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3 1960s Pittsburgh Pirates AP Wirephotos - Murtaugh, Face, Friend, Alley and Cardwell.

Lot 394. 3 1960s Pittsburgh Pirates AP Wirephotos - Murtaugh, Face, Friend, Alley and Cardwell. The size of these photos varies. The size provided includes the caption, which is to the right of the image(s). 1. Elroy Face and Danny Murtaugh, 8” x 10”, June 22, 1961, no creases, Associated Press Wirephoto stamp lightly applied to the back. At this point, Face had walked only one batter while saving eight games, posting a 2-3 record, allowing 31 hits and striking out 14 batters. 2. Bob Friend and Don Cardwell, 6 5/8” x 9 5/8”, March 5, 1963, minor crease on the top edge above Caldwell. These hurlers exhibit different pitching styles. Pittsburgh had recently obtained Cardwell in a trade. 3. Gene Alley, 7.25” x 10”, Sept. 7, 1966, one minor crease, and one minor-to-moderate. Alley was batting .297 and had completed 186 double plays with second baseman Bill Mazeroski. Minimum Bid $30.    

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       Minimum Bid  $30


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