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Non-Sport Autographs – Signed Non-Sport Books by Eliot Asinof

  4 Lots      

Lot 384.  2 Eliot Asinof Non-fiction Books – Both Autographed. Both signatures are mint 9 to gem mint 10 on the book's title page. Best known for “Eight Men Out,” his book covering the 1919 World Series Black Sox scandal, Asinof also wrote a broad range of fiction and non-fiction books on sports and non-sport topics. These two books cover segments of U.S. history. In “Bleeding Between the Lines,” he provides details of a civil suit filed against him by David Suskind’s Talent Associates organization, as well as insights into television and politics of the period. Ex+ stated first edition 1979 book, vg+ to ex dust jacket. "1919: America’s Loss of Innocence” presents Asinof’s perspective on four 1919 events that, he argues, changed the country’s attitude and direction. He focuses on personalities, as well as events. The book, an apparent first edition, is ex-m with a small, minor scuff inside the front cover where a price sticker was removed; the dust jacket is vg+ to ex. Asinof’s autograph are PSA/DNA Pre-Certified.
Minimum Bid $15     

Lot 385.  Eliot Asinof Signed Book: “The Fox is Crazy Too: The True Story of Garrett Trapnell." In the 1960s and early 1970s, Trapnell was a con man, skyjacker, bank robber and womanizer who robbed banks in Canada, stole $100,000 worth of jewelry in the Bahamas, hijacked a Boeing 707 in the U.S., posed as a CIA agent, was married to at least six women at the same time, went to Cuba to join Fidel Castro, and limited his time in prison by pretending to be insane and successfully using the insanity defense. Asinof provides details of these circumstances, adventures and more in this 1976 first edition hardback, ex-m+ book, vg-ex dust jacket. The author of “Eight Men Out” concerning the 1919 World Series, Asinof autographed the title page of this book. His signature is mint 9 to gem mint 10 and PSA/DNA Pre-Certified. Asinof died in 2008.
Minimum Bid $40     

Lot 386.  2 Eliot Asinof Signed Non-fiction Books – "People vs. Blutcher" and "Craig and Joan." Subtitled “Black Men and White Law in Bedford-Stuyvesant,” “People vs. Blutcher” examines in detail the case of a black man who was pistol-whipped by a white policeman in a store in Brooklyn and what it reveals about the justice system. Asinof autographed the first title page of this 1970 hardback book, ex-m+ book, ex dust jacket. His signature is gem mint 10. A mint 9 to gem mint 10 Asinof autograph is on the title page of “Craig and Joan: Two Lives for Peace.” In October 1969, these two 17-year-olds committed suicide as an anti-war protest after attending a Vietnam Moratorium demonstration. Asinof explores the circumstances that led to their decision, community attitudes toward the war, and the effect of their suicides on their New Jersey hometown. Ex book, ex-m dust jacket. The autographs are PSA/DNA Pre-Certified.
Minimum Bid $20     

Lot 387.  2 Copies of the 1973 Non-fiction Book “The 10 Second Jail Break” Signed by Eliot Asinof. This book is subtitled “The Helicopter Escape of Joel David Kaplan,” an American businessman and possible espionage agent imprisoned in Mexico for killing his business partner. Kaplan, who maintained his innocence, escaped from a Mexican prison by helicopter and returned to the U.S. Asinof tells Kaplan’s story with Warren Hinckle, former editor of “Ramparts” magazine, and William Turner, a former FBI Agent. Both books are hardbacks, one in English, and the other, in Japanese. Asinof placed a gem mint 10 signature in each; the autograph in the Japanese book is personalized. Both signatures are PSA/DNA Pre-Certified. The 1973 U.S. book is a stated first edition, nm with a g-vg dust jacket. The Japanese book is nm, and the dust jacket, ex. A panel added to the dj is vg. The 1975 film “Breakout” starring Charles Bronson was loosely based on Asinof’s book.
Minimum Bid $20     

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