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Circa 1930 Harvard Football Poster – “Like All True Champions, Harvard Has What It Takes.”

Lot 485. Circa 1930 Harvard Football Poster – “Like All True Champions, Harvard Has What It Takes.” This attention-grabbing poster doesn’t actually represent the Ivy League university. Instead, it promotes the Harvard Brewing Co., producer of Ale, Clipper Ale, Export Beer and Porter. The brewery was located in Lowell, MA, about 30 miles from Harvard in Cambridge. It was in business from 1893-1920, when it was closed by Prohibition, and again from 1933-56. The multi-colored poster is approximately 26” x 36” and mounted on heavy board that brings its total weight to about 10 pounds. Repaired damage along the top edge and a crease are evident close-up and almost totally outside the artwork. The illustration and lettering are strong enough that these conditions are little noticed beyond a few feet. Rare and attractive. Minimum Bid $100.    

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       Minimum Bid  $100


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