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Baseball Comic Postcards

  14 Lots      

Lot 175.  1916 L&R PC798-1 “Fan-ie Series 100” Baseball Comic Postcards Near Set – 10 of 12. All of these cards, which feature Kewpie-style dolls, are unused and have an “Est. Allison 1916” copyright. The cards are – Am not strong on the catch But I am strong for you, I am up in the air about you, If I catch you, If I strike it, If you want to play with me, I’m in the field with a home, In the land of spirits, It’s better to be one out, One in the hand is worth, This Fan-ie Home. Sets and near sets of these cards are seldom offered. The cards average vg-ex to ex.
Winning Bid $100     

Lot 176.  Seldom Offered 1911 PC798-2 “Baseball Plays Off the Diamond” Set of 12 Postcards. These “Series 312” baseball comic cards each have a title and non-baseball scene at the top and a baseball scene at the bottom. Two cards were postmarked in 1911, and three, in 1913. Another was addressed but not postmarked. The cards are – A Base on Balls, vg. A Delayed Steal, vg-ex. A Double Steal, vg-ex. A Home Run, vg-ex. A Phenomenal Stop, g. A Sacrifice Hit, vg-ex. A Safe Hit, f. A Sensational Catch, f-g. Forced Out on Second, vg to vg-ex. Making a Squeeze, vg to vg-ex. Stealing Home, vg to vg-ex. Three Strikes Out, vg-ex.
Winning Bid $100     

Lot 177.  Partial Set of 1914 PC798-4 “Border of Bats Series” Baseball Comic Postcards – 7 of 12. In this Series No. 5017 set, all 11 cities hosting major league baseball teams are represented. Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and St. Louis each had two teams, but only New York has two different cards. A city’s name, often in abbreviated form, is on the front, sleeve or both of a small child’s jersey. The illustration on each card is bordered by baseball bats, gloves, balls and other equipment. Three of the cards are postmarked with writing on the back; one also has writing on the front. The writing has not been considered in grading the cards, which are: A Good Catch (Pittsburgh), vg. Chase Yourself Kid (Brooklyn), f. Do I Make a Hit (Detroit), vg. Don’t Judge Me Too Harshly (Boston), vg-ex. I Am All Put Out About You (St. Louis) vg to vg-ex. I’d Like to Catch On To A Nice Girl (New York), vg-ex. The Bases Full (New York), vg-ex. Four cards are unused. One was postmarked in 1914, one in 1915 and one apparently in 1917. These cards were produced by G.D.& D. (Gottschalk, Dreyfus & Davis) with offices in New York and London.
Winning Bid $77     

Lot 178.  3 1913 PC798-5 “Summertime Series” Baseball Comic Postcards. From S. Bergman of New York, these postcards have a baseball player with the sun in the background on the left and a couple on the right. The cards are – Come along and put one over in the good old Summertime, vg to vg-ex. I can make the delivery in the good old Summertime, vg-ex. It feels good to have won, and made good, vg-ex. One card is unused, one postmarked in 1914 and one apparently in 1919.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 179.  Partial Set – 8 of 12 Crosby 1911 PC798-6 Baseball Comic Postcards with Embossed Edges. The cards are – A Nice Little Single for an Old Bat, vg-ex. Brought Home with a Hit, vg. He Bit at Every Ball, ex. He Made a Hit and Got Two Bags, f-g. Hitting The Out Drops, vg. Second Baseman Made a Swell Catch, vg to vg-ex. The Ball Went Through Short Stop, vg. The Umpire Was Cool and Collected, p-f. Three different designs are used for the “Baseball” panel at the top of the card. Six cards are unused. One was postmarked in 1912, and one, in 1913.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 180.  Uncommon 1910 PC798-7 Set of 3 Postcards with “Baseball” Embossed at the Top. Each postcard has “Baseball” at the top in embossed white letters and an embossed white title at the bottom. The embossed images are in pastel red, purple, gold and green. The cards are from H. G. Zimmerman & Co. of New York. Here are the titles – A Slide for First, vg to vg-ex. Caught between Bases, g-vg. Out on a Foul, vg to vg-ex. Two cards are unused. One has two names on the back in pencil; it was not mailed.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 181.  3 1912 PC798-8 “Baseball Series” Comic Postcard with Red Trim. From a set of 12 by H. G. Zimmerman & Co. of Chicago, these cards have black & white illustrations with red trim using baseballs and bats. The cards are – He Sacrificed on a Slow One, g. Lining ‘Em Out, vg. She Fumbled and He Was Safe, g-vg. One card is unused, and the two others were postmarked in 1912.
Minimum Bid $20     

Lot 182.  Set of 9 1910 PC798-9 Colonial Art “Baseball Lovers” Comic Postcards. Unlike most of the baseball comic postcards, these sepia offerings present photographs rather than artwork. Each card has a man and woman in a romantic, comedic baseball scene. (One card has two women.) F. G. Henry & Co. of New York published the cards. Three are unused. Five are postmarked, four in 1910 and one in 1912. And two have writing on the back, which was not considered in grading them. These cards were not mailed. The card titled A high ball grades f. All of the others are vg-ex. Here are the titles: A Sacrifice, A Steal, Breaking her contract, Catching a hot one, Covering left field, Delaying the game, A chance play, and A Balk.
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 183.  1910 PC798-10 Roth & Langley “Baseball Lovers” Comic Postcards Near Set – 21 of 24. Men in baseball uniforms and women in uniforms and formal dress are the subjects of this set, which features sepia photos. Nineteen cards are in a vertical format. Eleven of them have the title in a box across the bottom – A Balk. A Triple Play, Back Stop, Catching a Fly, Double Play, Kill the Umpire. Play Ball, Safe, Score 1 to 1, Strike One, and Tie Game. Two cards display the title in the background – Batter Up, and Come On, Boy. Six have the title in a box at the top, five in the upper left corner – Instructions, Over the Fence Is Out, Safe at First, Score 3 to 1, Squeeze Play, and Who Wins. Two are in a horizontal format – Knocked Out of the Box, and Line Hit. One card is unused. Two have writing on the back but were not mailed. The others were postmarked from 1910-12. These cards average f to f-g
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 184.  3 1912 PC798-11 “Baseball Lovers” Comic Wide Black Border Postcards. Each card has a black & white photo with a man and woman in a baseball uniform. The women’s uniforms have “Crescent” on the jersey. The cards are – A Steal f, Hard to beat p-f, and I’ll get you yet vg. One was postmarked in 1912, and two in 1915.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 185.  “Caught Stealing,” a June 4, 1911 PC798-12 Postcard from the “Boston Sunday Post." This unused postcard, No. 222-8 from the newspaper’s “Baseball Terms Illustrated” series, displays nicely executed color artwork by Alfred James Dewey. The series consists of 12 cards. Dewey, who lived in New York and California, was a cartoonist, painter and sculptor who produced illustrations for various magazines, including “Life” and “Harper’s.” Vg-ex.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 186.  1910 PC798-13 “Baseball Lovers” Gray Border Comic Postcards Near Set – 8 of 10. These cards have high-resolution sepia photos that appear to be produced photographically, rather than by offset printing. Each card offers a romantic scene with a man and woman wearing baseball uniforms and a comedic caption. HIR is identified as the publisher of this set, the most attractive of the “Baseball Lovers” products. All of the cards are unused, and all are vg-ex.
Minimum Bid $75     

Lot 187.  4 1908 PC798-14 Postcards from the “Crossed Bats & Ball” Embossed Series of 8. The H. M. Rose Co. (or TRC), produced this set of baseball comic postcards – as well as the highly collectible 1908-09 PC760 Rose Co. series of postcards with photographs of more than 200 MLB players. The four cards here are – He raves and moans, He wants his meals, Money to spare and We used to say. The text, ball and bats, and the illustrated characters are all embossed. One PC is unused, one has writing and a stamp but apparently wasn’t mailed, and two were postmarked (1908 and 1909). Three of the postcards are vg-ex and the fourth is vg.
Minimum Bid $25     

Lot 188.  4 (of 6) 1908 PC798-15 “Baseball Illustrated” Postcards with Tom Browne Artwork. Browne (1870-1910) was an English artist and cartoonist best known for creating the Johnny Walker scotch whiskey label. The cards were produced by Davidson Bros., printed in England and identified as Series 2619. Each card is numbered. Here is the list - #1, I Intend Sending You”; 2, “I Am Sending You”; 4, “I’m Sorry I Was Out,” and 6, “I Hope to Manage It Somehow.” Two cards are unused. Two are postmarked; one year is readable, 1908. These colorful cards are in a horizontal format. The cards are all vg-ex
Minimum Bid $25     

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