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9 Books on Math, Science, Veterinary, Cosmetology or Instrument Flying.

Lot 722. 9 Books on Math, Science, Veterinary, Cosmetology or Instrument Flying. Interesting and educational assortment of vintage hardback books without dust jackets. 1. “The Modern Arithmetic” by George Drayton Strayer, 1904, f+, intact, complete, 208 pages. (Note: In this book, 6 + 2 and 3 + 5 still = 8.) 2. “The Art of Computation Designed to Teach Practical Methods of Reckoning with Accuracy and Rapidity” by David White Goodrich, 1874, g, 206 pages. (So who needs a calculator or computer?!). 3. “The Pocket Guide to Science” edited by E. E. Free, from “Popular Science Monthly,” 1930 sixth edition, fourth printing, near fine, 234 pages. Hundreds of questions and brief answers, some controversial or politically incorrect. 4. “Steele’s New Physics – Fourteen Weeks in Physics” by J. Dorman Steele, 1878, f-g, complete and intact, 306 pages. 5. “Drugs” by Walter Modell and Alfred Lansing, 1967 from the Life Science Library with Rene Dubos and C. P. Snow as consulting editors, nf, 200 pages extensively illustrated, lengthy articles on eight different topics. 6. “The Universe, Earth and Man,” 1962 from C. S. Hammond & Co., vg+, 66 pages about 9.25” x 12.25” with more illustrations than text looking at “Man in Relation to”: the Universe, the Earth, His Past, His Environment, Himself and His Future. 7. “The Merck Veterinary Manual,” Second Edition, 1961, O. H. Siegmund, editor, vg, 1628 pages. 8. “Standard Textbook of Cosmetology” from the Washington D.C, Beauty Academy (in Maryland), 1972, vg+, 494 pages with helpful illustrations. 9. “Through the Overcast: The Art of Instrument Flying” by Assen Jordanoff, 1938, 356 pages, f-g, complete and intact. Minimum Bid $10.    

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       Minimum Bid  $10


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