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Baseball Card Partial and Near Sets

  26 Lots       »   

Lot 149.  1957 Topps Baseball Partial Set – 222 Different with Multiple Stars. Key Cards include: #1 Ted Williams (inoffensive pencil in background of front partially erased; otherwise) vg, 2 Berra vg to vg-ex, 15 Roberts g, 24 Mazeroski rookie g-vg, 25 Ford vg, 30 Reese p, 35 Frank Robinson rookie f-g, 45 Furillo g, 55 Banks g, 62 Martin p, 80 Hodges p, 82 Elston Howard vg-ex, 85 Doby vg, 90 Spahn vg, 115 Gilliam g, 120 Lemon f-g, 130 Newcombe g, 154 Schoendienst g, 165 Kluszewski vg, 171 Red Sox team g, 203 Wilhelm p, 220 Jensen vg, 250 Mathews (“#4” appears in pencil inconspicuously on the front background; otherwise) vg, 264 Turley vg-ex, 312 Kubek rookie (mid-series) vg, 317 Giants Team (mid-series) vg-ex and 324 Dodgers Team (mid-series) g-vg, Of the remaining cards, 43 are from the more difficult, higher value mid-series. Included in this group are #265 Haddix g-vg, 275 Indians team g-vg, 300 Garica g-vg and 329 White Sox team g. Other cards in this series grade: Vg-ex 1 card. Vg to vg-ex 4. Vg 10. G-vg 3. G 9. F-g 4. F 4 and P 4. The remaining cards that are not graded above are: Vg-ex 25 cards. Vg 40. G-vg 25. G 16. F-g 13. F 14 and P 19. Let’s get things started at less than $1 a card.
Winning Bid $477     

Lot 150.  1958 Topps Baseball Near Set - 487 of 494. Only 7 cards are needed to complete this much sought-after vintage set. They are #s 30, 47, 70, 150, 370, 418 and 485. Highlights Include #1 Ted Williams f-g, 2 Lemon f-g, 5 Mays vg-ex to ex, 20 McDougald ex-m, 25 Drysdale g, 42 Roseboro rookie vg-ex, 52 Clemente (“21#” lightly in pencil on the front; otherwise) vg-ex, 71 Dodgers Team (1/2” light pencil line on front and pencil on checklist; otherwise) vg-ex, 88 Snider vg-ex, 90 Roberts vg-ex, 100 Wynn vg-ex, 101 Richardson (yellow letters) p, 115 Bunning vg-ex, 120 Podres ex-m, 130 Jensen ex-m, 142 Slaughter vg-ex, 162 Hodges g, 178 Kluszewski vg, 187 Koufax (a nice looking cards but small amounts of printing in ink on the front and back dictate the grade) p, 215 Gilliam nm, 230 Ashburn vg-ex to ex, 238 Mazeroski g, 246 Yankees team f, 270 Spahn f-g, 271 Martin vg, 275 Elston Howard ex, 285 Frank Robinson g-vg, 288 Killebrew vg+, 295 Minoso f-g, 296 Duren rookie vg-ex, 300 League Presidents vg, 304 Tigers’ Big Bats (Kaline, Kuenn) vg, 307 Brooks Robinson g-vg, 310 Banks p-f, 314 Dodgers’ Boss and Power (Snider, Alston) vg-ex, 320 Ford p, 321 Sluggers Supreme (Ted Williams, Kluszewski) vg, 324 Wilhelm vg-ex to ex, 340 Newcombe vg+, 343 Cepeda rookie p, 351 Braves’ Fence Busters (Aaron, Adcock, Crandall, Mathews) vg-ex, 375 Reese vg, 386 Birdie’s Young Sluggers (Frank Robinson, Bailey, Tebbetts) vg+, 393 Kubek ex+, 400 Fox vg-ex, 417 Furillo nm-m, 420 Pinson rookie vg-ex, 436 Rival Fence Busters - Mays, Snider (pin hole; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 440 Mathews g, 464 Flood rookie vg, 475All-Star Managers (Stengel, Haney) vg-ex, 476 Musial All-Star vg, 480 Mathews All-Star vg-ex, 482 Banks All-Star vg, 484 Frank Robinson All-Star vg, 486 Mays All-Star f, 487 Mantle All-Star (a moderate amount of glue residue and paper loss on the back; otherwise) vg-ex, 488 Aaron All-Star f-g and 494 Spahn All-Star vg-ex. Note: The following cards are the Yellow Letter variations: #32 Porter vg+, 65 McDaniel vg, 78 Johnson vg-ex, 92 Courtney vg-ex and 98 Hunter p. Cards not graded above are: Nm-m 5 cards. Nm 12. Ex-m 26. Ex 43. Vg-ex 134. Vg 114. G 47. F 24 and P 19.
Winning Bid $1,044     

Lot 151.  1959 Topps Partial Baseball Set – 267 of 572. Highlights include: #90 Skowron vg-ex, 116 Allison rookie vg-ex to ex, 206 Furillo ex, 240 Bauer vg-ex to ex, 287 Zimmer ex, 306 Gilliam ex-m, 325 Boyer ex, 350 Banks (a visually pleasing card but a minor amount of printing on the back dictates the grade) p, 387 Drysdale vg-ex, 392 Herzog ex, 415 Mazeroski g-vg, 448 Pinson vg-ex, 450 Mathews g, 555 Mazeroski All-Star vg, 556 Fox All-Star g-vg, 559 Banks All-Star f and 562 Kaline All-Star p. Cards not graded above are: Nm 16 cards. Ex-m 38. Ex 35. Vg-ex 66 (two of these cards are high numbers). Vg 28 (two of these cards are high numbers). G 30 (four high numbers). F 18 and P 19 including #35 Kluszewski (printing on front and back), 463 Baseball Thrills Kaline Becomes Youngest Bat Champ (pinhole), 554 Skowron All-Star (pencil marks on the front) and 470 Baseball Thrills Musial Raps out 3,000th hit (pinhole).
Winning Bid $218     

Lot 152.  1960 Nu-Card Baseball Hi-Lites – 25 Different with Aaron, Cobb, Gehrig, Musial, Etc. Each card back shows some age-related foxing, which has not been considered in the grading. Cards Include: #10 Thomson’s Homer Sinks Dodgers (pinhole; otherwise) vg-ex, 11 Hubbell Strikes Out 5 A.L. Stars (pinhole; otherwise) vg, 13 Cards Take Series from Yanks vg, 15 Owen Drops 3rd Strike (pinhole; otherwise) vg, 17 Merkle Pulls Boner p, 21 Stan Musial Hits 5 Homers in 1 Day (pinhole; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 24 Gehrig Consecutive Game Record Ends At 2,130 Games p, 25 Red Schoendienst Key Player In Braves Pennant Victory (writing on the back; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 29 Campy National League’s Most Valuable Player (pinhole; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 30 Bob Turley Hurls Yanks to World Series Championship vg, 33 Adcock Gets four Homers, and a Double In One Game (pinhole; otherwise) vg, 36 Umpires Clear White Sox Bench (pinhole; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 37 Reese Honored As Greatest Dodger S.S. (pinhole; otherwise) vg, 41 Hodges Hits 4 Home Runs In Nite Game p, 43 Ty Cobb Named Best Player of All Time vg, 44 Robin Roberts Wins 28 Games vg-ex, 45 Rizzuto’s 2 Runs Save 1st Place For N.Y. Yankees (pinhole; otherwise) f-g, 46 Tigers Beat Out Senators For Pennant (pinhole; otherwise) vg-ex, 51 Brave’s Take Pennant g-vg, 54 Snodgrass Muffs a Fly Ball In last Inning of Final Game (pinhole; otherwise) vg-ex, 61 Yanks Champs Again! vg, 62 Aaron’s Bat Beats Yanks in Series vg-ex, 63 Warren Spahn Beats Yanks in World Series vg, 68 Colavito Hits Four Homers in One Game (pinhole; otherwise) vg to vg-ex and 71 Early Wynn Victory Crushes Yanks vg. We’ll start it off at a buck a card.
Winning Bid $102     

Lot 153.  1960 Topps Partial Baseball Set – 375 of 572. Highlights include: #35 Ford p, 55 Mazeroski vg-ex, 65 Elston Howard vg-ex, 83 Kubek vg-ex, 100 Fox p, 115 Fork and Knuckler (Face and Wilhelm) vg, 136 Kaat rookie p, 160 Rival All Stars (Mantle and Boyer) vg to vg-ex, 173 Martin vg to vg-ex, 210 Killebrew g-vg, 227 Stengel f-g, 240 Aparicio f, 255 Gilliam f-g, 260 Power Plus (Colavito and Francona) vg, 264 Roberts p-f, 270 Turley vg, 275 Flood vg-ex, 305 Ashburn vg, 316 McCovey rookie (a small amount of printing on the back; otherwise) g-vg, 326 Clemente (a small amount of inoffensive printing in pencil on the front and a moderate amount of printing in ink on the back; otherwise) f-g (looks much better), 330 Kuenn vg-ex, 332 Yankees team (3 small pieces of tape on front and back borders; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 335 Schoendienst f-g, 353 Larsen vg to vg-ex, 365 Minoso (“10” printed inconspicuously in the background on the front; otherwise) vg, 377 Maris p, 408 Furillo vg, 425 Podres vg-ex, 429 American League kings (Fox-Kuenn) vg, 445 Spahn g-vg, 448 Cash f, 490 F. Robinson (nice looking card with a small amount of printing in the lower front border and a moderate amount on the back) p, 493 Snider vg to vg-ex, 502 Bunning g and 505 Kluszewski vg. Cards not graded above are: Ex-m 6 cards. Ex 4. Vg-ex 80. Vg 93. G-vg 32. G-36. F-g 27. F-24 and P 38; 22 of these 38 cards are graded P due to printing on the front, back or both. Many of these cards remain visually pleasing.
Winning Bid $201     

Lot 154.  1961 Topps Baseball Partial Set – 310 of 589 Loaded with Stars and High Numbers. Highlights include: #1 Groat vg, 2 Maris p, 10 B. Robinson vg, 17 1st Series Checklist vg+, 25 Reds Heavy Artillery (Pinson, Bell, F. Robinson) vg-ex, 40 Turley vg-ex, 41 NL Batting Leaders (Mays and Clemente) vg, 43 NL Home Run Leaders (Banks, Aaron and Mathews) vg-ex, 45 NL ERA Leaders (Drysdale) vg-ex, 49 NL Strikeout Leaders (Drysdale and Koufax) vg-ex, 88 Ashburn vg-ex, 89 Martin vg-ex, 98 2nd Series Checklist vg-ex, 109 Podres ex, 110 Pinson g-vg, 180 Richardson g, 189 3rd Series Checklist vg-ex, 265 Kubek vg+, 273 4th Series Checklist vg+, 290 Musial g, 297 A’s Team vg-ex, 300 Mantle p, 330 Colavito g, 347 Cardinals Team vg-ex, 350 Banks g-vg, 360 F. Robinson (printing on the back) p, 373 Red Sox Team vg-ex, 428 Kaline g, 437 6th Series Checklist vg-ex; 460 Hodges, 472 Berra MVP and 475 Mantle MVP, all p with printing on front and back; 476 Jensen MVP (printing on back) p, 477 Fox MVP vg-ex, 483 Newcombe MVP vg-ex, 484 Aaron MVP (printing on back) p, 505 Schoendienst ex, 517 McCovey (printing on the front and back) p, 570 Fox g, 571 Mazeroski vg to vg-ex, 572 B. Robinson (“20” is small and inconspicuous on the front with a moderate amount of printing in the blank space on the back; otherwise) vg-ex, 576 Maris (“8” is small and inconspicuous on the front with a moderate amount of printing on the back; otherwise) vg, 577 Aaron vg; 579 Mays and 580 Kaline, both p, printing front and back; 584 Perry vg-ex and 586 Ford (printing on back) p. The remaining cards, including 27 high numbers, are: Ex-m 6 cards. Ex 9. Vg-ex 106. Vg 44. G-vg 6. G 8. F-g 8. F 15 and P 61. Of the 61 cards that grade p, 49 have printing added to the front, back or both. Among these cards are #7 White Sox team, 63 Kaat, 65 Kluszewski, 177 Larsen, 238 Gilliam, 409 Walter Johnson, Phillies team, 493 Zimmer, 568 Skowron All-Star and 582 Battey All-Star. Many of these cards are otherwise attractive.
Winning Bid $433     

Lot 155.  1962 Topps Partial Baseball Set - 368 of 598 – Many Stars, 3 Mantle Cards and More! Highlights include: #28 Minoso vg, 29 Stengel g, 33 Larsen ex-m, 40 Cepeda vg-ex, 59 AL Strikeout Leaders (Ford, Bunning, etc.) ex-m, 99 Powell Rookie (“57” printed inoffensively in ink in the front border and a moderate amount of printing on the back; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 141 Babe Ruth Special Twilight Years vg, 144 Babe Ruth Special Farewell Speech vg-ex, 150 Kaline (“9” and “5” printed in pencil on the front and “5” printed in ink in the front border; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 167 McCarver rookie vg, 170 Santo vg-ex, 199 Perry rookie vg and 200 Mantle vg to vg-ex, each with a number printed inconspicuously in ink in the front border and a moderate amount of printing on the back – not considered in the grade); 208 Martin vg-ex, 213 Ashburn g-vg, 218 Torre rookie g-vg, 280 Podres vg-ex, 315 Ford Tosses a Curve vg-ex, 316 “Killebrew Sends One Into Orbit” vg-ex, 318 Mickey Mantle the Switch Hitter Connects (a small “7” is printed in ink near the lower left border and a moderate amount of printing on the back; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 334 Red Sox team vg-ex, 350 F. Robinson (“20” printed inconspicuously in ink in the front border and a moderate amount of printing on the back; otherwise) vg-ex, 351 Braves’ Backstops (Torre-Crandall) vg, 353 Mazeroski (clean front “HR-1” printed in ink on the back; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 385 Wynn p, 390 Cepeda All-Star vg-ex, 391 Mazeroski All-star vg-ex, 395 Mays All-Star g, 396 F. Robinson All-Star (“8” printed inconspicuously in the front border; otherwise) vg, 398 Drysdale All-Star vg-ex, 462 Tasby (plain cap) vg-ex, 466 Cash All-Star vg-ex, 468 Brooks Robinson All-Star p, 470 Kaline All-Star p, 471 Mantle All-Star (“7” printed inoffensively in ink in the front border and printing on the back; otherwise) vg-ex, 472 Colavito All-Star g-vg, 500 Snider (“3” printed in ink in the front border and printing on the back; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 505 Marichal vg, 575 Schoendienst (“4” printed inoffensively in ink in the front border; otherwise) vg-ex and 590 Flood vg to vg-ex. There are 35 additional high numbers that grade: Vg-ex 14 cards. Vg 5. G 1. F-g 2 and 13 p. Of the 13 high numbers that grade poor, 12 have printing on the front, back or both. Other cards not graded above are: Nm-m 3 cards. Nm 16. Ex-m 31. Ex 23. Vg-ex 118. Vg 32. G-vg 16. G 11. F 5 and P 39. All of the cards that are graded p show various amounts of printing in ink or pencil on the front, back or both. Among these p cards are: #20 Colavito, 110 Skowron, 175 F. Howard, 243 Roberts, 250 Cash, 288 Billy Williams, 312 Spahn Shows No-Hit Form, 370 Boyer, 400 Elston Howard, 461 Hubbs rookie and 480 Kuenn.
Winning Bid $357     

Lot 156.  1963 Topps Baseball Partial Set – 370 of 576. Highlights include: #2 NL Home Run Leaders (Mays, Aaron, F. Robinson, Banks and Cepeda) vg-ex, 4 AL Home Run Leaders (Maris, Killebrew etc.) vg-ex, Buc Blasters (Clemente, etc.; some ink on front and back, looks much better) p, 20 Kubek g-vg, 25 Kaline p, 30 Kuenn vg-ex, 39 Angels team vg-ex, 60 Elston Howard vg-ex, 63 Reds team vg-ex, 79 1st Series Checklist vg-ex, 80 Gilliam vg-ex, 108 Wilhelm p, 131 Senators team vg-ex, 135 Ashburn vg to vg-ex, 151 Pirates team vg-ex, 154 Alston vg-ex, 163 Larsen vg-ex, 169 1963 Rookie Stars (Gaylord Perry, etc.) vg-ex, 173 Bombers’ Best (Mantle, Richardson and Tresh) p, looks much better; 190 Minoso ex, 200 Mantle p (image is nice), 210 Koufax p, 233 Stengel g, 320 Spahn (nice front, strong image, printing on back; otherwise) vg-ex, 362 5th Series Checklist vg-ex, 377 Orioles team vg-ex, 380 Banks and 398 Powell (both nice front, very nice image, printing on back; otherwise) vg-ex, 394 McCarver vg-ex, 397 A’s team vg-ex, 400 F. Robinson (“29” printed on front and other printing on the back; the image is nice) p, 415 Bob Gibson (nice front, very nice image, printing on back; otherwise) vg-ex, 445 Cash vg-ex, 451 Indians team vg-ex, 472 Brock (“s” printed on front and other printing on the back; nice image) p, 490 McCovey (printing and some tape on the back; very nice image) p, 500 Killebrew g, 505 Flood vg-ex, 509 7th Series Checklist vg-ex, 525 Fox (“HR” printed in ink on the back; otherwise) vg, 540 Clemente (“9” printed on front and other printing on the back; nice image) p, 550 Snider p and 552 Tigers team vg-ex. There are 104 high numbers in addition to those listed above. They grade: Ex 3 cards. Vg-ex 46. Vg 12. G 3. F 2 and P 38. Of the cards graded p, 36 have printing on the front, back or both. Many of these cards are otherwise attractive. Other cards not graded above are: Nm 12 cards. Ex-m 34. Ex 28. Vg-ex 94. Vg 26. G 3 and P 29. All 29 of the cards that grade poor have printing on the front, back or both. A number of these cards are otherwise attractive.
Winning Bid $294     

Lot 157.  1964 Topps Baseball Partial Set – 394 of 587 with Loads of Stars and High Numbers. A number of key cards have varying degrees of writing on the back, front or both. “WF” identifies cards with writing on the front; “WB,” writing on the back, and “WBoth,” front and back. Many of these cards still have a very nice visual presence. Key cards include: #1 NL ERA Leaders (Koufax, etc.) vg, 3 NL Pitching Leaders (Koufax, Marichal, Spahn, Maloney) vg-ex, 4 AL Pitching Leaders (Ford, etc.) vg, 5 NL Strikeout Leaders (Koufax, Maloney, Drysdale) vg-ex, 7 NL Batting Leaders (Clemente, Aaron, etc.) vg, 8 AL Batting Leaders (Yastrzemski, Kaline, Rollins) vg, 9 NL Home Run Leaders (Aaron, McCovey, Mays, Cepeda) WBoth p, 10 1963 AL Home Run Leaders (Killebrew, etc.) vg, 11 NL RBI Leaders (Aaron, etc.) vg, 12 AL RBI Leaders (Stuart, Kaline, Killebrew) vg-ex, 13 Wilhelm vg-ex, 21 Berra (inconspicuous small WF; otherwise) f-g, 29 Brock (WBoth, inconspicuous and small on front; otherwise) vg-ex, 35 Mathews (WB; otherwise) g, 50 Mantle (WBoth; otherwise) vg, 55 Banks (WBoth, small on front; otherwise) vg-ex, 70 Torre (WB; otherwise) vg, 80 Pinson vg-ex, 81 All-Star Vets (Fox and Killebrew) vg to vg-ex, 89 Powell vg-ex, 100 E. Howard vg, 101 Alston vg, 103 Flood g to vg, 109 Staub vg-ex, 116 Oliva rookie (WBoth; otherwise) vg-ex, 120 Drysdale (WB; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 136 World Series Game #1 Koufax Strikes Out 15 vg, 146 John rookie (WB; otherwise) vg-ex, 150 Mays (WBoth) p, 155 Snider (WBoth, inconspicuous and small on front; otherwise) f, 160 Boyer p-f, 167 Pinella rookie (WBoth; otherwise) vg-ex, 175 B. Williams g-vg, 177 Killebrew (WBoth; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 182 Sox Sockers (Yastrzemski and Schilling) vg-ex, 190 Richardson (WB; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 200 Koufax (WBoth, inconspicuous and small on front; otherwise) vg-ex, 210 Yastrzemski (WB; otherwise) vg-ex, 225 Maris (WB; otherwise) vg-ex, 230 B. Robinson (WB; otherwise) vg-ex, 242 Kuenn vg, 243 Richie Allen rookie (WBoth) p, 244 La Russa rookie (WB; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 250 Kaline (WBoth, inconspicuous and small on front; otherwise) vg-ex, 265 Bunning (WBoth, inconspicuous and small on front; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 280 Marichal f-g, 285 Roberts (WBoth, inconspicuous and small on front; otherwise) vg-ex, 300 Aaron (WBoth; otherwise) vg, 320 Colavito vg-ex, 324 Stengel (beautiful card but 2 pinholes dictate the grade) p, 342 Stargell (“S-1” in small print on the back; otherwise) vg-ex, 375 Santo (WB; otherwise) vg-ex, 380 Ford (WBoth; otherwise) vg-ex, 400 Spahn vg, 460 Gibson (WB; otherwise) vg to vg-ex, 468 Perry (WBoth, inconspicuous and small on front; otherwise) vg-ex, 531 Dodgers team vg-ex, 538 Minoso (WB; otherwise) vg-ex, 540 Aparicio (WBoth, inconspicuous and small on front; otherwise) vg-ex to ex, 541 Niekro rookie (WBoth; otherwise) vg-ex, 543 Uecker (WB; otherwise) vg-ex to ex, 550 Ken Hubbs – In Memoriam (WBoth; otherwise) vg-ex, 570 Mazeroski (WB; otherwise) vg-ex to ex, 579 Red Sox team vg-ex and 580 Podres vg-ex to ex. There are 55 high numbers in this partial set; they grade: Ex 4 cards. Vg-ex 20. Vg 1. G 1. F1 and P 28. All of the cards that grade P have printing on the front, back or both. Almost all of them still maintain a very nice look. The remaining cards that have not been graded above are: Ex 21 cards. Vg-ex 134. Vg 40. G 5. F 3 and P 71. Again, all of the cards that grade P have printing on the front, back or both, and almost all of them present very nicely.
Winning Bid $294     

Lot 158.  190 Different HoF Yellow Plaque Postcards, 2 Dexter HoF Plaque PCs and 10 Perez-Steele. The yellow plaque postcards are the variety first produced in 1964. Except for Johnny Bench, all of the top 20 players on “The Sporting News” list of Baseball’s 100 Greatest Players are represented, and so are most of the others on the list. Names range from Aaron to Pep Young with Berra, Clemente, Cobb, Mantle; Brooks, Frank and Jackie Robinson; Ruth, Wagner, Williams and others somewhere between. Fifty-two cards are Curteich issues, and 138 more are from Mike Roberts Color Productions. Two 1979 Dexter Press plaque postcards are also present – William Harridge and Dazzy Vance. The 10 Perez-Steele postcards are from 1980-87 – Beckley, Bottomley, Hafey, Joe Kelley, Giles, Griffith, Lombardi, McKechnie, Rixey, George Wright and Harry Wright. These cards are beautiful – averaging nm to nm-m.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 159.  1965 Topps Baseball Partial Set – 401 of 598 Full of Stars – Superb for the True Collector. Years ago, the backs of cards were insignificant relative to grading. In fact, it was a common practice for many dealers to write prices directly onto the card backs. The cards in this partial set typically have beautiful fronts but often have varying degrees of printing on the back. This collection includes some high number (#523-598) , and some of them are short prints, which are identified here as (SP). Except for the Hunter and Stottlemyre rookies, each of the star cards has some printing on the back. THE PRINTING HAS NOT BEEN CONSIDERED in assigning the grades. These stars include: #16 Morgan rookie (also, some printing in the front top border, partially erased; otherwise) vg-ex, 50 Marichal (also, a tiny “#s” printed on the front; otherwise) vg-ex, 95 Mazeroski ex-m, 120 F. Robinson vg-ex, 130 Kaline ex-m+, 150 B. Robinson vg-ex to ex, 155 Maris vg-ex to ex, 160 Clemente (Beautiful Card, striking image, great centering, a tiny “s” printed on the front; otherwise) vg-ex to ex, 170 Aaron (Gorgeous card, a tiny “s” printed on the front; otherwise) vg-ex, 193 Perry vg-ex, 205 Spahn vg-ex to ex, 207 Rose vg-ex to ex, 220 B. Williams vg-ex, 250 Mays ex-m+ to nm, 276 Wilhelm ex-m, 294 McCarver ex, 300 Koufax ex-m, 320 Gibson ex-m, 377 Stargell vg-ex, 385 Yastrzemski vg-ex to ex, 400 Killebrew vg-ex, 410 Aparicio ex, 460 Richie Allen ex+, 461 Phil Niekro rookie (has some printing on the front top border, partially erased: otherwise) vg-ex, 500 Mathews ex, 510 Banks vg-ex, 526 Hunter rookie (SP, some printing on the front bottom border; otherwise) vg-ex, 533 McGraw rookie (SP, almost perfectly centered front looks great, significant back damage; otherwise) vg-ex to ex, 540 Brock vg-ex to ex (SP), 550 Stottlemyre rookie vg+ (SP), 560 Powell ex (SP), and 581 Perez rookie (printing on the front top border; otherwise) vg-ex to ex (SP). The following cards are SINGLE PRINTS. None of these cards has printing on the front or back. They include: #523 ex-m, 524 ex, 529 nm, 535 ex+, 536 vg, 543 vg-ex, 545 ex, 547 vg-ex to ex, 549 ex-m, 551 Mets Team vg-ex, 554 vg-ex, 555 vg-ex,, 556 Schoendienst ex, 559 ex, 565 vg-ex, 568 vg-ex, 569 vg-ex, 570 ex, 571 ex, 572 vg-ex, 576 vg-ex, 578 vg-ex to ex, 579 ex, 580 vg-ex, 582 nm, 583 ex, 586 ex, 589 vg-ex to ex and 596 vg-ex. Except for 116 cards graded P, the remaining cards do not have printing on \the front or back. They grade: Nm 10 cards. Ex-m 61. Ex 77. Vg-ex 60. Vg 16. (And P 116). All of the P cards have printing on their backs. They are free of printing on the front, and almost all present beautifully. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by them. Among the cards in the P group are: #65 Kubek, 91 Cubs Team, 151 A’s Team, 153 Cash, 209 Pirates Team, 321 Staub, 340 Oliva, 379 Giants Team, 389 Larsen, 403 Red Sox Team, 415 Flood, 426 Braves Team, 440 Tresh, 450 Howard and 513 Yankees Team.
Winning Bid $477     

Lot 160.  40 Topps 1966 Rub-Offs Including Bunning, Drysdale, Mathews and Stargell. All different. These rub-offs constitute one-third of the set. The players are Allen, Belfry, Bunning, Bruce, Callison, Campaneris, Chance, Colavito, Davalillo, Drysdale, Ellis, Ellsworth, Fairly, Farrell, Flood, Fregosi, Hall, Grant, Hart, Horlen, Horton, Johnson, Kroll, Landrum, Law, Lewis, Lock, Mantilla, Mathews, Monbouquette, Orsino and Stargell. In addition, there are pennants for the Angels, Athletics, Braves, Indians, Red Sox, Senators, Tigers and Yankees. Rub-Offs in nice condition are hard to come by. Almost all of these rub-offs are exceptionally nice. They average ex-m to nm-m.
Winning Bid $185     

Lot 161.  1966 Topps Rub-Offs – 42 Different – Mantle, Gibson, Mazeroski, Etc. Five of the Rub-Offs feature team pennants. Stars include: Colavito g, Gibson vg to vg-ex, Killebrew vg, Mantle p-f, Mazeroski vg-ex, McCovey p-f, Richardson vg, Skowron vg-ex and Stargell p. A list of the other Rub-Offs follows. The range from p to vg and average f+. Here is the list: J. Alou, Alvis, Aspromonte, Battey, Bruce, Callison, Charles, Cloninger, Farrell, Fregosi, Fairly, Hall, Harrelson, Hart, Kranepool, Landrum, Monbouquette, Ortega, Newman, Orsino, Pappas, F. Robinson, Radatz, Stottlemyre, Swoboda, Terry, Tresh and Ward.
Winning Bid $102     

Lot 162.  1968 Topps Baseball Partial Set – 372 of 598 with Stars and Many High Numbers. Highlights include: #2 1967 AL Batting Leaders (Yastrzemski, F. Robinson, Kaline) vg to vg-ex, 16 1968 Rookie Stars (with Piniella) vg, 58 Mathews g-vg, 69 Tresh vg to vg-ex, 72 John p, 99 Colavito vg-ex, 168 Dodgers Team vg to vg-ex, 200 Cepeda vg-ex, 215 Bunning vg-ex, 221 Braves team vg, 225 Richie Allen vg, 252 Angels team vg to vg-ex, 256 Cash vg-ex, 257 Niekro vg-ex, 259 Boyer vg to vg-ex, 275 McCarver vg-ex, 294 Schoendienst vg-ex, 308 Pirates team vg-ex, 310 Aparicio vg-ex, 334 Orioles team vg-ex and 401 Mets team vg-ex. There are 49 high numbers including: #477 Phillies team g-vg, 554 A’s team g and 574 Reds team vg-ex. Cards not graded above are: Ex 22 cards. Vg and vg-ex 260. P, f and g 66.
Winning Bid $180     

Lot 163.  1969 Topps Baseball Partial Set – 450 of 664. Cards of significance include: #1 AL Batting Leaders (with Yastrzemski and Oliva) vg-ex, 4 NL 1968 RBI Leaders vg-ex, 10 NL 1968 Pitching Leaders (Marichal, Gibson, Jenkins) vg-ex, 55 Banks (miscut; otherwise) vg-ex, 35 Morgan g, 75 Aparicio ex, 80 Cash vg-ex, 99 Nettles rookie f, 175 Bunning g-vg, 200 Gibson vg, 216 Sutton vg-ex, 235 Hunter vg, 237 Cox rookie f, 255 Carlton vg-ex, 290 Kaat vg-ex, 335 Mazeroski vg to vg-ex, 350 Richie Allen vg-ex, 355 Phil Niekro vg-ex, 412 Unchecked 5th Series Checklist with Mantle featured vg, 440 McCovey vg-ex, 450 B. Williams g, 460 Torre ex, 462 Schoendienst vg-ex, 465 John vg-ex to ex, 550 B. Robinson vg-ex and Wilhelm vg-ex. Here is how the other cards grade: Ex-m 8 cards. Ex 60. Vg-ex 252. Vg 73. P, f and g 31.
Winning Bid $242     

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