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2 Vintage 1940s Photos of Rip Sewell, Pittsburgh Pirates Blooper Pitcher.

Lot 389. 2 Vintage 1940s Photos of Rip Sewell, Pittsburgh Pirates Blooper Pitcher. In his first four seasons with Pittsburgh, 1938-41, Truett Banks “Rip” Sewell won 40 games and lost 32. In December 1941, the big toe that Sewell pitched off was injured and permanently damaged in a hunting accident. As a result, he had to modify his pitching motion, and the result was his famous “blooper” pitch. Outfielder teammate Maurice Van Robays dubbed it the “Eephus pitch,” a designation based on the Hebrew word “efes,” which means “nothing.” With this pitch, which sometimes had an arc of as much as 25 feet, Sewell became one of baseball’s best pitchers. From 1942 through 1945, he won 70 games and lost 45 with season records of 17-15, 21-9, 21-12 and 11-9. He was an All-Star twice and finished as high as sixth in MVP voting. A July 14, 1942 Associated Press Wirephoto shows Sewell and his four-year-old son Jimmy in batting poses. Sewell was a decent hitter who drove in 59 runs during his career. On the back, the 8” x 10.5” photo has “Cleveland News” and July 24, 1942 stamps. It is without a top border and has several light-to-moderate creases. An 8” x 9.5” photo dated June 25, 1943 has Sewell in a pitching pose prior to a game. It has a moderate-to-heavy horizontal crease and several other creases. A caption on the back and a stamp identify the photo as originating with the Associated Press after Sewell had become the N.L.’s first nine-game winner in 1943. Minimum Bid $30.    

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       Minimum Bid  $30


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