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11 “Playboy” Magazines – January Through November 1956.

Lot 313. 11 “Playboy” Magazines – January Through November 1956. Among the authors in these issues are Benny Goodman, Charles Beaumont, Robert Block, Ray Bradbury, Erskine Caldwell, John Collier, Stanley Cooperman, Robert Dahl, Adrian Conan Doyle, Herbert Gold, Shepherd Mead, Blake Rutherford, John Wallace, Evelyn Waugh, Alice Denham, Jules Archer, Earl Wilson, Charles Einstein and P.G. Wodehouse. Subjects of articles include Stan Kenton, Victor Borge, Jayne Mansfield, auto racing, boxing and the Newport Jazz Festival. Here is a list of the “Playmates of the Month” and some interesting features of the various issues. Almost all of the Playmates have two pages of photos in addition to the fold-out: Jan. – Holiday issue with Lynn Turner as the Playmate, no photos beyond the two-page fold-out; also, nine pages of the first two dozen playmates. Feb. – Playmate Marguerite Empey, model, dancer and actress in her second “Playboy” appearance. Her photos were taken by film director Russ Meyer. Also, an Earl Wilson article on Jayne Mansfield with four photos. March – Playmate Marian Stafford, who did some TV commercials for Revlon and RCA. Her centerfold was “Playboy’s” first triple-page fold-out. April – Playmate Rusty Fisher; article with photos on Diana Dors. May – Playmate Marion Scott, a German-born American model who became a clothing and pulp fiction model; pictorial of singer Meg Myles. June – Playmate Gloria Walker; five-page pictorial of Sally Todd titled “Champagne Flight to VEGAS.” She became “Playmate of the Month” for Feb. 1957. July – Playmate Alice Denham, a model, author and former adjunct professor of English at the City University of New York. Her short story “The Deal” appears in this issue, which also has a photo spread of Maria English, who appeared in some B movies, and five pages on the Newport Jazz Festival. Aug. - Jonnie Nicely, a model who became a mechanic at a Rockwell B-1 bomber plant in California. She apparently was supposed to be “Miss October” 1955, but creative conflicts are said to have pushed her centerfold to this issue. The Oct. 1955 issue presented four pictorial pages of her and Jean Moorehead, the issue’s centerfold. This issue also has a four-page tip-in with Shel Silverstein illustrations. Sept. – Playmate Elsa Sorensen, a Danish model and Miss Denmark who married singer Guy Mitchell in 1956; they divorced in 1965. Also, a pictorial from the filming of the Folies-Bergere movie. Oct. – Playmate Janet Pilgrim, a model and “Playboy” office worker, making her third Playmate appearance, this time with five additional pages of photos. She was the magazine’s Playmate in July and Dec. 1955. This issue was “Playboy’s” College Issue, and it contained the ballot for the magazine’s first Jazz Poll. Nov. – Playmate Betty Blue, a Los Angeles office manager. These issues average ex. Winning Bid $132.    

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       Winning Bid  $132


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