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Calendar, Premium and Book Collection with More Than 125 Pin-Up Images, Some by Vargas.

Lot 753. Calendar, Premium and Book Collection with More Than 125 Pin-Up Images, Some by Vargas. Seventy-four pin-ups are in Esquire calendars for 1947, 1948, 1950, 1951, and 1953-55. Twelve more are in a 1952 pin-up calendar from an unidentified producer. Sixteen are premiums given away by a cigar manufacturer - four in exchange for five cigar bands. And the others, well over 30 full-page or two-page images, are in a book of Alberto Vargas art. The 1947 and 1948 Esquire calendars were distributed by a Chicago company. Vargas provided 12 pin-up paintings for the 1947 calendar, with pages 8.5” x 11”. This calendar, including the covers, is complete – with the pages separated. Each page is vg+ to ex, and has an ex appearance, with a light crease in the lower right corner. The February pin-up has a tiny tear in the lower right corner. All of the other calendars, including Esquire’s 1948 edition, are intact. All are spiral-bound with plastic. The 1948 calendar has 10” x 11.75” pages displaying the artwork of Varady, Flora Smith, Mario Cooper, J. Frederick Smith, Thornton Utz, Ben-Hur Baz, Al Moore, Jo De Mers, Al Buell, Fritz Willis, Euclid Shook and Bill Randall. The pages are vg-ex to ex with some very light to light toning along the edges outside the image area. The front cover of the calendar is vg+, and the back cover, g-vg. The other calendars are approximately 12” x 8.5” with a light cardboard back. Al Moore provided the pin-up artwork for the 1950 and 1951 Esquire calendars. For 1950, two pages are vg, four vg, three vg+ to ex and three ex. For 1951, one vg, three vg-ex, four vg+ to ex and four ex. T. N. Thompson created the artwork for a 1952 calendar with the images printed back-to-back by J. B. Co. Vg to vg-ex+. Ernest Chiriaka supplied the pin-ups for 1953. One of the two spiral binders is missing. The pages are vg-ex to ex+. Chiriaka returned for 1954. His artwork is against a black background, making this calendar different from the seven others. Two vg-ex pages, with the other 10 ex or ex+. For 1955, George Petty succeeded Chiriaka. Unlike the other 1950s Esquire calendars offered here, this calendar is in a vertical format. The January page is vg+ to ex, and the others, ex-m or better. The 16 premiums from the 1940s were created for the Deisel-Wemmer-Gilbert Corp., a holding company, 1929-46, that produced cigars. The Wendy’s Co., which produces hamburgers and Frostys, is a successor to this company. This collection has four sets of four pin-ups with two paintings, a woman relaxing and a tennis player, by Rolf Armstrong, and two more, a dancer and a swimmer, by Bill Moran. These 11.25” x 8” prints are ex-m to nm. They are accompanied by the holding company’s envelope. The remaining images are in a 1990 softcover book, “Vargas 20s-50s,” by Benedikt Taschen, text in French, vg covers, ex-m pages. Winning Bid $68.    

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       Winning Bid  $68


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