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27 Issues of “Jem” Magazine, from the First Issue in 1956 Through March 1965.

Lot 407. 27 Issues of “Jem” Magazine, from the First Issue in 1956 Through March 1965. This magazine evolved from “A Treasure Chest of Rare Spice” with its inaugural issue in Nov. 1956 to “The Magazine for Masterful Men” by March 1959 and then “The Magazine for Playful Males” by Jan. 1961. A month or so later, it became “The Magazine for Playful Men.” Like “Playboy,” “Jem” offers in each issue fiction, humor, cartoons, satire, articles on sex and the sexes, and color and black & white photos of models and celebrities in various stages of undress. Early issues had a centerfold, which soon disappeared and then returned in 1962. Initially the magazine featured recognizable celebrities and models, but they became less common, generally replaced by attractive little known or unknown models that were often photographed in make-believe settings. Over time, “Jem” also placed more emphasis on satire and humor. It was consistent in addressing cultural issues related to sex. And it was consistent in addressing, often with humor, issues that divide men and women in articles and in such features as “The Trouble with Women” and “Battle of the Sexes.” Following is brief information on each issue: Vol. 1, No. 1, Nov 1956, ex, Candy Barr cover, Betty Brosmer two-page foldout, four pages of Jayne Mansfield photos, color photos of Lili St. Cyr, Anita Ekberg (2), Eve Meyer and Kim Novak (each four pages, one color). March 1957, vg, Candy Barr foldout, Diana Weber photos, Tina Louise photos, article on Sarah Bernhardt. May 1957, Greta Thyssen front and back covers, color gatefold with Thyssen on one side and Jayne Mansfield on the other, three more Mansfield pages. July 1957, vg-ex, Coreen Rodella pictorial, various unidentified models. Aug. 1957, vg-ex, a good mix of models and fiction. Feb. 1958, ex, four pages on French transgender actress and singer Coccinelle Dufresnoy (Dufeney in the magazine). June 1958, ex, offbeat six-page Ann Peters pictorial, “The Story of Modern Furniture,” a pinup for each month, and four pages of photos of burlesque performer Greta Thyssen. Jan. 1959 (Vol 2, No. 5, no year in the issue), ex, Gitta Piniella cover, 6 pages inside, three other pictorials featuring models. March 1959, ex+, three pictorials, fiction by Louis-Charles Royer. June 1959, ex-m, including an Alice Campbell opinion article, “Texans Are Lousy Lovers”; multiple pictorials. Aug. 1959, ex-m to nm, article “Hedy Lamarr Discusses L’Amour,” six-pages of Gina Bell presenting “the most perfect figure in the world.” Oct. 1959, vg+ to ex, six pages of Joan Bradshaw photos, one with Elvis. After being crowned Miss Texas USA in 1953, she made some TV appearances, became a Hollywood starlet, married a movie producer 31 years her senior and gave up acting. Dec. 1959, vg-ex, three pictorials with anonymous models and an article, “The Short Happy Life of Burlesque.” Feb. 1960, ex-m+, an interview with Gypsy Rose Lee, three pictorials. April 1960 (Vol. 3, No. 6, no year in the issue), vg+ to ex, six-page article on Lari Laine, Playboy Playmate of the Month in May 1958, who later made some TV and movie appearances as Corinne Cole; articles, including “How to Make a Girl Undress” and “How to Stay Single.” Aug. 1960, ex-m, (Vol. 4, No. 2, no year in the issue), three pictorials with unidentified models in fictional settings – two girls go for a nude swim, the model’s figure is used to create a life-sized plaster figure, and models perform ballet – with some humorous text added. Jan. 1961, ex+, 12 pages of humorous, satirical advertisements. March 1961, nm, three pictorials, interesting cartoons, satire and other humor. Aug. 1961, vg+ to ex, article “You Can Live without Working,” pictorial with Susan Rainer–High Priestess of Stonehenge. Dec. 19, ex, three pictorials, one with photos by Bernard of Hollywood, and plenty of humor. Feb. 1962, vg+, six pages of photos representing “The Best of Bunny Yeager” and an article, “Women Are as Romantic as Vultures.” Nov. 1962, (Vol. 5, No. 3, no year in the issue), ex, the centerfold returns with an appearance by Iris Bristol, one of the most popular pin-up models of the 1950s and 1960s, in six pages. She also appeared in some TV shows and movies. And six pages of French stripper Carol Riva, including a two-page photo. March 1964, ex-m, the centerfold is now “Jem’s Gem of the Month,” Bili Kobar in this case. In addition to the gatefold, she appears on four additional pages. Aug. 1964, ex-m+, a two-page article on Salvador Dali, Annette Johnson as “Gem of the Month.” Oct. 1964, ex+. Jan. 1965, ex-m, article on Bill Cosby, various pictorials. March 1965, ex-m, “The Jean Harlow Story.” Winning Bid $92.    

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       Winning Bid  $92


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