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Pittsburgh Pirates Vintage Programs, Arco Photos and a Complete 1971 Dell Stamp Album.

Lot 253. Pittsburgh Pirates Vintage Programs, Arco Photos and a Complete 1971 Dell Stamp Album. This collection offers two 1949 Official Pirates Score Cards, each with 34 pages, one for a June 18 game with the New York Giants, and the other, for an Aug. 21, 1949 game with St. Louis. Ralph Kiner, who belted 54 home runs in 1949, is in the pre-printed lineup for both games. Stan Musial represented St. Louis. The program for the New York game is vg, with some writing on the front cover, and for the St. Louis game, vg-ex with stains at the bottom. A 1985 Grapefruit League program has Bobby Bonilla among the Pirates players. Bonilla reached the majors the following season. With the aid of his agent, the six-time All-Star reached financial superstar status when he penned a deal with the Mets that entitles him to be paid on July 1st of every year from his retirement in 2000 through 2035. The 36-page program is g-vg and accompanied by nine ex-m to nm Pirates logo stickers. Twenty-two 1971 Arco color photo cards, including 11 different (from a set of 12), are part of this collection. Three of these 8” x 10” cards feature Willie Stargell, nm, ex and vg, and two are of Bill Mazeroski, nm+ and vg-ex. The other cards average ex to ex-m. Clemente is missing. A 1971 Dell Today’s Team Stamps album featuring the Pirates is complete with 24 stamps, including Roberto Clemente. The album is vg-ex with a crease at the bottom. Stamps away from this area, including Clemente, Stargell and Mazeroski, are generally nm or better. Also, a 1980 Stadium pin of Andy Van Slyke, vg-ex. This whole collection comes housed in a National and American League Baseball Teams box that originally held a set of 1971 Dell Albums. The box is vg-ex with a split along two seams. Winning Bid $55.    

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       Winning Bid  $55


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