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63 1990-92 “Sporting News” Issues.

Lot 358. 63 1990-92 “Sporting News” Issues. Here is a list of these “Sporting News” issues and highlights from them: 1990 – Jan. 8, Free agent signings; 16, Barry Sanders, NFL Rookie of the Year. Feb. 12, interviews with Paul Tagliabue and Fay Vincent; 19, Brett Hull, UCLA basketball. March 5, baseball lockout; 12, Pete Rose, Dwight Gooden; 18, Dale Earnhardt, Oklahoma basketball; 26, Charles Barkley, Lee Trevino. April 23, David Robinson; 30, Kirby Puckett and Kent Hrbek, reports on all 26 MLB teams. May 7, “Piniella’s Reds”; 14, Magic Johnson; 21, San Francisco sports; 28, Michael Jordon, Dennis Eckersley, Stanley Cup. June 4, Oilers as Stanley Cup champions, Mike Tyson. July 2, Martina Navratilova, Barry Bonds; 16, Ryne Sandberg, Lyle Alzado; 23, Bert Blyleven and “workhorse” pitchers; 30, “Free Agent Report Card,” the British Open. Sept. 3, the 49ers; 10, Jose Canseco, Barry Larkin; 17, Jeff George’s NFL debut, George Brett; 24, Notre Dame football, Rickey Henderson. Oct. 15, World Series issue; 22, Dennis Eckersley; 29, Reds celebrate World Series win, Barry Bonds as “TSN’s” MLB Player of the Year, basketball pull-out section (28 pages). Dec. 17, NFL veteran players, “TSN’s” college football All-Americans; 31, MLB’s “salary insanity.” Two special issues – Year in Sports covering 1989, and the April 6, 1990 “Baseball Special.” 1991 – Jan. 7, Nolan Ryan, “TSN’s” Man of the Year plus a 20-page bonus issue, “The 100 Most Powerful People in Sports”; 21, Brett Hull; 28, Super Bowl guide. Feb. 11, Magic Johnson, “TSN’s” NFL All-Pro team. March 4, designated hitter feature; 11, comeback athletes. April 1, MLB umpire problems. May 6, NHL playoffs, Michael Jordan; 27, Atlanta baseball, Dave Justice. June 10, Michael Jordan & Magic Johnson. July 15, “execution of fundamentals” by MLB players; 22, Michael Jordan. Sept. 2, double issue, Buffalo Bills cover with Jim Kelly, special 40-page “Pro Football ‘91” with Mark Rypien cover; 16, Don Shula; 23, Jackie Sherrill. Oct. 21, Kirby Puckett, MLB playoffs. Nov. 4, double issue, Twins beat Braves in World Series on cover, Pat Riley & Patrick Ewing on the cover of the “Pro Basketball ’91-‘92” section; 11, Boomer Esiason; 18, Magic Johnson announces his retirement, 2” tear on the cover outside Johnson’s image; 25, double issue, Miami U. football on the regular cover, Tulane players on the cover of the 1991-92 College Basketball issue. Dec. 2, NFL injury risks; 9, Derrick Thomas; 16, crime among college athletes; 23, double issue, the recovery of umpire Steve Palermo and a 24-page “College Bowl Preview”; 30, Mark Rypien, Guy Carbonneau. 1992 – Jan. 13, John Elway, Tim Hardaway. Feb. 17, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky; 24, Charles Barkley, Olympics coverage. March 2, Tom Glavine, Spring Training preview; 16, Dennis Rodman, George Brett; 23, Mark Messier, Shaquille O’Neal; 30, NCAA Basketball Tournament, Mark Ripken. These issues are overwhelmingly ex with a mailing label; a few grade higher, and a few, lower. Minimum Bid $25.    

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