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Ty Cobb Memorabilia - Photos, Books, Magazines, Advertisements, Etc.

Lot 243. Ty Cobb Memorabilia - Photos, Books, Magazines, Advertisements, Etc. This collection consists of more than 60 items. Highlights include a photo of Cobb with Joe Jackson, a 1927 news photo of Cobb’s son, Cobb on the cover from the Jan. 1927 issue of “Baseball Magazine,” images of Charles Conlon’s famous 1910 photo of Cobb, and a Hillerich & Bradsby advertisement. In an 8” x 10” b&w photo of more recent vintage, Cobb, Jackson and Henry Heilmann talk, apparently before a game, ex-m. A Dec. 10, 1927 b&w 8” x 10” photo shows Ty Cobb Jr., with the runner-up, after he won the tennis championship of the Hun School, a boarding school at Princeton. The vg photo has a Wide World Photo stamp on the back and a caption titled “Son of Ty Cobb Prefers Racquet to Baseball Bat.” The younger Cobb became a medical doctor. The “Baseball Magazine” cover indicates that Cobb will be retiring. It is trimmed to slightly under 8” x 10” and displays as ex+ except for paper loss in each corner. Conlon’s photo of Cobb is on the cover of the 1940 “Baseball Register,” g-vg; on a 1963 postcard, ex+, postally used; and in a 1945 magazine advertisement, 5.5” x 14”, in which Cobb endorses Jockey underwear, vg-ex. And it’s in the 11.5” x 16” Louisville Slugger ad, which honors Cobb at his passing in 1961. Vg+. Cobb’s “Last Days” are the subject of first and final articles of three-part series by Al Stump taken from “Baseball Magazine.” Stump was Cobb’s companion during his last days. His story originally appeared in “True Magazine” as “Ty Cobb’s Wild 10-Month Fight to Live,” and it won the 1962 Best American Sport Story award. Here is a list of the other items: MAGAZINES, etc. – “The Georgia Peach,” article on Cobb in “Sport,” Nov. 1958, vg. Cobb is on the cover of the following – “Baseball Digest,” with Maury Wills, Feb. 1963, vg+. “Sports Scoop,” Aug. 1974, two-page article inside, vg+ to ex. “Baseball ’77,” Lou Brock also on the cover, two-page article on them, vg+ to ex. “Cincinnati Enquirer” Baseball ’85, Pete Rose also on the newspaper special section cover, ex-m. “Seagram’s 1993 Baseball Fan’s Guide,” with other players, vg-ex. “Tuff Stuff’s Collect,” Dec. ’93-Jan. ’94, vg-ex. “Tigers Magazine,” 1999, nm-m. “Beckett Vintage Sports Cards,” July 2003, ex-m+. Hunt Auctions catalog, July 2005, nm. MastroNet auction catalog, Dec. 2005, nm-m. COBB’S LEGACY – Various brochures, flyers and information. “Ty Cobb Healthcare System, Inc.” and information on the hospital Cobb created in 1950, 2 copies, ex-m. “Cobb Fact Sheet” (3), nm. “Ty Cobb Museum” brochure (7), nm. “Ty Cobb Scholarship Program 2006-2007” brochure (5), nm. PHOTOS – All relatively recent prints with Cobb in uniform. An apparent second-generation negative with Cobb holding a bat, offset prints on paper in two different sizes, vg-ex. The others are glossy prints. Sepia 6.5” x 10” print of Cobb in front of the Tigers’ dugout, nm-m. Cobb in a batting pose, 7.5” x 10.5”, nm-m. Cobb relaxing and smiling, 8” x 10”, ex, mounted on stiff paper. Also, an11” x 13” color offset print showing Cobb memorabilia, 1993 Estate of Ty Cobb, vg+. BOOKS – “Ty Cobb” by Charles Alexander, 1984 first edition softcover, ex. “Ty Cobb” by Norman Macht, 1993 Baseball Legends hardback, no dust jacket, vg+ to ex. “Cobb” by Al Stump, 1994 ex-library hardback, p. “Ty Cobb: His Tumultuous Life and Times,” Ricard Bak, 1994 first edition, ex-library, f+ to g book, vg dj. CARDS – Eight newer cards, including four (three different) from Upper Deck’s 1993 reprint of 1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folders; a reprint of Cobb’s 1933 Sport Kings card; a sheet of four “All-Time All-Stars,” including Cobb, published in 1987 by Houghton Mifflin; a 1993 Cadaco game card; and Cobb’s 1984 Donruss Grand Champions card. Five cards are nm or better; the others range from vg+ to ex to ex-m. ALSO: A 1952 “Life” magazine article by Cobb titled “Tricks That Won Me Ball Games.” A flyer promoting the “Baseball Research Journal.” A copy of a Bob Parker 1914 cartoon featuring Cobb and Eddie Collins. A 1993 calendar page with a photo of Cobb’s T205 portrait card. And several miscellaneous photos and a 1952 ad for Gene Schoor’s book on Cobb. Winning Bid $204.    

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       Winning Bid  $204


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