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Bob Hope Collection.

Lot 708. Bob Hope Collection. 1. “Quick” magazine, Nov. 28, 1949, Hope on cover, inside an article on “Bob Hope: America’s Favorite Comic,” g+ to vg. 2. “I Owe Russia $1200,” 1963 first edition hardback book by Hope, 272 pages, illustrated, vg dust jacket, vg-ex book. Picture on the dust jacket back of Hope with Bing Crosby. 3. Washington, D.C., “Sunday Star” TV magazine, “Why Bob Hope Goes to Vietnam,” 1968, vg+. 4. “I Never Left Home,” promoted as “Bob Hope’s own story of his trip abroad,” 1944 magazine format, humorously illustrated by Carl Rose, g-vg, 102 pages. 5. “Where There’s Life There’s Bob Hope,” 1957 picture biography by Lou Guild in magazine format, ex+. 6. “I Never Left Home” by Hope, Armed Services Edition, complete text without pictures, 1944, vg-ex. 7. “They Got Me Covered,” 1941 paperback with the introduction by Bing Crosby. Hope tells his life story while laughing at himself. Vg. 8. Group concerning “A Salute to Bob Hope” marking the 25th Anniversary of the U.S.O. in 1966, including an invitation, letter soliciting financial support and two press releases. Ex. The letter has the signature of Lewis B. Hershey, an Army general who served as the second director of the Selective Service System. Winning Bid $10.    

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       Winning Bid  $10


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