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1903 Baseball Valentine by Raphael Tuck & Sons.

Lot 324. 1903 Baseball Valentine by Raphael Tuck & Sons. Known for its 1888 Artistic Series baseball die-cut set, Raphael Tuck & Sons also produced this baseball valentine. Consistent with the Tuck & Sons set, the card has a die-cut baseball player on the front set against a large red heart. The player wears quilted baseball pants. Either a large ball or a bubble from gum covers the player’s mouth and chest. “Valentine Greeting” is also on the card’s front. Inside, this greeting follows the word “Baseball”: “You clothe yourself in bright array and hope to win the game, for hits and bases deftly made will bring you wealth and fame. But should you fail to reach the goal, despair not, nor repine; by day or night, come good or ill, I’ll be your Valentine.” Vg-ex. Winning Bid $10.    

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       Winning Bid  $10


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