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27 Different Men’s Magazines from the 1950s-70s and 1999 – Peter Driben Cover, Etc.

Lot 408. 27 Different Men’s Magazines from the 1950s-70s and 1999 – Peter Driben Cover, Etc. These magazines contain more than 1,000 pages of nude or partially nude women photographed as they typically were before the arrival of “Hustler” and similar magazines in the mid-1970s. Some celebrities are present, but most of the photos feature attractive little-known or unknown models or actresses that had limited film careers. Most of the magazines have multiple pictorials, some offer fiction and news articles, and others have a model on almost every page. Among the more familiar figures are Bettie Page, Jayne Mansfield, Blaze Starr, Mamie Van Doren, Edy Williams, Eve Meyer, Tempest Storm and many dancers that burlesque fans will recognize. Literature and news are scarce in these publications, but Aldous Huxley provides short stories in two of them. And the cover of Flirt provides art by Peter Driben, popular pin-up artist of the 1940s-50s. He may be less widely recognized than Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren, but it’s likely that his works have been at least as widely seen. His output was prolific. Here is a list of the issues in this collection and information on each: “Best for Men,” Feb. 1968, 50 pages, various pictorials including Pierre’s Nightclub in San Francisco, vg+ to ex. “Black Nylons,” July 1963, 70 pages, color gatefold, Bettie Page two-thirds page photo, also Lee Southern (Grace Jackson), vg-ex. “Black Silk Stockings,” undated, Vol. 2, No. 4, 78 pages, Julie Wills color centerfold, vg+ to ex. “Cabaret,” March 1956, 50 pages, Vicki Palmer, burlesque dancer; Ava Gardner, Gina Lollobrigida and Shelly Winters in an article on a Rome nightclub, vg+. “Cavalcade,” July 1965 from Skye Publishing, 80 pages, Danish model in color, centerfold in color, photos from “What’s New Pussycat?” and a photo feature “This is Jayne Mansfield?” Vg+ to ex. “Cavalcade,” April 1967, 72 pages, color centerfold and several other color photos, ex+ with minor cover writing. “Cavalcade of Burlesque,” Sept. 1953, 50 pages, smaller Blaze Starr photo in an article, Vicki Welles, g-vg, ex pages. “Chere,” No. 4, 1963, 86 pages, color centerfold, unidentified models illustrate short fictional stories, ex. “Dapper,” April 1969, 72 pages, Mamie Van Doren (four pages), Richie Havens article, color centerfold, seven pages of “Dapper’s Darling” (five color), actress Edy Williams, ex. “The Dude,” March 1958, 72 pages, fiction, multiple pictorials, one with singer, model and TV personality Micki Marlo wearing a low-cut dress, and another with Jackie Jackler, “Miss March Dude,” who appeared in a movie with Errol Flynn. Both of these pictorials have color photos, ex. “Escapade,” June 1956, 64 pages, color centerfold with three more pages of photos, pictorial by Christian Cambazard, the magazine’s Photographer of the Year, and another with Valerie French, actress in 1956 “Jubal” and other movies, ex. “Fling,” April 1965, 62 pages, color centerfold, multiple pictorials, vg+ to ex. “Flirt,” June 1952, 50 pages, Peter Driben cover, Bettie Page on page 37, burlesque dancer Winnie Garrett, a model or dancer on almost every page, vg+ to ex. “Follies,” July 1959, 70 pages, color centerfold, page of photos of Laya Raki, 1950s-60 German dancer and actress who appeared in British movies and TV programs, vg, writing on front and back covers. “French Follies,” Vol. 1. No. 4, 1965, 78 pages, three-panel color foldout of Danielle Garamonte, multiple photos of various models, ex. “French Frills,” Vol. 3, No. 2, 1964, 78 pages, three-panel color centerfold, Aldous Huxley story, pictorials of French models and dancers. “Frolic,” Aug. 1958, 70 pages, Maureen Davies color centerfold, Bettie Page and Tempest Storm small photo (light pencil marks on it), Carol Grace cover, ex-m+. “Gala,” Nov. 1958, 70 pages, Iris Bristol cover, model and actress, many burlesque and other dancers, vg with ex-m pages. “Gay Blade,” May 1957, 70 pages, color centerfold with Nona Van Tosh, popular 1950s model, cover and seven pages of Eve Meyer photos, model, actress and movie producer killed in the 1977 Tenerife airport disaster in the Canary Islands, vg+. “Gentleman,” Oct. 1963, 64 pages, color centerfold, three other pictorials, article on Mike Wallace, ex. “Glamorous Models,” April 1949, 64 pages, photos of pin-up models and actresses such as Corky Crowley, June Kirby, Barbara Nichols (more than 25 1950-60 movies and even more TV appearances), and of Laya Raki, 1950s-60 German dancer and actress who appeared in British movies and TV programs; vg, sale label added to the cover. “Glamour Girls,” Feb.-March 1999, 90 pages, Mamie Van Doren on the front and back covers and 10 b&w pages inside, Raven de la Croix color centerfold and an article with b&w photos; also, photos of other models, ex+. “Hi-Life,” July 1965, 66 pages, Aldous Huxley fiction, three pictorials, ex-m+. “Jem,” Feb. 1962, 74 pages, Feb. 1962, vg+, six pages of photos representing “The Best of Bunny Yeager” and an article, “Women Are as Romantic as Vultures,” ex+. “Midnight,” Vol. 4, No. 1, 1965, 80 pages, color centerfold, 10 pictorials, vg+ (holes from one staple at the edge of each page and the cover). “Modern Man,” Feb. 1964, 50 pages, photo of actress Ruth Roman, a Gallery of models and articles on Bill Tilden and the increased sale of small foreign cars, vg-ex. “Mr.”, Jan. 1965, 62 pages, Tracy Masters cover and three-panel color centerfold, plus two more pictorials, one with a color gatefold, vg-ex. 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