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4 (of 6) 1908 PC798-15 “Baseball Illustrated” Postcards with Tom Browne Artwork.

Lot 188. 4 (of 6) 1908 PC798-15 “Baseball Illustrated” Postcards with Tom Browne Artwork. Browne (1870-1910) was an English artist and cartoonist best known for creating the Johnny Walker scotch whiskey label. The cards were produced by Davidson Bros., printed in England and identified as Series 2619. Each card is numbered. Here is the list - #1, I Intend Sending You”; 2, “I Am Sending You”; 4, “I’m Sorry I Was Out,” and 6, “I Hope to Manage It Somehow.” Two cards are unused. Two are postmarked; one year is readable, 1908. These colorful cards are in a horizontal format. The cards are all vg-ex Minimum Bid $25.    

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       Minimum Bid  $25


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