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African American Memorabilia – Publications, Photos, a Bumper Sticker, Etc.

Lot 786. African American Memorabilia – Publications, Photos, a Bumper Sticker, Etc. 1-2. Black Americans who have served in Congress are the focus of two collectibles: “Black American in Congress 1870-1977, a 24-page softcover publication resulting from House Concurrent Resolution 182 on Nov. 3, 1977, vg. The book has a photo of and information on each Black American who served in the Senate or House of Representatives. Also, a 1948 ink blotter, 4” x 9.5”, from Meadow Gold Ice Cream with photos of 24 African Americans who had served in Congress. The blotter has been used, and ink covers the portrait of James T. Rapier of Alabama; otherwise, f, with the portraits clear. 3-4. Two 8” x 10” black & white “I Have a Dream” photos of Dr. Martin Luther King, one ex+ with a basic paper frame, and one vg+. 5. A copy of an April 12, 1862 speech in the House of Representatives by Congressman Francis Preston Blair, Jr., of Missouri on using freed slaves to colonize Central America. The 22-page speech is from an unidentified vintage publication. Part of a paper on the same subject follows by Lt. Matthew F. Maury, a naval officer and scientist. 6-8. A 1956 program and two 8” x 10” b&w photos for an annual session of an Order of Eastern Star organization. The 36-page program is vg, and the photos, ex. 9-14. Six black & white or sepia photos of men, women or children, apparently all from 1949 or earlier. One is 2.5” x 3.5”, and the others range from 3.75” x 5” to 5” x 7”. Condition averages vg-ex. 15-17. Three photos that have a tintype appearance, possibly ambrotypes, about 2.5” x 3.5”, a man smoking a cigarette, a woman, and a man and woman, exposures dark. 18. B&w image of Eddie Murphy on glass, 6” x 6”, vg-ex. 19-25. Seven publications: “Ebony” 20th Anniversary Issue, Nov. 1965, photos of 20 previous covers on the cover, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jackie Robinson, Joe Louis, Mary MacLeod Bethune, Lena Horne and Marian Anderson, vg, 218 pages. “Black Child Journal” inaugural issue, Sept. 1979, Vol. 1 No. 1, a “Review on Black Child Development,” ex+, 40 pages. “National Geographic,” July 1984, 38-page article on the Underground Railroad, vg-ex, 144 pages. “The Washington Post Magazine,” Dec. 30, 1984, Washington mayors Marion Barry and Walter Washington on the cover, article on Home Rule, vg-ex, 24 pages. “The Washington Post Magazine,” Jan. 20, 1991, article on the Buffalo Soldiers, ex, 44 pages. “American Visions: The Magazine of Afro-American Culture,” Feb. 8, 1991, advertising supplement, “Black History Month Special,” ex, 20 pages. And “Profiles in Excellence: A Celebration of African-American Heritage,” Issue 8, 2000, 16 pages, vg. 26-40. Fifteen “Washingtonian” 1988 ‘Washington’s Best Tour” brochures with a welcome by Mayor Marion Barry, Jr., ex-m. 41. Shirley Chisholm 1972 bumper sticker, black on yellow, to support her candidacy for U.S. President – “Take the ‘Chisholm’ Trail… To 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.” Ex+ with writing on the back. Campaigning in the Democrat primary, she was the first Black major-party candidate to run for President and also the first woman to run for the Democratic presidential nomination. Winning Bid $15.    

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       Winning Bid  $15


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