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27 1972 Reproduction 1904-60 Presidential Campaign Buttons – 13 Different.

Lot 793. 27 1972 Reproduction 1904-60 Presidential Campaign Buttons – 13 Different. The American Oil Co. offered these pins as a premium. The complete set comprises 38 color pins representing campaign winners and losers. Each pin is on a “Hats Off to the Past” perforated card. The top half of the card could be removed to enter a sweepstakes. The bottom half holds the pin and offers a brief description of the year’s campaign. Both halves of the card a present unless otherwise indicated. The cards are generally vg+ to ex or better. The buttons are nm or better. Here is the list: 1904, Teddy Roosevelt, no top half. 1908, Williams Jennings Bryan and John Kern, who lost to William Howard Taft and James Sherman, no top half. 1912, Bull Moose Party pin representing Teddy Roosevelt, no top half. 1912, Woodrow Wilson button. Wilson defeated Roosevelt and Taft, no top half. 1924 (6), Calvin Coolidge and Charles Dawes. 1924 (5), John W. Davis and Charles W. Bryan, lost to Coolidge and Dawes, top half of one card missing. 1928, Alfred E. Smith, who lost to Herbert Hoover, top half missing. 1932, Vote Republic button. Herbert Hoover lost to Franklin D. Roosevelt, no top half. 1936, FDR button. 1936, Button with a photo of Alfred E. Landon, who lost to Roosevelt. 1940, Franklin D. Roosevelt photo button. 1940 (5), Wendell Willkie “Wings for America” pin, lost to Roosevelt. 1948, Harry Truman and Alben Barkley, no top half. 1960, “Pat (Nixon) for First Lady,” John F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon, no top half. Winning Bid $15.    

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       Winning Bid  $15


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