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9 Baseball-Related Checks Endorsed by Pittsburgh Pirates – May, Robinson, Etc.

Lot 224. 9 Baseball-Related Checks Endorsed by Pittsburgh Pirates – May, Robinson, Etc. These checks were written on a Major League Baseball Players Assoc. account in April 1980. Each has a stamped signature of Marvin J. Miller on the front. The player signed the back. The player’s position and year(s) of service with the Pirates are listed after his name: Kurt Bevacqua (infielder, 1974), Clay Carroll (pitcher, 1978), Joseph Coleman (pitcher, 1979), Mike Edwards (second baseman, 1977), Gary Hargis (pinch-runner, 1979), Milton (Milt) May (catcher, 1970-1973), Craig Reynolds (shortstop, 1975-1976), Don Robinson (pitcher, 1978-1987) and Harry Saferight (catcher, 1979). There also is a check to Chuck Hartenstein (pitcher, 1969) signed by his wife. The signatures are generally nm to nm-m. Most of the checks have been stamped by a bank. The autographs of Reynolds, May, Coleman, Carroll and Bevaqua are unaffected or affected only slightly. The stamps more strongly affect the signatures of Saferight, Robinson and Hargis. Winning Bid $20.    

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       Winning Bid  $20


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