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New York Yankees Collectibles

  50 Lots       »   

Lot 38.  1936 Premiums and a Team Issue - 3 R314 Wide Pens and 2 R313 Fine Pens. Players from the Goudey R314 Wide Pen Type 1 set are Lefty Gomez g+ to vg, Bill Dickey g+ to vg and Sam Leslie g. National Chicle issued the R313 Fine Pen premiums: Lefty Gomez and Red Ruffing vg-ex, and Frank Crossetti (Crosetti) ex. Also, William “Bill” Terry from a 1930s New York Giants team issue. G. Four collectibles with HoF players.
Winning Bid $68     

Lot 41.  Lou Gehrig 1942 “Baseball Magazine” M114 Premium. This 9.25” x 12.5” premium has this inscription, as part of the printing process: “With Personal Regards from Your Pal – Lou Gehrig.” G+ with several edge tears 0.5” or smaller. The image area displays very nicely.
Winning Bid $83     

Lot 44.  2 Premiums - 1943 “Baseball Magazine” Babe Ruth and 1947 Joe DiMaggio “Sport Magazine. The Ruth 9.5” x 12” premium or player poster is vg with a light stain in the upper right corner. The DiMaggio 8.5” x 11” premium shows some extremely light inoffensive creasing that is confined to the borders; otherwise ex-m. Both are relatively scarce.
Winning Bid $125     

Lot 74.  April 13, 1962 “Life” with Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris 1962 Post Cereal Cards. The cards are in place, intact. The Mantle card is vg+ with a ½” crease at the bottom near the middle. The Maris card is nm-m. Richard Burton and Liz Taylor, subjects of a 10-page article inside, are on the cover of the 124-page magazine, which is vg+ with ex pages.
Winning Bid $83     

Lot 77.  1963 Bazooka All-Time Greats Near Set – 40 of 41 Cards. The key cards are here – Ruth, Cobb and Gehrig, as well as Johnson, Young, Mathewson and Wagner. Only #37 Clark Griffith is missing. The near set averages vg-ex.
Winning Bid $429     

Lot 137.  3 Different Randy Johnson Rookie Cards Graded Mint 9 by “The Final Authority” Grading Service. The cards are 1989 Fleer #381, 1989 Score Rookie/Traded #77T and 1989 Upper Deck #25. Johnson joined other top pitchers in the Hall of Fame in 2015. He won 303 games, and only Nolan Ryan struck out more batters.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 148.  Bill Dickey VG 3 Autograph on an Unlined Index Card. Dickey had a 17-season Hall of Fame career as a catcher with the New York Yankees, 1928-43 and 1946. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1954. He died in 1993. All letters in his name are light but visible.
Minimum Bid $10     

Lot 160.  5 Unlined Index Cards Autographed by Casey Stengel. With Stengel as their manager, the New York Yankees won seven World Series Championships in 12 seasons, 1949-60. They also captured three A.L. pennants, and in the two other seasons, finished second and third in the league standings. As an outfielder from 1912-25, Stengel batted .284 and was a member of New York Giants teams that won World Series in 1921 and 1922. The Yankees were the losers in both series. Stengel was one of baseball’s more colorful figures. Once asked what contributed to his managerial success, he replied “Keep the five guys who hate you away from the five who are undecided.” Sparky Anderson said of Stengel: "Casey knew his baseball. He only made it look like he was fooling around. He knew every move that was ever invented and some that we haven't even caught on to yet.” Stengel was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1966. He died in 1975. Two of Stengel’s autographs, one in pencil and one in ballpoint, are mint 9. Two others are nm-m 8, large and bold with uneven ink coverage. The fifth is nm 7 with a retrace on the “s” in Casey that clearly is in Stengel’s hand.
Winning Bid $273     

Lot 172.  Checks Signed by 7 Baseball Players – Houk, Herman, Reynolds, Thomson, Etc. All are signed on the front. A cancellation stamp infringes on four of the signatures. Otherwise, the autographs are nm-m 8 or better. Here are the details: Delmer Ennis (died 1996), outfielder for the Phils, Cardinals, Reds or White Sox, 1946-59. Ralph G. Houk (d. 2010), Yankees catcher 1947-54 and manager of the Yankees, Tigers or Red Sox. Henry W. Johnson (d. 1982), pitcher for the Yankees, Red Sox, A’s or Reds, 1925-39. F. C. (Babe) Herman (d. 1987), .324 lifetime average as an outfielder with six teams, 1926-37 and 1945. Allie P. Reynolds (d. 1994), pitcher and six-time All-Star with the Indians or Yankees, 1942-54. E. G. (Ernie) Shore (d. 1980), pitcher for the Giants, Red Sox or Yankees, 1912-20; his check contains three of his signatures, two on the front of the check and one on the back! R. B. (Bobby) Thomson (d. 2010), outfielder for five different teams, 1946-60, widely recognized for baseball’s “Shot Heard ‘Round the World.”
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 177.  Mickey Mantle and Duke Snider Beautifully Autographed 8” x 10” B&W Photo. The bold Sharpie signatures of these Hall of Fame center fielders are gem mint 10. The photo is triple-matted and framed to 13” x 15”. A 10-time All-Star, seven-time World Series champion and three time A.L. MVP, Mantle (died 1995) was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1974, his first year of eligibility. Snider (d. 2011) was enshrined in 1980. He was an eight-time All-Star and contributed to two World Championships for the Dodgers.
Winning Bid $240     

Lot 181.  Reggie Jackson Mint 9 Autograph on a 16” x 20” Black & White Photo. Nm photo shows Jackson batting for the New York Yankees. He ranks 14th on baseball’s all-time home run list with 563 and 27th on its RBI list with 1,702. “The Sporting News” ranked him among the best 50 players of the 20th century. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1993, his first year of eligibility.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 192.  5 Baseball HoF Autographs on 2 Multi-Signed B&W 8” x 10” Photos. The autographs are nm-m 8 unless otherwise noted. One photo is signed by “Bucky” Harris (HoF 1975, died 1977), Joe McCarthy (ex 5 signature; HoF 1957, d. 1978) and Lou Boudreau (HoF 1970, d. 2001), and the other, by Boudreau and Bob Feller (HoF 1962, d. 2010). Harris’ autograph is somewhat scarce. Harris played second base for the Washington Senators 1919-28 and then managed five different teams. He led the Senators and New York Yankees to World Series Championships and also won three league titles. With 2,158 wins, he is seventh on the all-time list.
Winning Bid $138     

Lot 201.  Dick Stuart Autographed March 19, 1966 “Sporting News.” Stuart was one of baseball’s characters. Through 10 MLB seasons, he put up some respectable numbers as a hitter - .264 career average, 228 home runs, 743 RBI and a .489 slugging percentage. Of course, he also struck out 957 times, for a .239 strikeout average, walked only 301 times and had a .316 on-base percentage. In the field, his defensive capabilities earned him the name “Dr. Strangeglove.” Stuart helped the Pittsburgh Pirates to win the 1960 World Championship, and he was the A.L. RBI leader in 1963. In 1961 for Pittsburgh, he batted .301, slugged 35 home runs, drove in 117 runs and played in both All-Star Games. He died in 2002. His autograph is mint 9 to gem mint 10 on the cover of the publication, which is complete, has two clipped corners and shows some aging along the right edge. Matted, the magazine and autograph would display nicely.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 203.  5 Signed Baseball “Greatest Thrill” Letters – from Blyleven, Kiner, Lopez, Rizzuto, Slaughter. These five Hall of Fame stars handwrote their letters in response to request letters from baseball promotor and author Bill Hongach, who was a batboy for the New York Yankees in 1972 and 1973. Letters by Ralph Kiner, Phil Rizzuto and Enos Slaughter appear to have been written circa 1973. While somewhat brief, all contain excellent content. Kiner, for example, discusses his 1950 All-Star game home run in some detail. Home runs or All-Star games have a role in the greatest thrills described by Bert Blyleven, Al Lopez and Slaughter. Rizzuto’s love of the game is evident in his letter. Each player signed his letter. The autographs are mint 9. Lopez’s mailing envelope is included; on the reverse, he wrote his last name and address. Blyleven is the only living member of this Hall of Fame group.
Winning Bid $273     

Lot 233.  9 Autographed Baseball Books – By Stargell, Nettles, John, Barney and 7 Authors. Seven hardbacks. All signatures are personalized. Here is the complete list: 1. “Willie Stargell,” flyleaf signed by Stargell and co-author Tom Bird, nm-m 8 signatures, 1984 stated first edition, nm book, ex-m dust jacket. Stargell died in 2001. 2. “Rex Barney’s Thank Youuuu,” flyleaf signatures by Barney and co-author Norman Macht, mint 9 signatures, 1993 stated first edition, nm book and dj. Barney died in 1997. 3. “The Tommy John Story,” flyleaf signed by John, mint 9, 1978 apparent first edition, ex-m book, ex price-clipped dj. 4. “Balls,” flyleaf signed by Graig Nettles, gem mint 10 signature, 1984, nm book, ex-m dj. 5. “Our Game: An American Baseball History,” first title page signed by author C. (Charles) Alexander, gem mint 10, ex-m+ book, ex+ dj. 6. “Beisbol: Latin Americans and the Grand Old Game,” flyleaf signatures by authors Michael Oleksak and Mary Adams Oleksak, mint 9 to gem mint 10, 1991 first edition, nm book and ex-m dj. 7. “The Veracruz Blues: A Novel,” both title pages signed by author Mark Winegardner, mint 9 to gem mint 10, 1996 first edition, ex-m book, ex dj. 8. “Slide, Katie, Slide!” with the inside of the front cover signed by author Joe E. Palmer, mint 9, 1994 softcover, vg-ex. 9. “When Women Played Hardball,” title page signed by author Susan Johnson, mint 9, 1999 first edition, ex-m.
Winning Bid $50     

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