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4 1910s-1920s Draper -Maynard Sporting Goods Ads, Some with Players.

Lot 278. 4 1910s-1920s Draper -Maynard Sporting Goods Ads, Some with Players. One of these attractively designed magazine ads covers two pages. The D&M Co. was out of Boston and recognized as the Lucky Dog brand because of its logo featuring a Dalmatian. These four ads present all sorts of D&M products, including baseballs, gloves, footballs, helmets, basketballs, catchers gear, tennis racquets, basketballs, etc. An excellent 1921 ad (11” x 14”) shows two gloves with facsimile signatures of many of the players endorsing their products, including Casey Stengel, Harry Hooper, Billy Southworth, “Muddy” Ruel, Waite Hoyt, Ping Bodie and Babe Ruth. The two-page 1923 ad provides some D&M history and presents more than 30 of the company’s products. A 1919 ad makes a connection between the lessons of sports and the characteristics that helped young American servicemen to be successful in the war ended only several months earlier. A young batter is at the center of a 1924 advertisement for D&M baseball equipment. Overall, these ads are vg-ex attention-grabbing display items. Winning Bid $25.    

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       Winning Bid  $25


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