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1937 Magazine with a Jack Dempsey Cover and a 1938 Magazine with Max Schmeling.

Lot 593. 1937 Magazine with a Jack Dempsey Cover and a 1938 Magazine with Max Schmeling. Dempsey shares the cover of the Nov. 1937 issue of “PIC” with his wife, Hannah Williams, a Broadway Singer. Inside are seven pages of photos on “The Life of Jack Dempsey.” From 1919-26, Dempsey held some version of the world heavyweight boxing championship. In 1954, he was an inaugural inductee of “The Ring” magazine’s Boxing Hall of Fame, and in 1990, an inaugural inductee of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Vg-ex magazine with some pages (not including the Dempsey article) loose. Schmeling is on the cover of the June 1938 edition of “Radio Guide,” which promotes the radio broadcast of his rematch with Joe Louis. In a 1936 bout, Schmeling knocked out Louis, who was rising in the ranks of heavyweight fighters. When they met again, their fight was for the heavyweight championship, which Louis had captured by then. In the rematch, Louis won by a technical knockout in the first round. The magazine has a two-page article illustrated with photos. Ex issue, relatively scarce. Minimum Bid $10.    

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       Minimum Bid  $10


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