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170 Team-Issued or Jay Publishing 1950s-60s Photos of Baseball Players, Managers and Coaches.

Lot 398. 170 Team-Issued or Jay Publishing 1950s-60s Photos of Baseball Players, Managers and Coaches. Six teams are represented in this collection, the Astros, the Braves of Atlanta and Milwaukee, the Dodgers of Los Angeles, the Pirates and the Twins. Photos are black & white unless otherwise noted. Here is the list: ASTROS (10 photos), 3.5” x 5”: Jesus Alou, Bergman, Durocher, Edwards, Forsch, Griffin, Larry Howard, Milbourne, Joe Niekro and York. Ex-m overall. BRAVES, Atlanta (20), 8” x 10”, apparent team issues, two different groups: Apparently 1966, 5 glossy photos, Felipe Alou, Bolling, Carroll, Carty and Mathews. Vg-ex. Early 1970s, 15, apparently offset-print photos on semi-glossy stock, Aaron vg+ to ex, Garrido, Jackson, Jarvis, King, Lum, Mathews ex+, McQueen, Millan, Nash, Phil Niekro, Reed. Stone, Tillman and Wilhelm. Vg-ex to ex. BRAVES, Milwaukee (1), 8” x 10”: Crandall. Vg-ex. DODGERS (79), 5” x 7”: Red Adams (2 different), Alston, Auerbach, Carroll Beringer, Brewer (2 diff.), Buckner (2 diff.), Cey (2 diff.), Crawford (2 diff.), Cruz, Willie Davis, Downing, Fairly, Ferguson (2 diff.), Alan Foster, Gabrielson, Garvey (3 diff.) 2 nm and 1 ex-m, Gilliam, Grabarkewitz, Hough, Hunt, John (2 diff.), Lou Johnson, Joshua, Kennedy, Kosco, Lacy, Lamb, Lasorda, Jim Lee, Lefebvre, Lopes (2 diff.), Marshall, McMullen, Messersmith (2 diff), Mikkelsen, Michael, Bob Miller, Moeller, Mota, Norman, Osteen, Ozark, Paciorek (2 diff.), Parker, Popovich, Rau (2 diff.), Rickert, Frank Robinson ex-m, Roseboro, Russell (2 diff.), Singer, Sims, Sizemore, Stinson, Sudakis, Sutton (3 diff.) all ex-m, Valentine, Vance, Wilhelm, Wills (2 diff.) both nm+ and Yeager (2 diff.). Ex-m overall. PIRATES (20), Jay Publishing, early 1960s, 5” x 7”: Burgess (2 diff.), Clendenon, Face (2 diff.), Friend (2), Groat, Haddox (Haddix), Hoak, Law (2 diff.), Mazeroski (2 diff.), Murtaugh (2 diff.), Skinner, Stuart and Virdon (2 diff.). Ex to ex-m. TWINS (41), 4” x 5”: Allen (2 diff.) Allison, Baker, Banks, Battey (2 diff.), Bonikowski, Fosnow, Goryl, Grant, Green, Griffith, Hall, Kaat (3 diff.) 2 ex-m, 1 ex, Killebrew vg-ex, Kindall, Kostro, Lentz, Maranda, Martinez, McCabe, Mele, Mincher, Moore, Naragon, Pascual, Jim Perry, Pleis, Power, Roggenburk, Roland, Rollins, Stigman, Tuttle, Versalles, Worthington and Zimmerman. Vg-ex to ex overall. Also, Jay Publishing, 5” x 7”, Killebrew, ex. Winning Bid $225.    

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       Winning Bid  $225


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