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January 1955 “Playboy” Magazine with Bettie Page as “Playmate of the Month.

Lot 310. January 1955 “Playboy” Magazine with Bettie Page as “Playmate of the Month. Short stories by John Steinbeck, Erskine Caldwell and Ray Bradbury make this issue worth reading. Photography by Bunny Yeager makes it worth viewing. Yeager shot the centerfold image of Bettie Page. In 1954, Page was already a top pin-up model when she met Yeager, equally famous as a model, during a vacation in Florida. Yeager, whose photography augmented her modeling income, signed Page for a photo session at a wildlife park in Boca Raton. She took more than 1,000 photos and then submitted some to Hugh Hefner at “Playboy.” After Hefner made Page this magazine’s Miss January, her popularity grew. She was named 1955 “Miss Pinup Girl of the World.” Vg+ to ex. Winning Bid $138.    

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       Winning Bid  $138


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