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63 Early 1900s Baseball Comic Postcards from 20 Different Series.

Lot 243. 63 Early 1900s Baseball Comic Postcards from 20 Different Series. All different. An average grade is provided for each series. Grades are based on the card fronts; some have minor pencil writing on the back, and some have been mailed. Some card titles are abbreviated. PC798-1 Fan-ie Series 100: I am up in the air, If I catch you, I’m in the field and It’s better to be one. Vg-ex. PC798-2 Series 312: A Base on Balls, A Delayed Steal, A Double Steal, A Home Run, A Phenomenal Stop, A Sacrifice Hit, Making a Squeeze, Stealing Home and Three Strikes Out. One p, one f, one g, six average vg. PC798-4, Series No. 5017: Don’t “Judge” Me Too Harshly and I’d Like To “Catch” On To A Nice Girl. Vg-ex. PC798-5 8811, player imposed on yellow sun: Come along and If it feels good. G+. PC798-6 Signed Crosby: A Nice Little Single, Brought Home, He Made a Hit and Second Baseman. One g, three average vg+. PC798-7 ZIM “Baseball”: A Slide for First. F+. PC798-8 “Baseball Series”: Lining ‘Em Out. G. PC798-9 Colonial Art: A Balk, A Sacrifice, Breaking her contract and Catching a hot one. Vg. PC798-10 Roth and Langley: Catching a Fly, Safe and Strike One (titles at bottom) and Come On Boys, Safe at First and Squeeze Play (titles at top). One p, one g, two vg, two vg-ex. PC798-11 B&w border and photos, “Crescent” on uniforms: Hard to Beat. F-g. PC798-12 Alfred James Dewey: Caught Stealing. Vg-ex. PC798-14 Crossed bats and ball: He raves, He wants and Money to spare. Vg. PC798-20 S 125 Little boys in overalls: Pickin’ It Out Of The Ether. Vg-ex. PC798-22 C S 507 All with a boy and girl: I’ll See You, I’m Tired of Outfielding and No Umpire Needed. One f with pinhole, brief writing on front and two vg+. PC798-23 Cobb X Shinn: I guess, Say! here’s a hot one and You may think. One f-g, one vg, one vg-ex. PC798-24 O. D. Williams: The Spit Ball (small type), Trun (Turn) it inta, Hey! youse watch, Oh! You pop fly, They come and I may be a little. Vg. PC 798-35 Embossed, older man: Casey at the Bat. G-vg. PC798-36 Series 809 The National Game: An Easy Catch, Making a Home, Take Your Base, We Win and You’re Out. Four vg+ to ex, one ex. PC 798-40 Series No. 18 J. J. Marks: I’m a plain little baseball fan and Perhaps I am not the best looker. One vg and one ex. PC798-44 Valentine & Sons: A Little Argument, A Merry, Well Stopped! And 3 Strikes Out. Vg-ex. Winning Bid $163.    

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       Winning Bid  $163


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