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Impressive, Informative, Entertaining 1932-40 World Series Scrapbook.

Lot 238. Impressive, Informative, Entertaining 1932-40 World Series Scrapbook. Two volumes make up this scrapbook, which contains more than 1,000 pages of photos, articles, opinion columns, illustrations - and a poem. Everything is from vintage newspapers, except for the score sheets. The young woman who assembled the scrapbook neatly scored at-bats using basic scoring techniques. The scrapbook covers the following World Series; the numbers in parentheses provide the total scrapbook pages devoted to the series: 1932 World Series - the Yankees swept the Cubs in 4 games (38 pages); 1933 - the Giants, 4 games, and the Senators, 1 (99 pages); 1934 - the Gashouse Gang Cardinals over the Tigers, 4 games to 3 (189 pages); 1935 - Tigers 4, Cubs 2 (121); 1936 - Yankees 4, Giants 2 (153); 1937 - Yankees 4, Giants 1 (118); 1938 - Yankees sweep the Cubs again (134); 1939 - another Yankees sweep, against the Reds (94); and 1940 - Reds 4, Tigers 3 (114 pages). Several thousand photos provide player portraits, game action, whole teams and even an analysis of a pitcher’s wind-up and delivery. For 1932, Babe Ruth is in six photos, and Lou Gehrig, 7. For 1936, Joe DiMaggio, who would have been Rookie of the Year had the award existed, appears in 17 photos. Lou Gehrig is pictured 10 times. Managers and team stars are shown for each year. Team photos are present for most series. Photo sizes vary widely. Almost all of these photo news clippings are black & white. Beginning in 1935, there are some color player photos, including Mickey Cochrane, Schoolboy Rowe, Carl Hubbell and Bill Terry. Articles and columns are by such notable writers as Damon Runyon, Grantland Rice, Paul Gallico, Joe Williams (“The New York World‐Telegram & The Sun”), Bill Corum (New York sports writer and, later, the Churchill Downs president credited with creating the “The Run for the Roses” slogan), Bob Considine, Hy Turkin (co-edited the first baseball encyclopedia), George Kirksey (UPI) and Charles Dunkley (AP). Rice also contributed the poem, titled “The Saga of the Deans.” These articles provide insights and details that don’t readily appear in an Internet search. Especially in 1934, numerous columns are attributed to World Series players, and some are controversial, entertaining or both. In one column, Cardinals shortstop Leo Durocher predicted the Gashouse Gang would defeat the Tigers in five games and, in the process, mocked two Detroit batters. (The Cardinals needed seven games.) In another, he harshly criticized umpire Brick Owen. In his column, Dizzy Dean described Hank Greenberg as “a nice kid” who “can hit a ball a long ways” and then invited him to his winter baseball school so “I can help him with his hitting and a lot of things. He’s too soft as a hitter.” A column attributed to Babe Ruth is headlined “Ruth Acclaims Dizzy (Dean) Hero of the Series.” Other columns are from Goose Goslin, Mickey Cochrane and Chas Gehringer. Scrapbook pages, especially from the mid-1930s, contain excellent cartoon-style illustrations by Hardin “Jack” Burnley and others. Burnley is recognized among comic collectors, although much of his work for DC Comics was uncredited. In 1940, for “World’s Fair Comics” #2, he created a cover with Superman, Batman and Robin appearing together for the first time. He also worked on Superman and Batman newspaper comic strips. More than 20 of his illustrations, depicting such stars as Babe Ruth, Mel Ott, Carl Hubbell and Joe Cronin, are in the scrapbook. A Willard Mullin 6.25” x 12” illustration of Hank Greenberg is among the 1935 clippings. Other cartoonists and illustrators include J. Wolter, Jack Sords, Reamer Keller and Burris Jenkins, Jr. The teams represented in the two volumes of this scrapbook are the Yankees, Giants, Senators, Cardinals, Tigers and Reds. A significant amount of Yankees material is present. They were the World Champions in five of the nine World Series. The scrapbook also has a Pittsburgh connection. Most clippings came from Pittsburgh newspapers. As a result, articles and columns are included by Harvey J. Boyle, “Post-Gazette” sports editor, and Chet Smith, “Pittsburgh Press” sports editor, and future editors, Al Abrams and Les Biederman. In addition, for a couple of World Series, Pittsburgh’s Honus Wagner provides brief comments and observations. Jack Berger, artist for the “Press,” created illustrations of Greenberg, Hubbell and several other players. Each scrapbook page is 7.5” x 14”. Together, the two volumes are almost 8” high. The earlier volume, which covers 1932-36, contains approximately 600 pages. Clippings are on only one side of each page. The 1937-40 volume has clippings on both sides of each scrapbook sheet. Each clipping is held in place with small pieces of tape, about 1/8” x ½”, at the corners or along the edges. The scrapbook sheets are somewhat brittle and have chips along the edges, while the clippings remain pliable. Hours of enjoyable reading and some uncommon baseball research material await the next owner of this unusual World Series scrapbook, which a young fan neatly completed more than eight decades ago. Winning Bid $360.    

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       Winning Bid  $360


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