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3 Humorous Bowling Prints, 1 by Bernhardt T. Wall and 2 by G. R. Cheesebrough.

Lot 377. 3 Humorous Bowling Prints, 1 by Bernhardt T. Wall and 2 by G. R. Cheesebrough. Both are American illustrators. In the early 1900s, Wall designed more than 5,000 comic cards and was recognized as the “postcard king.” Cheesebrough is a Minneapolis artist who combines humor and stylized techniques. In Wall’s 1905 print, titled “The Disciple of the Bowl: Watch the Strike,” a grizzled hobo bowler with Harvard and Yale “credentials” prepares to send the ball down the alley. His lone suspender (the left one apparently is broken) holds up pants with holes in them, and his shoes are shredded. A kerchief that is blue with white polka-dots is around his neck. He also wears a red sweater with a white “H” for Harvard and a blue hat with a white “Y” for Yale. He chomps on a cigar. The illustration is copyrighted 1905 by J. Hoover & Son, Philadelphia. Wall’s postcard career originated with Ullman, which hired him in the late 1800s to create illustrations to help sell its picture frames. After a postcard company stole Wall’s designs and used them on its cards, Ullman joined the competitive postcard market and became one of the market’s prolific producers. The artwork here is about 16” x 17” and simply framed. It is printed on thick paper. There are some stains along the bottom edge, and the right bottom corner is detached. Except for the corner, the appearance is vg. Wall’s creation would have made a great cartoon character and, nicely framed, will serve as a humorous conversation starter in a home or office. Cheesebrough provides two illustrations. One titled “Pin-Up” shows a woman bowler who likely would not have been a choice for Hugh Hefner’s magazine. The other, titled “Turkey Roll,” features a man who seems to have had his share of turkey, and beer. Cheesebrough has illustrated a number of books. These prints are about 11 ½” x 15 on a 16” x 20” backing. Both are ex-m. Minimum Bid $15.    

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       Minimum Bid  $15


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