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17 Different Pre-War Baseball Cards.

Lot 7. 17 Different Pre-War Baseball Cards. These cards span 1900-1940: 1900 T203 Mayo’s Baseball Comics, 2 cards, “Rooting for the Home Team” vg and “Strike One” p-f. 1906 Fan Craze-National League Lundgren (a small amount of paper loss on the back; otherwise) g-vg. 1911 T201 Mecca Double Folders, Cole/Kling f-g. 1922 E121 American Caramel Zeb Terry g-vg. 1919-21 W514 #111 Vaughn vg-ex. 1926-27 W512, 3 cards, #8 Frisch (St. Louis N.L) f-g, 9 Hornsby f and 10 Vance (border trimmed; otherwise) vg-ex. 1927 W560 (2), Bush ex and Cuyler vg-ex. 1934 Goudey (2), #3 Grimm vg and 4 English vg. 1934-36 Diamond Stars (2), #34 Hack vg and 52 Stainback vg-ex. 1936 S and S Game, Hack f-g. And 1940 Play Ball #89 Jurges vg-ex. Winning Bid $138.    

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       Winning Bid  $138


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