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Baseball Memorabilia - Replica Metal Alloy Rings

  25 Lots       »   

Lot 322.  Jose Altuve 2017 Houston Astros World Champions Replica Ring. Jose Altuve 2017 Houston Astros World Champions Replica Ring. It took seven games for the Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers to decide this World Series. Second baseman Altuve delivered a key three-run home run in Game 5 and contributed another home run and three RBI in the series. The Astros’ logo and “World Champions” are on the head of the mint metal alloy ring. One shoulder has the MLB championship trophy and the date, and the other has Altuve’s name, uniform number in simulated diamonds and an outline of Houston.
Minimum Bid $10     

Lot 323.  Carlos Correa 2017 Houston Astros World Champions Replica Ring. The Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in a seven-game World Series. Correa, Houston’s shortstop, hit two home runs and drove in five runs. The mint metal alloy ring has the Astros’ logo and “World Champions” on the head. One shoulder has Correa’s name, uniform number and an outline of Houston, while the other has the MLB championship trophy and the year in simulated diamonds.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 324.  Yogi Berra Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Replica Ring. Berra was inducted in 1972. The metal alloy ring has his number, name and his first and last MLB seasons on the head and career highlights on one shoulder. Mint.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 325.  1990 Cincinnati Reds World Series Championship Replica Ring. It took only four games for the Reds to dash the Oakland Athletics’ hopes of a consecutive World Series title. The head of the mint metal alloy ring has the Reds’ logo surrounded by the team name, year and “World Champions.” One shoulder has the World Series trophy with “9th” over it and “Sweep” above. The other has an image of Riverfront Stadium.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 326.  Roger Clemens Limited Edition Replica Ring Recognizing His Early-Career Achievements. This mint metal alloy ring is No. 128 of 1,000. Clemens’ uniform number, 21, is at the center of the head or the ring with his name across the top and, at the bottom, “Cy Young 86 - 87 - 91.” Clemens won the Cy Young Award in 1986, 1987 and 1991 – and in 1997, 1998, 2001 and 2004! One shoulder identifies the ring as a limited edition, provides Clemens nickname, “Rocket,” and lists the dates of two 20-strikeout performances. The other shoulder has an engraved signature, “1986 A.L. M.V.P.,” Fenway Park, and the limited edition number.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 327.  Donn Clendenon New York Mets 1969 World Series Champions Replica Ring. In this World Series, Clendenon was voted the best of the “Miracle Mets” that ended the Baltimore Orioles’ quest for the World Championship after five games. He batted .357, better than any other regular, and hit three home runs. Pitcher Jerry Koosman was the winner in two games. Around a single simulated diamond, the head of the ring displays “New York Mets World Champions 1969.” One shoulder has Clendenon’s name and the Mets’ logo. The other has a representation of Shea Stadium. Mint metal alloy ring.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 328.  Eric Davis 1990 Cincinnati Reds World Champions Replica Ring. In four games, the Reds ended the Oakland Athletics’ hope of repeating as World Champions. Jose Rijo, the winning pitcher in two games, was the Series MVP. On the head, the mint metal alloy ring has the Reds’ logo surrounded by the team name, year and “World Champions.” Davis’ name and uniform number and a representation of Riverfront Stadium are on one shoulder. The other has the World Series trophy with “Sweep” above.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 329.  Joe DiMaggio 1955 Baseball Hall of Fame Replica Ring. Nm metal alloy ring with DiMaggio’s name around his uniform number on the head, career statistics on one shoulder and his name and recognition of his 56-game hitting streak on the other.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 330.  Bob Feller 1948 Cleveland Indians World Series Championship Replica Ring. This mint metal alloy ring features a design that departs from the usual. On the head, a simulated diamond caps a design with the words “World Champion Cleveland Indians 1948.” One shoulder presents Feller’s name, a baseball and his uniform number. The other says “World Champs 1948.” The Indians defeated the Boston Braves, four games to two.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 331.  Bob Gibson St. Louis Cardinals Honorary 2006 World Series Champions Replica Ring. In five games, the Cardinals dispatched the heavily favored Detroit Tigers. The mint metal alloy World Champions ring notes on one shoulder that it was the Cardinals’ “Tenth World Series Title.” The ring has the St. Louis logo on the head, the year and multiple images on one shoulder, and Gibson’s name, uniform number and Busch Stadium on the other. Like Stan Musial, Gibson is inextricably linked with the Cardinals. He was the World Series MVP in two of their 10 title seasons. When he died in 2020, he still led the Cardinals in these pitching categories: wins (251), games started (482), complete games (255), shutouts (56), innings pitched (3,884.1) and strikeouts (3,117). His career ERA is 2.91.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 332.  Derek Jeter 2000 New York Yankees World Champions Replica Ring. In 2000, by defeating the New York Mets in five games, the Yankees increased their World Series championship to more than 27 percent – or slightly more than one out of four World Series ever played. Jeter was the MVP. The metal alloy mint ring has the Yankees’ logo in simulated diamonds surrounded by “World Champions 2000” on the head, and Jeter’s name and “26th” over the World Series trophy on one shoulder. A different Yankees’ logo is on the other shoulder.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 333.  Derek Jeter New York Yankees 2009 World Champions Replica Ring. As part of his Baseball Hall of Fame career, Jeter batted .407 and scored five runs to help the Yankees defeat Philadelphia in six games. Mint metal alloy outstanding ring.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 334.  Mickey Mantle 1974 Baseball Hall of Fame Replica Ring. On the head of this ring, Mantle’s name is on either side of his uniform number, and the span of his MLB career, 1951-68, is above and below. One should presents career highlights, including his 536 home runs and the year of his HoF induction. The other has a facsimile autograph, an image of Yankee Stadium and the date of Mantle’s retirement. Mint metal alloy ring.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 335.  Don Mattingly New York Yankees 1997 Retirement Replica Ring. The head of this mint metal alloy ring says “Don Mattingly Captain” around his uniform number. One shoulder has an engraving of Yankee Stadium with “1984 A.L. Batting Champion” above, and the other notes his 1985 A.L. MVP Award and provides his career batting average and retirement date.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 336.  Willie Mays 1979 Baseball Hall of Fame Replica Ring. Rated the second best player of the 20th century by “The Sporting News” in 1999, Mays was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1979. His name, uniform number and year of HoF induction are on the head of the ring, with career statistics on one shoulder and “Giants” and “Say Hey Kid” on the other. Mint metal alloy ring.
Winning Bid $20     

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