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13 Issues of Playboy Magazine – 1958 to 1960.

Lot 315. 13 Issues of Playboy Magazine – 1958 to 1960. The 1958 issues are for January through April, August, and October through December; for 1959: June through August, and for 1960, February and July. These issues have articles or stories by such authors as Steve Allen, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Blake Rutherford, William Safire and John Steinbeck. Drawings or cartoons by Shel Silverstein and Gahan Wilson appear in most editions. Of course, each issue has a “Playmate of the Month.” Following are highlights of each issue and the names of selected Playmates: Jan 1958 Holiday Issue with “Playboy’s” Playmate Review, five pages, 12 playmates. “Silverstein in Paris,” seven pages. Jack Kerouac story, “The Rumbling, Rambling Blues.” Feb. 1958 - Playmate Cheryl Kubert, who had a bit part in “Pal Joey.” The magazine has a five-page pictorial “The Nude Jayne Mansfield” and presents the 1958 Jazz All-Stars, including Stan Kenton as leader, Stan Getz tenor sax; Benny Goodman clarinet, Erroll Garner piano, Lionel Hampton vibes, Frank Sinatra male vocalist and Ella Fitzgerald, female vocalist. March 1958 – “Boxing 1958” by Ed Pazdur. “The Best of Brigitte (Bardot),” four pages. Five pages of “Silverstein in Moscow,” Martin Scott satire “Hickory, Dickory, Kerouac,” and an early Gahan Wilson cartoon. April 1958 - John Steinbeck fable in three pages, “The Short Short-Story of Mankind.” Feature on Leroy Neiman, “Painter of the Urban Scene.” Aug. 1958 - Article on Leonard Bernstein, first American-born conductor of the New York Philharmonic. “The Sick Little World of Jules Feiffer,” satire, three pages on the “boy-girl relationship.” Oct. 58 - Two playmates, Mara Corday and Pat Sheehan (Crosby), four pages of photos plus a centerfold printed back-to-back, with a three-page fold-out of Sheehan and a two-page Corday fold-out. Third Annual Playboy Jazz Poll ballot. Nov. 58 – Playmate Joan Staley, whose film and TV career lasted into the early 1970s. Her credits include “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,” where she displayed her comedic abilities, several Perry Mason episodes, a co-starring role with Don Knotts in “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” and many other TV series. An article on Frank Sinatra calls him “the love god of our time,” and Brigitte Bardot returns to “Playboy” in a four-page portfolio, “Peekaboo Brigitte.” Dec. 1958 - Steve Allen fiction, “Everybody Hates David Starbuck.” “Playboy’s” most popular Playmates from the first 5 years – Barbara Cameron, Nov. 1955; Elizabeth Ann Roberts, Jan. 1958; Jayne Mansfield, Feb. 1955; Lisa Winters, Dec. 1956, and Janet Pilgrim, three issues. June 1959 - Playmate Marilyn Hanold, worked as an assistant George Gobel. “Origins of the Beat Generation” by Jack Kerouac. July 1959 - Article on “Playboy’s” upcoming First Jazz Festival; article on pianist Oscar Levant. Three beatnik poems - by Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso. Aug 1959 - Pictorial of June Wilkinson in Hollywood, six pages. She worked with Spike Jones' band, together with actor Billy Barty, and appeared in “Playboy” seven times. She was one of the world's most-photographed women in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Feb. 1960 - The 1960 Playboy (Jazz) All-Stars, seven pages, article by Leonard Feather. Most of the winners are the same as in the Feb. 1958 issue. Two pages of Leroy Neiman artwork from Hialeah Race Course. “The Best of (Jayne) Mansfield,” six pages of text and photos. Cartoons by Jack Davis and Gahan Wilson. July 1960 - Playmate Teddi Smith a receptionist who became a Bunny at the Chicago Playboy Club and appeared five times in the magazine in the mid-1960s. Shel Silverstein and Gahan Wilson each have two pages. The issues average vg-ex. Winning Bid $301.    

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       Winning Bid  $301


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