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19 Baseball Books for Youth from Random House.

Lot 375. 19 Baseball Books for Youth from Random House. These hardback books, from 1965-75, are part of the Random House Major League and Little League Libraries. Published without dust jackets, they have color photos or illustrations on the cover. The books average ex-m, with a few grading slightly lower or higher. Aimed at teenage readers, 16 of these books carry the Random House “Major League Library” logo. Three have the “Little League Library” logo. The designation seems to have no effect on the content. Here is a list of the books: “Great World Series Thrillers,” Ray Robinson, 1965. “Secrets of Big League Play,” Robert Smith, 1965. “Great Baseball Pitchers, “Jim Brosnan, 1965, Koufax cover. “Strange But True Baseball Stories,” Furman Bisher, 1966. “Great Pennant Races of the Major Leagues,” Frank Graham Jr., 1967. “Heroes of the Major Leagues,” Alexander Peters, 1967, Frank Robinson cover. “Great No-Hit Games of the Major Leagues,” Frank Graham Jr., 1968. “Little League to Big League,” Jim Brosnan, 1968, involves multiple sports. “Great Hitters of the Major Leagues,” Graham, 1969, Willie Mays cover. “Great Catchers of the Major Leagues,” Jack Zanger, 1970. “Amazing Baseball Teams,” Dave Wolf, 1970. “Star Pitchers of the Major Leagues,” Bill Libby, 1971, Bob Gibson cover. “Baseball’s Zaniest Stars,” Howard Liss, 1971. “More Strange But True Baseball Stories,” Liss, 1972. “Great Infielders of the Major Leagues,” Dave Klein, 1973. “World Series Classics,” Bill Gutman, 1973, Brooks Robinson cover. “Baseball’s Greatest Sluggers,” Libby, 1973, Hank Aaron cover. “Record Breakers of the Major Leagues,” Lou Sabin, 1974, Tom Seaver cover. And “Baseball’s Great Moments,” Herb Gluck, 1975, Aaron cover. Minimum Bid $20.    

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       Minimum Bid  $20


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