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1965 Topps Baseball Partial Set – 401 of 598 Full of Stars – Superb for the True Collector.

Lot 159. 1965 Topps Baseball Partial Set – 401 of 598 Full of Stars – Superb for the True Collector. Years ago, the backs of cards were insignificant relative to grading. In fact, it was a common practice for many dealers to write prices directly onto the card backs. The cards in this partial set typically have beautiful fronts but often have varying degrees of printing on the back. This collection includes some high number (#523-598) , and some of them are short prints, which are identified here as (SP). Except for the Hunter and Stottlemyre rookies, each of the star cards has some printing on the back. THE PRINTING HAS NOT BEEN CONSIDERED in assigning the grades. These stars include: #16 Morgan rookie (also, some printing in the front top border, partially erased; otherwise) vg-ex, 50 Marichal (also, a tiny “#s” printed on the front; otherwise) vg-ex, 95 Mazeroski ex-m, 120 F. Robinson vg-ex, 130 Kaline ex-m+, 150 B. Robinson vg-ex to ex, 155 Maris vg-ex to ex, 160 Clemente (Beautiful Card, striking image, great centering, a tiny “s” printed on the front; otherwise) vg-ex to ex, 170 Aaron (Gorgeous card, a tiny “s” printed on the front; otherwise) vg-ex, 193 Perry vg-ex, 205 Spahn vg-ex to ex, 207 Rose vg-ex to ex, 220 B. Williams vg-ex, 250 Mays ex-m+ to nm, 276 Wilhelm ex-m, 294 McCarver ex, 300 Koufax ex-m, 320 Gibson ex-m, 377 Stargell vg-ex, 385 Yastrzemski vg-ex to ex, 400 Killebrew vg-ex, 410 Aparicio ex, 460 Richie Allen ex+, 461 Phil Niekro rookie (has some printing on the front top border, partially erased: otherwise) vg-ex, 500 Mathews ex, 510 Banks vg-ex, 526 Hunter rookie (SP, some printing on the front bottom border; otherwise) vg-ex, 533 McGraw rookie (SP, almost perfectly centered front looks great, significant back damage; otherwise) vg-ex to ex, 540 Brock vg-ex to ex (SP), 550 Stottlemyre rookie vg+ (SP), 560 Powell ex (SP), and 581 Perez rookie (printing on the front top border; otherwise) vg-ex to ex (SP). The following cards are SINGLE PRINTS. None of these cards has printing on the front or back. They include: #523 ex-m, 524 ex, 529 nm, 535 ex+, 536 vg, 543 vg-ex, 545 ex, 547 vg-ex to ex, 549 ex-m, 551 Mets Team vg-ex, 554 vg-ex, 555 vg-ex,, 556 Schoendienst ex, 559 ex, 565 vg-ex, 568 vg-ex, 569 vg-ex, 570 ex, 571 ex, 572 vg-ex, 576 vg-ex, 578 vg-ex to ex, 579 ex, 580 vg-ex, 582 nm, 583 ex, 586 ex, 589 vg-ex to ex and 596 vg-ex. Except for 116 cards graded P, the remaining cards do not have printing on \the front or back. They grade: Nm 10 cards. Ex-m 61. Ex 77. Vg-ex 60. Vg 16. (And P 116). All of the P cards have printing on their backs. They are free of printing on the front, and almost all present beautifully. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by them. Among the cards in the P group are: #65 Kubek, 91 Cubs Team, 151 A’s Team, 153 Cash, 209 Pirates Team, 321 Staub, 340 Oliva, 379 Giants Team, 389 Larsen, 403 Red Sox Team, 415 Flood, 426 Braves Team, 440 Tresh, 450 Howard and 513 Yankees Team. Winning Bid $477.    

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       Winning Bid  $477


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