are Bettie Page, Jayne Mansfield, Blaze Starr, Mamie Van Doren, Edy Williams, Eve Meyer, Tempest Storm and many dancers that burlesque fans will recognize. Literature and news are scarce in these publications, but Aldous Huxley provides short stories in two of them. And the cover of Flirt provides art by Peter Driben, popular pin-up artist of the 1940s-50s. He may be less widely recognized than Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren, but it’s likely that his works have been at least as widely seen. His output was prolific. Here is a list of the issues in this collection and information on each: “Best for Men,” Feb. 1968, 50 pages, various pictorials including Pierre’s Nightclub in San Francisco, vg+ to ex. “Black Nylons,” July 1963, 70 pages, color gatefold, Bettie Page two-thirds page photo, also Lee Southern (Grace Jackson), vg-ex. “Black Silk Stockings,” undated, Vol. 2, No. 4, 78 pages, Julie Wills color centerfold, vg+ to ex. “Cabaret,” March 1956, 50 pages, Vicki Palmer, burlesque dancer; Ava Gardner, Gina Lollobrigida and Shelly Winters in an article on a Rome nightclub, vg+. “Cavalcade,” July 1965 from Skye Publishing, 80 pages, Danish model in color, centerfold in color, photos from “What’s New Pussycat?” and a photo feature “This is Jayne Mansfield?” Vg+ to ex. “Cavalcade,” April 1967, 72 pages, color centerfold and several other color photos, ex+ with minor cover writing. “Cavalcade of Burlesque,” Sept. 1953, 50 pages, smaller Blaze Starr photo in an article, Vicki Welles, g-vg, ex pages. “Chere,” No. 4, 1963, 86 pages, color centerfold, unidentified models illustrate short fictional stories, ex. “Dapper,” April 1969, 72 pages, Mamie Van Doren (four pages), Richie Havens article, color centerfold, seven pages of “Dapper’s Darling” (five color), actress Edy Williams, ex. “The Dude,” March 1958, 72 pages, fiction, multiple pictorials, one with singer, model and TV personality Micki Marlo wearing a low-cut dress, and another with Jackie Jackler, “Miss March Dude,” who appeared in a movie with Errol Flynn. Both of these pictorials have color photos, ex. “Escapade,” June 1956, 64 pages, color centerfold with three more pages of photos, pictorial by Christian Cambazard, the magazine’s Photographer of the Year, and another with Valerie French, actress in 1956 “Jubal” and other movies, ex. “Fling,” April 1965, 62 pages, color centerfold, multiple pictorials, vg+ to ex. “Flirt,” June 1952, 50 pages, Peter Driben cover, Bettie Page on page 37, burlesque dancer Winnie Garrett, a model or dancer on almost every page, vg+ to ex. “Follies,” July 1959, 70 pages, color centerfold, page of photos of Laya Raki, 1950s-60 German dancer and actress who appeared in British movies and TV programs, vg, writing on front and back covers. “French Follies,” Vol. 1. No. 4, 1965, 78 pages, three-panel color foldout of Danielle Garamonte, multiple photos of various models, ex. “French Frills,” Vol. 3, No. 2, 1964, 78 pages, three-panel color centerfold, Aldous Huxley story, pictorials of French models and dancers. “Frolic,” Aug. 1958, 70 pages, Maureen Davies color centerfold, Bettie Page and Tempest Storm small photo (light pencil marks on it), Carol Grace cover, ex-m+. “Gala,” Nov. 1958, 70 pages, Iris Bristol cover, model and actress, many burlesque and other dancers, vg with ex-m pages. “Gay Blade,” May 1957, 70 pages, color centerfold with Nona Van Tosh, popular 1950s model, cover and seven pages of Eve Meyer photos, model, actress and movie producer killed in the 1977 Tenerife airport disaster in the Canary Islands, vg+. “Gentleman,” Oct. 1963, 64 pages, color centerfold, three other pictorials, article on Mike Wallace, ex. “Glamorous Models,” April 1949, 64 pages, photos of pin-up models and actresses such as Corky Crowley, June Kirby, Barbara Nichols (more than 25 1950-60 movies and even more TV appearances), and of Laya Raki, 1950s-60 German dancer and actress who appeared in British movies and TV programs; vg, sale label added to the cover. “Glamour Girls,” Feb.-March 1999, 90 pages, Mamie Van Doren on the front and back covers and 10 b&w pages inside, Raven de la Croix color centerfold and an article with b&w photos; also, photos of other models, ex+. “Hi-Life,” July 1965, 66 pages, Aldous Huxley fiction, three pictorials, ex-m+. “Jem,” Feb. 1962, 74 pages, Feb. 1962, vg+, six pages of photos representing “The Best of Bunny Yeager” and an article, “Women Are as Romantic as Vultures,” ex+. “Midnight,” Vol. 4, No. 1, 1965, 80 pages, color centerfold, 10 pictorials, vg+ (holes from one staple at the edge of each page and the cover). “Modern Man,” Feb. 1964, 50 pages, photo of actress Ruth Roman, a Gallery of models and articles on Bill Tilden and the increased sale of small foreign cars, vg-ex. “Mr.”, Jan. 1965, 62 pages, Tracy Masters cover and three-panel color centerfold, plus two more pictorials, one with a color gatefold, vg-ex.
Winning Bid $125     

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