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Teenie Harris Signed Photo of a 1940s Negro Leagues Baseball Game at Forbes Field.

Lot 18. Teenie Harris Signed Photo of a 1940s Negro Leagues Baseball Game at Forbes Field. From 1935-75, Charles “Teenie” Harris was the top photojournalist for “The Pittsburgh Courier,” a prominent Black newspaper. He documented African American life in Pittsburgh, including baseball. His archive of more than 70,000 photos covers from World War II into the Civil Rights movement and includes entertainers, local and national black leaders, sports figures, the role of churches and everyday life. These photos are preserved in the permanent collection of the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. Harris’ autograph on the 14” x 11” b&w print is nm-m 8, strong on a dark background. The photo, printed in the 1980s from an original negative, also is nm-m. Harris not only photographed Negro Leagues baseball, but also played for the Crawford Colored Giants, which, in the early 1930s, became the Pittsburgh Crawfords. He died in 1998. (For a Type 1 1910s photo by Paul Thompson, a Charles Conlon contemporary, please see Lot 378.) Winning Bid $180.    

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       Winning Bid  $180


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