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9 Issues of Playboy Magazine – All from 1957.

Lot 314. 9 Issues of Playboy Magazine – All from 1957. These magazines are for January through May, July, August, November and December. Charles Beaumont, Fredric Brown, Morton Fineman, Gerald Kersh, John Lardner, and Blake Rutherford are a few of the authors to be found on the pages of these issues. Fred Astaire, Jimmy Durante, George Jessel and Phil Silvers are contributing authors to an article on New Year’s resolutions. Cartoons by Shel Silverstein can also be found. Here are “Playmates of the Month” and content highlights: Jan. – Playmate June Blair, a model. This issue has a five-page “Playmate Review” with 12 Playmates, reader feedback on the Jazz Poll, a Ray Bradbury story illustrated by Picasso nudes, and an article on Charlie Parker. Feb. - Sally Todd, an American actress and model who was the focus of a five-page pictorial in the June 1956 issue. The magazine has “1957” written on the front cover. Inside are a five-page Jayne Mansfield pictorial and the 1957 Playboy All-Stars with Stan Kenton leader, Benny Goodman clarinet, Louis Armstrong trumpet, Frank Sinatra male vocalist, Four Freshmen vocal group, Ella Fitzgerald female vocalist, Stan Getz tenor sax and others. March – Playmate Sandra Edwards, a ballerina. This issue has a John Lardner article “Boxing 1957” and two pages of Vargas Girls. The centerfold is loose at one staple, and pages 29-30 and 55-58 have been removed. April – Playmate Gloria Windsor, a model and lingerie store worker. May - Dawn Richard, a model and actress, with four pictorial pages. Also, five pages of Shel Silverstein drawings in “Return to Tokyo” and five pictorial pages from Al Capp of “Li’l Abner’s Gals.” July – Playmate Jean Jani, flight attendant and model. Humor by William Iverson and four pages of “Silverstein in Scandinavia.” Aug. - Dolores Donlon, a model, with three pages of additional photos instead of the usual two. The magazine offers Jacob Hay fiction illustrated by Bob Hodgell, a satirical and irreverent artist, and an article each by Robert Paul Smith and Max Shulman. Together they wrote the Broadway comedy “The Tender Trap,” which became a Frank Sinatra movie, and Shulman wrote “Rally Round the Flag, Boys!” Nov. – Playmate Marlene Callahan, an actress, model and photographer, plus a Leonard Feather article on Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington, and a three-page pictorial with Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield. Dec. – Fourth Anniversary Issue with Playmate Linda Vargas, a model and occasional actress. Photographer Peter Gowland used her images in many of his instruction books. This issue has fiction by Budd Schulberg, nine pages of visual creations by Harvey Kurtzman of “Mad” magazine fame, the transcript of a Mike Wallace interview of Hugh Hefner, and a Bunny Yeager pictorial of Lisa Winters as “Playboy’s” first “Playmate of the Year.” Pages 26-27 are missing from this issue. Technically, with pages missing, the March issue grades p-f, and the December issue, f. Among the seven other issues, two are g, one vg, two vg-ex and two ex Winning Bid $204.    

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       Winning Bid  $204


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