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9 Baseball Biographies – Cobb, Joe Jackson, Koufax, Berg, Snider, and Spahn.

Lot 369. 9 Baseball Biographies – Cobb, Joe Jackson, Koufax, Berg, Snider, and Spahn. Unless otherwise noted, these books are softcovers. Two books tell Ty Cobb’s story: “Ty Cobb: His Tumultuous Life and Times” by Richard Bak, 1994, ex-m. The other “Ty Cobb” book, by Norman Macht, is a hardcover from the Baseball Legends series, 1993, ex+, published without a dust jacket. Two other hardbacks are from the series, “Sandy Koufax” by John Grabowski, 1992, vg+ to ex, and “Duke Snider” by Peter Bjarkman, 1994, ex. These books are apparent first editions that never had dust jackets. Two books with the same title focus on Joe Jackson: “Say It Ain’t So, Joe” by Donald Gropman, 1979 first printing, Lynx edition, ex+. And the revised and updated 1992 version, a first edition from Carol Publishing, vg+ to ex. The other softcovers are: “The Warren Spahn Story” by Bob Cutter, 1964, magazine format, 24 illustrated pages, vg+. “Moe Berg: Athlete, Scholar…Spy” by Louis Kaufman et al., 1976 Ballantine first printing, vg. The final book, “Baseball Stars of 1967,” edited by Ray Robinson, has profiles of many players, 1967 Pyramid first edition, vg+. Minimum Bid $20.    

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       Minimum Bid  $20


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