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57 Photos of Vintage Cincinnati Reds – Lombardi, McKechnie, Rixey, Derringer, Etc.

Lot 221. 57 Photos of Vintage Cincinnati Reds – Lombardi, McKechnie, Rixey, Derringer, Etc. And stars who had brief careers with the Reds, including Bottomley, Cuyler, Heilmann and L. Waner. Fifteen of the photos present a Hall of Fame member. These photos, black & white unless otherwise noted, come in various sizes from multiple sources. They are grouped by source and size. Only one duplicate is included (same photo, two different sizes). Some players are represented by several photos, which are all different. NEWS SERVICES: Allen (Dusty) Cooke, U.S. Navy and Acme News Pictures, 1943, 6” x 8”. Hank Johnson, Acme, 1939, 7” x 9”. Adolf Luque, International News Photos, 1933, 6.5” x 8.5”, photo edited. Silas Johnson, Acme, 1930, 5” x 7”, photo edited. Ernie Lombardi, San Francisco Chronicle, 1947, 7” x9”, holding a child. GEO. BURKE PHOTOS: Kiki Cuyler, Ray Davis and Charlie Dressen. POSTCARDS: Heine Groh, Ival Goodman, Bill McKechnie, Lloyd Moore and Eppa Rixey. REDS PHOTOS: 5” x 7”, Ewell Blackwell, Harry Craft, Eddie Joost, Frank McCormick and Bill McKechnie. 4” x 5”, Ernie Lombardi, and Ray Mueller. 2.5” x 3.5”, Bucky Walters. GLOSSY PHOTOS: 8” x 10”, Dickie Kerr with Eddie Collins, Wilbur Cooper with Pete Donohue, Paul Derringer (2 different), Lee Grissom, Heine Groh, Harry Heilmann (2 different), Silas Johnson (2 different), Ernie Lombardi, Fred Toney, Bucky Walters (2 different) and Lloyd Waner. 7” x 10”, Jim Bottomley. Ival Goodman, 8” x 8”, photo with his daughter. 6.5” x 8.5”, Ethan Allen. 5” x 7”, Wally Berger, Pete Donohue, Ray Davis (2 different, one matted, one creased), and Ival Goodman (two different, one including his daughter – duplicate of 8” x 8” above). 4,25” x 5.25”, Goodman. 3.5” x 5”, George Miller (color illustration), Hugh Nicol (color illustration), and Eppa Rixey (color photo). COVER OR INSIDE COVER, “BASEBALL MAGAZINE” PHOTOS: Hugh Critz, Charlie Dressen, Ernie Lombardi, Red Lucas (three punch holes) and Clyde Sukeforth. NEWSPAPER PHOTOS: Benny Frey (8” x 7” photocopy), unidentified (5” x 7” photocopy), and Eppa Rixey (trimmed to 8.75” x 7”). These photos are generally a mix of ex and ex-m or better with strong images. And one more newspaper photo – A 10.5” x 13.25” photo of Elmer Riddle mounted on 16” x 20” heavy paper. Nm “Cincinnati Times-Star” photo; the mount has a 1.5” tear away from the photo. Riddle pitched for the Reds 1939-45 and 1947. He was part of the their 1940 World Championship team, had the N.L.’s lowest ERA and highest winning percentage in 1941, and led the league in wins in 1943. Winning Bid $100.    

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       Winning Bid  $100


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