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Jack Davis Original Artwork for 1966 Topps Slob Stickers “Jerky Jim” and “Jerky Ed."

Lot 15. Jack Davis Original Artwork for 1966 Topps Slob Stickers “Jerky Jim” and “Jerky Ed." From Topps’ files, this 3 3/8”x 4 3/4” artwork was used in producing cards 1A, 1B and 1C in the 132-card set. Like Garbage Pail Kids, this set contains multiple identities for cards with the same images. Jack Davis was the penciller for this card and others in the set. One of the cartoonists who created “Mad” magazine in 1952, Davis was widely recognized for his comic book stories, magazine and record album covers, film posters, and advertising artwork. His cartoon characters, including Jerky Jim and Ed, typically have large heads, skinny legs and big feet. This color artwork is ex-m, free of creases; the back has pencil markings and art paper residue. Winning Bid $200.    

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       Winning Bid  $200


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