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Baseball Programs, Tickets, Photos and Other Memorabilia

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Lot 206.  1884 to Early 1900s Signs, Promos and Programs for Community Baseball, Other Sports. 1. This collection includes a ticket for the “Annual Fall Games and Reception of the Pastime Athletic Club,” possibly in New York. The event was scheduled for Sept. 22, 1884, and the ticket mentions “Dancing to commence at 2 P.M.” with music by Prof. McDonald. Ex-m. 2. 1889 program and menu for the “Annual Banquet of the Rock Hill College Base Ball Club,” apparently in Maryland. This four-page 3.5” x 4.5” program is ex+ with some very light soiling on the back. Apparently the school had a baseball team as early as 1885. 3. 1905 Baseball Pool, cloth baseball 2.75” in diameter with a hand-lettered menu, program and players’ names inside. “The Beer They Crow About” was on the menu. Vg+. 4. Promotional card (2.75” x 4.75”) for a 1910 “Dancing Party Given by the Members of the Original Crawford Baseball Team,” possibly in Philadelphia. On the back, the card has the lyrics for Irving Berlin’s “Stop, Stop, Stop, Come Over and Love Me Some More.” Vg. 5. Poster (8” x 12.25”) for “Baseball! Brewster vs. Holderness on Brewster Campus, Sat., May 13.” Brewster is apparently the Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, NH. The poster appears to be from the early 1920s. It has a clipped lower right corner and otherwise is vg. Brewster Academy has served students since 1820. A number of its alumni have played in the NBA. 6. Eight-page program for the Sept. 19-20, 1924 Carnival in Hallowell, ME. In addition to Vaudeville performances, food booths, a parade and a Children’s Circus, the Carnival offered married men vs. single men baseball and a high school football game. Folded once horizontally and vertically; vg appearance.
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 207.  Circa 1908 Frank Chance Chicago Cubs Scorecard and 2 More Chicago Baseball Items. After becoming the Cubs’ captain in 1904 and manager in 1905, Chance led the team to consecutive World Championships in 1907 and 1908. Although the 5.5” x 9” single-panel vintage scorecard is undated, it identifies the Cubs as “Champions of the World.” A promotional item for Royal Tailors, the card is printed on both sides, one in black, and the other, in red. The score card is ex with a small, light crease in one corner and a small smudge on the black side. The second collectible in this group is a 1970s reprint of the scorecard for the 1918 World Series with the Cubs against Boston at Fenway Park. The 16-page publication has three pages of commentary on the Series. Ex-m. Also, “Baseball in Chicago,” a 1986 Society for American Baseball Research 56-page magazine-format publication. Ex-m. Beginning with the 1906 World Series, it provides 20 articles on both the Cubs and White Sox of Chicago.
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 208.  24 1909-90s Photos of Chicago Cubs. Almost all of these photos are from magazines, especially “Baseball Magazine.” One that is not is of Frank Chance on a 6.5” x 9.5” b&w page from an unidentified magazine. A1940s “Trading Post” issue is the source of a 6” x 9” page with a brown and white photo of Hank Borowy. Three players are on color 8” x 10.5” magazine photos – Charlie Grimm, Andy Pafko and Johnny Schmitz. And three more are on color magazine photos trimmed to various sizes – Swish Nicholson, 8” x 7.25”; Bob Rush, 5” x 5.5”; and Schmitz, 4.5” x 5”. Two different cutouts from magazine pages feature Phil Cavaretta; one is about 2.5” x 3.5”, and the other, 8” x 8.5”. A 1989 color photo card 8” x 10” has an action pose of Mark Grace. The photos from the inside front and back covers of “Baseball Magazine” are generally about 8” x 10”; significant size variations are noted. Here is the list of photos: A team photo of the Chicago Cubs of 1945 – National League Pennant Winners. Guy Bush. Hugh Critz trimmed to 7.5” x 10”. Burleigh Grimes with Giants pitcher Clarence Mitchell. Gabby Hartnett, trimmed to 7” x 10”. Hank Sauer (2), as a Reds player; Sauer played for the Reds for 4+ seasons before joining Chicago for seven. Schmitz, 9” x 11”. Roy Smalley, 7” x 9.5”. Riggs Stephenson. Bill Jurges. And Lon Warneke, 7.5” x 9.5”. There also is a color magazine photo with artwork of eight Cubs by John Cullen Murphy. Cap Anson, Hack Wilson, Frank Chance, Johnny Evers and Charlie Grimm are among those shown. Generally, the photos themselves are ex. Several have corner or edge pin holes, and some have border chips or tears that do not affect the photo.
Minimum Bid $25     

Lot 209.  1910s-20s Reach Adult Fielder’s Softball Glove. This right-hander’s glove with fingers mostly free of laces has the Reach button on the back, and the company’s logo is stamped in the palm. The stamping is readable, although light. It says: “S16, Genuine Reach Leather, PAT No. d81315, For All Soft Ball Games.” Lacing between the thumb and index finger serves as a web. The back has a stain, as well as an individual’s name and fraternity written in small letters. With soft, supple leather, the glove has an ex appearance.
Minimum Bid $25     

Lot 210.  26 Cubs Collectibles – 1918 Menu, Rockwell Artwork, Cub Greats, Cards and More! 1. Menu for the 1918 “Giants and Cubs Dinner” in Chicago, 4.5” x 7”, ex front with a baseball player illustration, scrapbook residue on the reverse. 2. 1991 color 11.5” x 15” print of the Cubs’ “All-Ivy Team” from “Vine Line,” the team’s official newsletter. Artwork by David Voight depicts “28 Cubs greats” from “1876 through 1991, from Cap Anson to Ryne Sandberg and Andre Dawson.” Fourteen Hall of Fame members, seven league MVPs and two Cy Young Award winners are among the players. Vg+ to ex with some edge soiling and light creases that could be matted out. 3. “Vine Line” 1991 Ferguson Jenkins Hall of Fame induction coin, nm-m, and career highlights card, ex. 4. Norman Rockwell “The Dugout” artwork on the cover of the Sept. 4, 1948 “Saturday Evening Post.” This painting depicts the Cubs near the end of a frustrating, disappointing 64-90 season in which they finished last in the NL. The Cubs in the painting are pitcher Bob Rush, manager Charlie Grimm, catcher Al Walker and All-Star pitcher Johnny Schmitz. The sad, discouraged batboy is Frank McNally, the Boston Braves batboy that Rockwell got to pose for his painting. Full issue, no label, two small holes at the top outside of the painting; otherwise vg+ to ex. 5-7. Christmas cards, three different, undated, one with facsimile autographs of Ernie Banks and primarily Cubs executives and office staff. Back damage to one and a pin hole in another; otherwise, ex-m appearance. 8-14. Seven Cubs ticket stubs, 1961, 1962, 1969 (2), 1982 and two undated, f-g+. 15-16. 1973-74 Charles Linnett 8.5” x 11” Portraits of Bill Bonham and Jose Cardenal, nm in the original opened package. 17. “1978 All-Star Gallery” magazine with 27 SSPC cards of Cubs in three panels; includes Murcer, Buckner, Sutter and Kingman. Ex magazine with ex-m to nm-m cards. 18. 1988 Donruss Chicago Cubs “Team Collection” with three sheets of nine uncut cards and a complete Stan Musial puzzle. Players include Greg Maddux, Ryne Sandberg and Andre Dawson. Ex cover, ex-m to nm sheets inside. 19. Infomax information wheel from “The Philadelphia Inquirer” with 1950 and career statistics for Cubs players, 6.75” x 7”, vg+. 20. Delightful birthday card for a 10-year-old featuring a young “Cubs” player, vg overall, better front panel. 21. Cubs matchcover, no matches, vg. 22. Grenada 1988 first day cover, U.S. Baseball Series 1, with an illustration of Wrigley field and stamps of Banks, Sandberg and Dawson, ex to ex-m+. 23. 1994 Topps Stadium Club card #311 of Willie Wilson, nm. 24. 1977 Ernie Banks Sportscasters card, pin hole, otherwise ex-m. 25-26. “Great Cubs’ Catchers” and “Great Cubs’ Manager,” 8.5” x 11” color prints from Unocal76 featuring the artwork of Todd L. W. Doney. The catchers are Gabby Hartnett, Randy Hundley and Jody Davis, and the managers, Frank Chance, Joe McCarthy, Charlie Grimm and Leo Durocher. The Catchers print has a corner crease, and both prints show light corner wear; the artwork is nm-m. A brief description of each Cub’s career is on the back. Fantastic lot with great break-up value!
Winning Bid $68     

Lot 211.  Photocopy of Shoeless Joe Jackson’s Black Sox Scandal 1920 Grand Jury Testimony. Jackson and Eddie Cicotte were the best of the eight Chicago White Sox players prosecuted in a Chicago court in 1921 for accepting payments from gamblers to lose the 1919 Baseball World Series to the Cincinnati Reds. Ten days after the trial began and following three hours of deliberations, a jury found all eight defendants not guilty. Nevertheless, they subsequently were permanently banned from baseball and the Hall of Fame by Kenesaw Mountain Landis, MLB’s first commissioner. On its1998 list of Baseball’s 100 Greatest Players, “The Sporting News” ranked Jackson 35th. His MLB career ended at the age of 32 after 13 seasons. Before the 1921 trial, Jackson testified on Sept. 28, 1920, “before the Grand Jury of Cook County in the matter of the alleged baseball scandal related to the 1919 World Series.” His testimony is presented in 27 photocopied pages originally from E. A. Eulass & Co. of Chicago, Court and General Stenographic Reporting. Some text is light with individual letters that are incomplete; all of Jackson’s testimony is readable.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 212.  2 Vintage Photos of Hall of Fame Shortstop Dave Bancroft. One shows him with his wife Edna. In both 6.5” x 8.5” b&w photos, Bancroft wears street clothes. The photo of him and his wife has an International News stamp on the back and is accompanied by a caption dated March 11, 1922. It was taken in San Antonio, where Bancroft and other members of the New York Giants were participating in spring training. A ¾” x 1” section of the upper left corner is missing, and the lower left corner is slightly clipped with a relatively heavy crease above; there is a ½” tear from the lower left edge. The images of Bancoft and his wife display nicely with some light creases. The other photo, of Bancroft alone, is the same vintage. It is vg+ to ex with a corner crease and some light creases. Bancroft played in the National League for 16 seasons for the Phillies, Giants, Braves and Brooklyn Robins. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1971.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 213.  3 Early 1900s Military Baseball Team Images. 1. U.S.S. Chattanooga sepia team photo shows 10 men, eight in baseball uniforms. This 4.25” x 6” nicely staged photo includes crossed bats with a glove and ball in front of the men on the deck of their ship, which was launched in 1903 and decommissioned in 1921. The photo is technically f-g with two vertical creases, a clipped corner, a small border chip, a tiny hole in the image next to the border, and a 0.5” border tear. The image is relatively strong. 2. U.S.S. Rainbow sepia 4” x 6” photo shows 12 players in uniform, and a small crowd, some in naval uniforms and some in suits. The photo is vg with a chip at the bottom and scrapbook residue on the back. This vessel was commissioned as a merchant ship in 1890, converted in 1901 to a Navy ship to transform salt water into fresh water, later used as a submarine tender and decommissioned in 1925. 3. Action shot taken from a hilltop looking down on a baseball game at army camp next to an area crowded with tents. A player is on base, and a crowd in uniform watches the game. Scrapbook residue covers the back. Vg+ to ex photo. These photos are interesting reminders of the role of the National Game in the nation’s history.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 214.  12 Magazine Pages from the 1920s-30s Focusing on Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig or Both. Four pages from an undated issue of “The American Magazine” present 11 posed photos of Ruth in an article titled “The Babe Shows How.” Ruth is the subject of two pages and an illustration in an incomplete two-page article from the March 19, 1927 “Literary Digest.” He receives plenty of coverage – and Gehrig is mentioned – in the same magazine’s Oct. 12, 1929 issue in an article that focuses on New York Yankees manager Miller Huggins – “Taps for Huggins: A Great Little Bear-Tamer.” A caption below a photo of the two future Hall of Fame members in the four-page article reports “The Hatchet Buried, Friendship Was Born.” Ruth also is in an advertisement (“The American Magazine, Feb. 1933) for Ingram’s Shaving Cream with New York columnist Bill Corum. An ad featuring Gehrig promotes Williams Luxury Shaving Cream (“Time,” Sept. 6, 1937). And in an ad for Gillette (“Time,” July 27, 1936), Gehrig nominates “the Gillette Blade for all-time Clean-up King.” The pages are generally ex or better; some have an uneven edge or minor edge chips or tears.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 215.  3 Photos Related to the 1927 Movie “Slide, Kelly, Slide” and 1 of Mike Donlin. In this silent movie from MGM, Jim Kelly, an arrogant young baseball player from Iowa, who believes he can teach baseball’s best something about the game, joins the New York Yankees. His pitching is stellar and he slugs home runs, but his teammates soon tire of his bragging and rube-like pranks. The team’s veteran catcher, whose daughter becomes Kelly’s love interest, tries to help the self-proclaimed whiz kid. There are three 8” x 10” sepia photos. One shows store fronts with a poster promoting the movie; vg+ to ex with small creases in two corners and ¼” edge tear. Another has actors portraying the Cincinnati Red Stockings, generally regarded as the first pro baseball team; vg with corner and edge creases and chips. And a third presents a scene from the movie; vg, clipped upper right corner. The collection also includes a 1950s-60s photo postcard of “Turkey Mike” Donlin, one of at least four MLB players who appeared as themselves in the movie. The postcard is ex+ with some information about Donlin written on the back. One of the best hitters of the Dead Ball era, he batted .333 in 12 MLB seasons with 1,282 hits and 543 RBI. He struck out only 39 times in 3,854 at-bats. Donlin appeared in primarily small supporting roles in more than 40 movies.
Winning Bid $45     

Lot 216.  Comedian Joe E. Brown, the Chicago Cubs and a Baseball-Focused Chicago Magazine. Two of the four items offered here are original 8” x 10” b&w photos from the 1933 movie “Elmer, the Great” starring Brown, a popular actor, comedian and baseball enthusiast. In this movie, Brown plays a naïve Cubs rookie with a huge ego and appetite. One photo, which has an edge tear on each side, shows Brown alone; the image area is vg+. The second photo has Brown with three teammates. The image area is strong with a couple of light creases; one corner is slightly clipped, the three others show wear, and there is a ½” tear at the top. Matted and framed, both photos would display very nicely. The player uniforms in these photos have a Cubs logo. Brown served as president of PONY League baseball from its founding in 1953 until 1964, and he was the father of Joe L. Brown, Pittsburgh Pirates general manager for more than 20 years. The comedian-actor is pictured on the cover of the Sept. 1935 edition of “Fan and Family” magazine, which was published in Chicago. Inside is a two-page article on Brown, and an accompanying photo has him in a Cubs uniform. The Oct. 1935 edition of “Fan and Family” is also present. These two issues provide plenty of Chicago baseball coverage, with articles on Ted Lyons of the White Sox and Rabbit Maranville, Lon Warneke, Charlie Root, Jack Doyle, Gabby Hartnett and Billy Herman, all of the Cubs. Both magazines are vg+.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 217.  Dizzy Dean “Hold That Tiger” Wire Photo – From the Day He Won the 1934 World Series. This 7”x9” black & white wire photo is dated 10/9/34. On that day, Dizzy Dean won the seventh and deciding game of the 1934 World Series with a shutout, 11 to 0. The photo is as sharp and brilliant as the day it was taken. It is also historically significant. Exceptionally nice!
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 218.  Scarce Photo – Dizzy Dean’s First Wire Photo as a Chicago Cub – Dated 4/18/38. This 6”x8” black & white wire photo of Dean is significant. On the reverse, the description reads, “HERE’S A PITCHER WORTH $185,000” It continues, “CINCINNATI, O. – First photo of Dizzy Dean in his Chicago Cubs uniform after owner Philip K. Wrigley today announced the Cubs paid $185,000 and three players to the St. Louis Cardinals, to secure the pitching services of Dean.” The photo is sharp and in excellent condition.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 219.  3 Baseball Programs - 1936 Reds, 1973 and 1987 World Series, and a 1989 Cubs Yearbook. The teams represented by these publications are the Athletics, Cardinals, Cubs, Mets, Reds and Twins. Here is the list: 1. 1936 Reds Official Score Book vs. St. Louis for a July game, 24 pages, photos of team executives and 17 players, Dizzy Dean in the pre-printed lineup, vg. 2. 1973 World Series program, Mets version with Yogi Berra on the cover, 56 pages, nm, tiny scuff at the top of the spine. Oakland defeated the Mets in seven games. 3. 1987 World Series program, Twins over the Cardinals, 96 pages, nm-m. 4. 1989 Chicago Cubs yearbook, 64 pages with Dawson, Sutcliffe, Maddux, Grace, Sandberg, and N.L. 1989 Rookie of the Year Jerome Walton, ex-m+.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 220.  5 Magazine Covers and 6 Jack Sords Illustrations with Baseball HoFers. The magazine covers are from “Time”: Lefty Gomez, July 9, 1934; Dizzy Dean, April 15, 1935; Roy Campanella, Aug. 8, 1955, and Robin Roberts, May 28, 1956. The fifth cover is from “Newsweek, Oct. 10, 1938, and pictures New York Yankees manager Joe McCarthy and Chicago Cubs manager-catcher Gabby Hartnett for a World Series article. The Campanella and McCarthy covers have mailing labels, and the label has been removed from the Roberts cover. The Gomez, Dean and Roberts covers have library stamps. These conditions aside, the Gomez and Roberts covers generally have an ex appearance; McCarthy, vg + to ex; Dean, vg+, and Campanella, g+ to vg. This collection also includes the cover of the April 20, 1935 issue of “Liberty” magazine. Titled “Spirit of Spring,” it has a Lee Brown caricature illustration of a baseball player. The cover has a 1” tear at the top and otherwise is ex. Jack Sords, the creator of newspaper artwork, was a popular and prolific sports cartoonist. His illustrations, clipped from newspapers, range from 3 ¾” x 6” to 6” x 7”. The subjects are Grover Alexander, Joe DiMaggio, Lefty Gomez, Walter Johnson, Bill Terry and Paul Waner. Two from the Central Press Association are dated 1932. The four others, although undated, are from the 1930s. They generally are vg-ex and ex. The Alexander, DiMaggio and Johnson illustrations, which are tightly trimmed, lack the Sords header and headline. The collection also includes a two-page article on Christy Mathewson from the Jan. 15, 1921 “Literary Digest,” ex.
Minimum Bid $20     

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