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ONL Giamatti Baseball Autographed by 24 Brooklyn Dodgers – Amoros, Moore, Bessent, Etc.

Lot 213. ONL Giamatti Baseball Autographed by 24 Brooklyn Dodgers – Amoros, Moore, Bessent, Etc. These autographs were collected at card shows in the New York area. The ball is mint. Nick Tremark (died 2000), Ed Roebuck (d. 2018) and “Frenchy” Bordagaray (d. 2000) signed the sweet spot. Here are the other signers: North panel – Russ Meyer (d. 1997), Cal McLish (d. 2010), Howie Schultz (d. 2009), Jan Van Cuyk (d. 2010), Tommy Holmes (d. 2008) and Bob Borkowski (d. 2017). South panel – Fred Sington (d. 1998), Pete Coscarart (d. 2002), Jim Hughes (d. 2001), Don Bessent (d. 1990), Bob Milliken (d. 2007) and Mal Mallette (d. 2005). West panel – Jim Gentile, Rex Barney (d. 1997) and Ray Moore (d. 1995). East panel – Sandy Amoros (d. 1992), Ben Wade (d. 2002), Dick Teed (d. 2014), Gino Cimoli (d. 2011), Buddy Hassett (d. 1997) and Bobby Morgan. The signatures of Amoros, Bessent and Moore and especially difficult to find. These autographs are nm-m 8 and better. Gentile and Morgan are the only living players among these 24 signers. Winning Bid $113.    

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       Winning Bid  $113


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