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Boxing & Wrestling Cards, Autographs and Memorabilia

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Lot 584.  Jack Dempsey Signed 1977 Stated First Edition Autobiography, “Dempsey.” ESPN rated Dempsey the 52nd best U.S. athlete of the 20th century, and only Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson and Rocky Marciano were rated better boxers. He held the world heavyweight championship from 1919-26. His signature is mint 9 to gem mint 10 and personalized to “Tim” with “Lots of Luck” on the flyleaf of the book, which is nm-m with an ex-m to nm dust jacket. The book contains 16 pages of photos, including one photo of Dempsey with Babe Ruth. Dempsey died in 1983.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 585.  Very Scarce Autograph of Lightweight Champion Benny Leonard on a mimeographed sheet for a 1939 American Legion fight card in Frederick Maryland. Leonard was the guest referee for the event. Possibly the greatest lightweight of all time, Leonard is also considered by many the greatest name in Jewish sports history. A member of the Boxing Hall of Fame, he held the lightweight title 1917-23. In more than 200 fights, he was knocked out only four times, three very early in his career, and then in his final fight, at the age of 35. In 1947, he died of a heart attack while refereeing a bout. In pencil, Leonard has signed, “Hello Jules and David, Best Wishes, Benny Leonard.” Strong signature that could be framed with a Leonard photo. The “B” in Benny overlaps a couple of letters of the mimeographed program. Otherwise, there is a white space around it. Mint 9.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 586.  9 Boxers from the 1910 Mecca T220 Champion Athlete and Prize Fighter Series. All have white borders. Hall of Fame boxers in this collection are Joe Coburn (without a man at his left) vg, George Dixon vg, Mike Donovan of Today g, Kid McCoy vg, Jack O’Brien vg and Tom Sharkey g. Boxers not in the HoF are Young Erne (Hugh F. Clavin) vg, Marvin Hart vg-ex and Ben Jordan g-vg.
Minimum Bid $30     

Lot 587.  3 1920s Boxing Exhibit Cards. Includes two copies of Frank Klaus' 1921 card and one of Jack Perry from 1922. Interestingly, both boxers are from Pittsburgh. Both cards have postcard backs and biographical information on the pugilist. Klaus was the world middleweight champion in 1913. He was elected to the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1974. Perry was a welterweight who contended for the world title and appeared in several movies in the 1920s-30s. The cards average about vg.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 588.  33 1930s-50s Exhibit Supply Co. Boxing Cards – Louis, La Motta, Pep, Etc. Unless otherwise indicated, each card includes a city or, in one case, a state. Three variations are present: Exhibit Supply’s standard design; salutations, with “Best of Luck,” for example; and cards with the boxer’s name in type that resembles cursive writing, rather than printing. Almost all of the cards are printed with a green tint. Standard design (16): Henry Armstrong vg-ex, Jimmy Bivens ex, Ezzard Charles (no city) g-vg, Freddie “Red” Cochrane vg-ex, Beau Jack ex, Joe Louis g+ to vg, (Stefano) Tami Mauriello vg, Bob Montgomery vg-ex, Manuel Ortiz vg-ex, Willie Pep ex, Ray Robinson ex, Cleo Shans vg, Lou Terranova vg-ex, Jackie Wilson ex, Chalky Wright g-vg and Tony Zale vg-ex. Salutations (10): Joe Baksi (horizontal) vg-ex, Gunnar Barlund vg-ex, Gus Dorazio vg-ex, Ceferino Garcia vg-ex, Harry Jeffra ex, Jake La Motta vg-ex, Lee Oma ex, Ken Overlin ex, Lee Savold vg-ex and Lou Woods vg-ex. Simulated cursive writing (7): Sammy Angott ex, Melio Bettina vg-ex, Billy Conn vg, Arturo Godoy (full image; a small amount of paper loss on the back and otherwise) ex, Gus Lesnevich vg-ex, Lou Nova vg-ex and Fritzie Zivic vg-ex. Each card except the Ezzard Charles card has scrapbook residue on the blank back. Grades indicate the condition of the front.
Winning Bid $55     

Lot 589.  9 Boxing Cards, 2 Unopened Packs and 3 Wrestling cards. Four cards – two boxers and two wrestlers - are from the 1951 Ringside set: #12 Billy Conn vg-ex, 78 Fritzie Zivic ex, 53 Antonino (Argentina) Rocca vg and 86 Don Eagle vg. The third wrestler is Chief Sunni War Cloud from Parkhurst’s 1954 Wresting set vg. Leaf’s 1948 Boxing set is the source of two pugilists: #13 Beau Jack ex and 82 Zivic ex+. Young Donahoe is from the 1910 T219 Series of Champion Pugilists p. The card has an Honest Long Cut back. And #1-13 Ezzard Charles represents the 1951 Berk Ross set ex. Also: 1991-92 Kayo #60 Tommy Morrison nm and 82 Roberto Duran ex, and 1991 All World Boxing #143 Joe Louis vs. Billy Conn vg. One unopened pack is from each of these more recent card producers. The 1991-92 Premier Edition foil pack from Kayo could contain a special hologram or an autographed card. All World included Muhammad Ali bonus cards in some packs.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 590.  Brown’s Boxing 1985-87 Series 1-4 Collection of 130 Boxers. Each series of boxers is complete, and Series 4 from 1987 includes an unnumbered checklist. An unnumbered header card from Series 1 is absent, and so are any ancillary cards from Series 2 and 3. Johnnie Brown of Missouri began issuing these cards in 1985. Apparently the initial runs were low, possibly only 2,000. Numerous additional series or sets have been issued since. Series or Set 1 (1985) includes Hall of Fame members Johansson, Willard, Saad Muhammad and Citro (cut man). Set 2 (1986), rookie cards of HoFers Holyfield, Whitaker and Canizales. Set 3 (1986), HoF member Arcel (trainer). And Set 4 (1987), HoFer Azumah Nelson. Nm-m to Mint.
Winning Bid $152     

Lot 591.  Very Rare “Wehman’s Book on the Art and Science of Boxing and Self Defence.” Published in New York by Henry J. Wehman, this 1892 softcover is subtitled “Together with a Concise History of the Noted Pugilists and Boxers of America and Europe.” It contains 87 pages of text and another 31 pages advertising other books published by Wehman, one of the leading publishers of the era. Various boxing tactics are described and illustrated with drawings. The book contains biographical sketches of numerous boxers, such as John C. Heenan, John L. Sullivan, Jake Kilrain and Jack Dempsey (the Nonpareil). Technically g, the book is complete with somewhat brittle pages and edge chips on the front cover and first 10 pages. The population of original copies of this book on the Internet is between tiny and extinct.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 592.  7 1930s Boxing Annuals and 2 Scarce Books from 1901 and 1902. American Sports Publishing, associated with Spalding’s Athletic Library, published both of the softcover books. “Bag Punching: A Book Devoted to the Details of the Exercise” provides 37 pages of text and illustrations by an unknown author and artist. Twenty-four pages advertising Spalding equipment follow the text. G-vg and complete with tape added to the spine. “Boxing” by Prof. William Elmer is without covers. Text is complete; advertising pages may or may not be. More than 200 pages of text and photos give detailed instruction on the science of boxing. Many recognized boxers are pictured, including Sullivan, Corbett, Jeffries, Fitzsimmons, Attell and Gans. The pages of the book are vg+ to ex. The annuals are the “Post Boxing Record” for 1934 (Primo Carnera cover), g+ (no back cover and otherwise vg), 1935 (Max Baer cover) vg+ to ex, and 1937, g+ (vg, no back cover); “Everlast Boxing Record” for 1935 (2 copies) one vg and one g-vg; and “Boxing News Record Illustrated” for 1937 and 1938 (James J. Braddock cover), both vg. Also, a 28-page pamphlet, “Heavyweight Boxing Champions,” 1938, no front cover and otherwise vg.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 593.  1937 Magazine with a Jack Dempsey Cover and a 1938 Magazine with Max Schmeling. Dempsey shares the cover of the Nov. 1937 issue of “PIC” with his wife, Hannah Williams, a Broadway Singer. Inside are seven pages of photos on “The Life of Jack Dempsey.” From 1919-26, Dempsey held some version of the world heavyweight boxing championship. In 1954, he was an inaugural inductee of “The Ring” magazine’s Boxing Hall of Fame, and in 1990, an inaugural inductee of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Vg-ex magazine with some pages (not including the Dempsey article) loose. Schmeling is on the cover of the June 1938 edition of “Radio Guide,” which promotes the radio broadcast of his rematch with Joe Louis. In a 1936 bout, Schmeling knocked out Louis, who was rising in the ranks of heavyweight fighters. When they met again, their fight was for the heavyweight championship, which Louis had captured by then. In the rematch, Louis won by a technical knockout in the first round. The magazine has a two-page article illustrated with photos. Ex issue, relatively scarce.
Minimum Bid $10     

Lot 594.  Joe Louis Framed Display with an Ad for the Billy Conn Fight That Didn’t Happen. In a June 18, 1941 fight for the World Heavyweight Championship at New York’s Polo Grounds, Louis almost lost to Conn. Through 12 rounds, Conn led Louis on the cards of two of the three scorers. Against the advice of his trainer, Conn continued to pursue Louis closely and aggressively. Although exhausted, Louis managed to knock Conn out with two seconds left in the 13th round. The two boxers were scheduled to meet again on Oct. 12, 1942. A 4.5” x 6” promotion that is part of this display focuses on the bout. But the fight was canceled after Conn broke his hand in a fight with his father-in-law. World War II kept the two fighters from meeting again until 1946. Matted and framed to 9” x 10.75”, the display also features a coin 1.5” in diameter with Louis’ image and the 1993 U.S. postage stamp issued in Louis’ honor.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 595.  7 “Police Gazette” Issues with Boxing Covers – Conn, Dempsey, Marciano, Moore and Ali. All issues are complete. Rocky Marciano, 3 covers: 1. Sept. 1953 vs. Jersey Joe Walcott, with a headline asking “Is Marciano a Dirty Fighter?” Vg. James J. Corbett is the “Gallery of Champions” boxer in a full color page. 2. Sept. 1954 vs. Ezzard Charles, President Eisenhower and Mickey Mantle also on the cover, g-vg. Sugar Ray Robinson receives a full “Gallery of Champions” page inside. 3. And Nov. 1959, with a headline that Marciano might be returning to the ring to fight Ingemar Johannson. He didn’t. In his final bout on Sept. 21, 1955, he knocked out Archie Moore to retain the heavyweight title. Vg+ magazine with chipped cover corners. This issue features a “Gallery of Heavyweight Contenders” with Floyd Patterson, Sonny Liston, and Marciano as the former and possibly future champion. 4. Muhammad Ali, April 1967, with Ali still as Cassius Clay, vg+ to ex. In an article, Ali criticizes Black Power leaders. 5. Jack Dempsey and Joey Maxim, July 1950, with former Dempsey manager Jack Kearns saying he will “Make a Dempsey out of Maxim.” Vg+ with Eddie Cantor, Jane Russell and Ralph Kiner also on the cover. Inside is a full-page with color illustrations of “The Champions and Ex-Champions of the American and English Prize Ring.” 6. Maxim vs. Archie Moore, April 1955, with the headline “Marciano is Afraid of Me says Archie Moore.” So afraid that Marciano dispatched him in the first round of their September championship fight. (See above.) Moore’s claim is discussed in a two-page article. The tabloid has a full-page “Gallery of Champions” color photo of Rocky Graziano. Vg+ to ex. 7. And Billy Conn, taking a punch to illustrate “How Joe Louis’ Punch Feels” (only Louis gloves are shown), Jan. 1950, g+ to vg. Arthur Godfrey and Rita Hayworth are also on the cover.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 596.  6 1950s-60s “Ring” Issues, 1965 “True Boxing Yearbook” - Ali, Patterson, Robinson Covers. Nice group starting July 1955 with a Tony DeMarco cover, vg. Three feature Floyd Patterson – July 1958 and Jan. and Sept. 1960, one vg-ex, two ex. The Feb. 1964 edition has an illustration of Cassius Clay (Ali) and Sonny Liston on the cover, ex-m, and Sugar Ray Robinson is presented in an illustration in Dec. 1964, ex. The 1965 “Boxing Yearbook,” vg-ex, has a great photo of a young Cassius Clay is on the cover.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 597.  78 Different Issues of the Mexican Boxing Publication “Ring Mundial (World),” 1967-77. Typically, each weekly issue of the magazine has a photo or illustration of a Mexican boxer on the front cover and a Hall of Fame or Mexican boxer on the back cover. Generally, each has more than 30 pages of boxing articles and photos. These issues average ex with a price stamp on the cover. Cover subjects include Manuel Ortiz, Raymundo “Battling” Torres, Alfonso Zamora, Vicente Saldivar, Danny Lopez, Bobby Chacon (U.S. boxer), Armando Muniz and Lupe Pintor.
Winning Bid $61     

Lot 598.  Rocky Marciano Replica Ring with “Heavyweight World Champion” on the Head. A simulated diamond is at the center. One shoulder honors “Rocky” with his record – “Undefeated 49-0-0 43KOs.” The other provides this information: “Marciano ‘Ring’ Champion Sept. 23 1952.” Mint metal alloy ring.
Winning Bid $15     

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