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NY Mets Memorabilia – Snider Autograph, Yearbooks, Media Guides, Cards, Pins, Etc.

Lot 354. NY Mets Memorabilia – Snider Autograph, Yearbooks, Media Guides, Cards, Pins, Etc. Thirty items – 1. Duke Snider autographed 8” x 10” color photo; gem mint 10 signature.Pre-Certified by PSA/DNA. 2-5. 4 Yearbooks, each with 64 pages – 1969, World Series Champions, front cover scuffs, otherwise ex-m with a full-page color photo of Tom Seaver and a full page devoted to 1968 rookie Nolan Ryan. 1972, Revised Edition, vg-ex, light upper corner stain throughout, tribute to Gil Hodges; Yogi Berra as the new manager; Willie Mays pictured as a new team member. 1973, N.L. Championship – World Series Edition, good with vg-ex pages. 1978, vg-ex, light upper corner stain throughout, Joe Torre as manager, Mike Scott among Spring Training Hopefuls. 6. 1973 World Series program with Yogi Berra on the cover, 56 pages, unscored, ex. 7. 1990 calendar with illustrations of Mets players on the cover and a photo of a player or players for each month, including Darryl Strawberry, Howard Johnson, Kevin Elster and Gregg Jefferies, and Kevin McReynolds. P-f cover, vg-ex pages. 8-13. Six media guides: 1979 with Willie Mays on the cover, vg+ to ex; 1980 vg; 1985 ex-m; 1986 vg+ to ex; 1987 vg+; and 1989 vg+ to ex. 14. Softcover book, “The Complete Year-by-Year N.Y. Mets Fan’s Almanac” by Duncan Bock & John Jordan, 1992 stated first edition, 272 pages, near fine. 15-17. B&w 8” x10” photos of Jim Fregosi f, Bud Harrelson p and Mookie Wilson ex. 18. 1976 Linnett Portrait of Tom Seaver, nm-m, framed, facsimile autograph. 19. TCMA New York Mets 1988 complete set of 40 postcards with Gooden, Carter, Hernandez, Mitchell, Foster, Strawberry, Wilson, Johnson, etc., ex-m. 20. 1988 Kahn’s Mets near set, 31 of 32 cards, missing the discount coupon; includes #5 Johnson (manager), 8 Carter, 13 Mazilli, 16 Gooden, 17 Hernandez and 18 Strawberry. 21. Rick Cerone postcard from a Barry Colla photo, vg-ex. 22. 1987 Topps coin, #28 Gary Carter, vg. 23-25. 1991 Starting Lineup Vince Coleman figurine and coin, both nm, and card, ex. 26-28. Three pins: Mr. Met, 1.75”, nm-m, rust on back, ball and bat attached. Mets logo pin, 3.5”, ex. 1984 Fun Foods #104 Keith Hernandez, nm-m. 29. Mets cloth logo patch, 3”, nm-m. 30. 1991 Fotoball of Darryl Strawberry, long-time Mets star, with the Dodgers, g+. 31-32. Two pennants: Logo pennant, 12” x 29.5”, vibrant colors, creases, vg-ex. 1986 pennant commemorating the team’s 25th anniversary, team photo, 9” x 24”, vg+. Winning Bid $61.    

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       Winning Bid  $61


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