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17 Hockey Figures (16 HoFers) – Gretzky (5), Lemieux, M. Richard, Messier, Iginia, Etc.

Lot 325. 17 Hockey Figures (16 HoFers) – Gretzky (5), Lemieux, M. Richard, Messier, Iginia, Etc. Fourteen figures are from Starting Lineup. All figures except for Jerome Iginla are mint in their original packages. The only non-HoF player is Jaromír Jagr, present in a 6” SportsPicks Series 2 McFarlane figure issued in 2001. He wears a Washington Capitals uniform. The package is nm. The other figures that are not from Starting Lineup depict: Mario Lemieux, Bobble Doubles 2002 Collectible Series NHL Olympics 8” bobblehead with Lemieux representing Team Canada; ex box with a tear at one corner. And Jerome Iginla, a 9.25” bust and pedestal from the Upper Deck Classic Portraits 2002-2003 Hockey edition. The bust is unpainted clear acrylic and nm+ except that a portion of his hockey stick is missing; the box is vg-ex. Four of the Starting Lineup figures are in Freeze Frame One-on-One editions: Wayne Gretzky and Dominik Hasek from 1997 and Gretzky and Pavel Bure from 1998. The 1997 box is vg-ex, and the 1998, ex-m to nm. Both boxes have price stickers. Here is a list of the individual packages – 1993 First Year Edition in English and French: Eric Lindros, corner crease, otherwise an nm package. 1994: Pavel Bure, nm+ package front with a tiny corner crease and a light back crease, and Sergei Federov, nm to nm-m package. 1997: Gretzky (2), one mint figure and an opened package with the plastic cover present and the card missing, and the other, nm-m to mint with two tiny creases visible on the back. Mark Messier (2), one with an nm-m to mint front with a small, light corner crease on the back, and the other, moderate corner crease on the front and an nm+ back. Maurice (Rocket) Richard (1997 “Timeless Legends”), ex-m with a price sticker on the front and two tiny (1/8”) creases. And Teemu Selanne, two small corner creases and a tiny scuff on the back. Also, 1998 Starting Lineup Pro Action Gretzky figure “with Real SlapShot Action,” nm+ package with a tiny front crease at the hangar and a small corner crease on the back. Minimum Bid $50.    

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       Minimum Bid  $50


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