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Baseball Stadium Postcards and Photos

  7 Lots      

Lot 199.  Atlanta Postcard Folder Including Ponce de Leon Base Ball Park. This park was home to the minor league Atlanta Crackers from 1906-64. During this period, the team competed in the Southern Association and the International League. Titled “Folder of Beautiful Atlanta, Ga., ‘The Gateway to the New South’,” this collectible contains 20 postcard-sized color photos, apparently from the 1920s, of Atlanta locations and landmarks. One folder cover is separated from the other. The photos themselves are vg-ex.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 200.  3 Real-Photo Postcards of Philadelphia’s Baker Bowl in the Early 1900s. Officially named National League Park, Baker Bowl was home to the Philadelphia Phillies from 1887-1938. Two different b&w photo postcards show police, soldiers or both, some on horseback. One photo has advertising for Fatima and Boston Garter, and the other, for Schmidt’s Beer. The third captures a street scene, including part of the ball park’s exterior and some early 1900s cars. Ex.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 201.  10 World War II Era B&W Photos of the Interior of Fenway Park. Two of these 4.25” x 6.5” photos (3” x 5.5” image area) show the ball park’s scoreboard, and the eight others present the advertising that decorated its walls. These glossy prints are from John Donnelly & Sons, a Boston business founded in 1850 that became one of the major billboard advertising companies on the East Coast. The photos are from the company. The Fenway park billboards in these photos promote Carstairs White Seal Whiskey, Calvert Whiskey, Lifebuoy Health Soap, Burma-Shave, Philip Morris cigarettes, Coca-Cola and Vimms Vitamins. Consistent with the time period, one billboard advises “Read and Heed Air Raid Instructions, Obey Your Air Raid Warden.” The photos are ex-m. Some billboards are repeated in distant and close-up images.
Winning Bid $45     

Lot 202.  10 Wrigley Field Stadium Postcards, Including 2 Pre-Linen and 3 Linen. This ball park has been home to the Cubs since 1916. The five earlier postcards provide an aerial view of the stadium. The five later chrome cards have photos from high in the stands. Pre-Linen: 1. No. 301, Max Rigot, “Century of Progress, Chicago World’s Fair 1933” on the back. Postmarked in 1933. The backs of the other postcards are unused. 2. No. 283, white border, brown roof, early smooth linen from American Colortype. Linen: 3. No. 243 from Aero, darker variation. 4. No. 61, 65902, green border, Tichnor and Union News. 5. No. 162, Curteich, normal number, no caption or distributor. Chrome: 6. P1557, Published by Cameo. 7. No. 731, George Tinker photo, exterior view with a sign for an Aug. 19 Pittsburgh game. 8. CK. 177, white border, Aero Distributing Co., Inc. 9. DT-87443-B, 3431 Irving Park address, from Cameo. 10. DT-91303-B, Cubs and White Sox ball parks, dated 1964, White Sox Park (Comiskey) on top, Wrigley Field on bottom, from Cameo. The first postcard is vg, and the others are vg-ex.
Winning Bid $61     

Lot 203.  20 Baseball Postcards, 19 of Spring Training at Ball Parks and Related Facilities. Twelve cards represent Florida, and seven, Arizona. Five postcards are linens, while the rest are chromes. Four of the linen cards capture baseball action at parks in Florida: Clearwater Stadium (Phillies, C-155), League Field in Lakeland (Tigers, #29/65728), Payne Park in Sarasota (Red Sox. 1957 postmark, E-9222, Lewis-Moore photo) and Waterfront Park in St. Petersburg (Cardinals, E-5155, Hartman Card Co.). The fifth linen shows a ball park in Greenwood, S.C. (G-18, Asheville Post Card Co.) The Florida chrome postcards are of: City Island, home of the Daytona Beach Islanders; Terry Park, Fort Myers (Pirates, 2 the same); Joker Marchant Stadium, Lakeland (Tigers); Tinker Field, Orlando (Twins); Payne Park, Sarasota (White Sox, 2 different); and Al Lopez Baseball Field, Tampa (Reds). The postcards from Arizona show San Francisco Giants practice diamonds and other facilities in Casa Grande (5 postcards, 3 different, one postmarked 1967); Scottsdale Stadium (Orioles), and Corbett Field, Tucson (Indians). These postcards average vg-ex to ex.
Winning Bid $68     

Lot 204.  22 Different Baseball Stadium Postcards – and 5 More Cards and a Decal. The postcard for Wrigley Ball Park in Los Angeles is pre-linen; all but one of the others are chromes. Where there are multiple cards for a stadium, they are all different unless otherwise noted. The Wrigley card is No. 728, an aerial from beyond center field from M. Kashower; the title is in serif type, and the tip of the tower points to the second “l” in “Ball.” Vg-ex. Also representing LA is a card with a different photo of Dodger Stadium on each side, vg-ex. Other cities represented are: Baltimore (Memorial Stadium, 2), Cleveland (Municipal Stadium, 5; one card has four images, three unrelated to baseball; one card was postmarked in 1960, and one, in 1963), Detroit (2, one as Tiger Stadium and one as Briggs Stadium), Kansas City; Milwaukee (2, one a Wisconsin postcard with two photos, one of the state capitol), New York (Shea Stadium) vg-ex, Oakland (Oakland-Alameda County Complex), Pittsburgh (Three Rivers Stadium, 2);, San Diego (real photo showing San Diego Stadium under construction, circa 1966; later known as Jack Murphy Stadium, Qualcomm Stadium and SDCCU Stadium, it was demolished in 2020-21.) And St. Louis (Busch Stadium, 3, one with a 1956 postmark). Also, five 2.5” x 4” cards, each with a b&w photo of a ball park and a “Baseball Fact” (or two) in blue. The stadiums are Yankee, Washington DC (2), Minnesota Metropolitan, and Dodger. And finally, a 3.5” x 1.75” Jaco-Lac decal with an illustration of Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis – home of the St. Louis Cardinals and Browns. 5 of the postcards have been used and have writing on the back. The postcards not graded above are vg-ex. The five additional cards and the decal average vg-ex.
Winning Bid $61     

Lot 205.  2 Yankee Stadium Vintage Postcards and a Smaller Card. The House That Ruth Built is shown in a black & white postcard (No. 137A) produced by Manhattan Post Card Publishing. Taken from the right field area, it shows game action and was postmarked in 1940, f-g. A color chrome postcard of the stadium is from Acacia Card Co., vg-ex. A small card, which has a linen finish, captures a game in progress, ex-m.
Winning Bid $10     

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