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12 Different Baseball Small Sets or Near Sets – Kellogg’s, TCMA, Pepsi, Dearborn Conventions, Etc.

Lot 108. 12 Different Baseball Small Sets or Near Sets – Kellogg’s, TCMA, Pepsi, Dearborn Conventions, Etc. Several of these issues are relatively scarce. Five sets or near sets feature Detroit Tigers. Here is the list: 1. 1972 Kellogg’s All-Time Baseball Greats set of 15, including #1 W. Johnson mint, 6 Ruth nm-m, 9 Wagner nm-m, 12 Young nm-m, 13 Gehrig nm-m, 14 Ruth ex-m and 15 Cobb ex-m. The balance of the set is nm-m. 2. 1974 TCMA 1934-5 Detroit Tigers near set, 34 of 36, missing the larger Pitchers and Outfielders cards. Includes Rowe nm, Cochrane nm, Goslin nm, Greenberg ex-m, Gehringer nm and Crowder nm. The remainder of this set is ex-m to nm. 3. 1975 Fleer Pioneers of Baseball, 27 of 28 with Anson, Cobb, McGraw, Spalding, Wright, Young and many others; missing #8 Kelly. Cards in this near set average ex-m. 4. 1977 Pepsi-Cola Baseball Stars near set, 65 of 80. These cards are complete – with the disc, glove and tab. There are four duplicates, including three duplicates of Bench. A total of 61 different cards are present, including one variation each of Jackson and Schmidt; the variations result from different colors used for the side panels on the baseball inside the glove. Fifty-nine players (of 72 in the set) are represented here. Missing players are Yount, Carew, Fisk, Yastrzemski, Ryan, LeFlore, Staub, Fidrych, Horton, Brett, Gullett, Munson and Stargell. Stars present are Eckersley, Palmer, Jackson, Rose, Bench, Morgan, Sutton, Seaver and Schmidt. Ex-m+ to nm overall. 5. 1977 TCMA/Renata Galasso Series 1, complete, cards 1-45, includes Aaron, Banks, Campanella, Clemente, DiMaggio, Feller, Ford, Kiner, Mantle, Mays, Musial, Paige, Reese, Jackie Robinson, Snider, Stengel, Ted Williams etc., nm-m. 6. 1979 TCMA/Renata Galasso Series 2, complete, cards 46-90, includes Cochrane, Dean, Foxx, Gehrig, Greenberg, Grove, Ruth, and many others, nm-m. 7. Scarce 1978-79 Dearborn Michigan Conventions Detroit Tigers complete set of 36 cards, including Greenberg, Gehringer, Simmons, Kaline, Goslin, Cochrane, Howard, Kuenn, Bridges, Trout, Colavito and others. Ex-m+. 8. 1979 Diamond Greats, 25 of 100 in Series 4, all Detroit Tigers, #376-400 including Gehringer, Newhouser and Bunning, nm-m. 9. 1981 Detroit News Tigers Centennial near set, 133 of 135, missing #9 York and 16 Rogell, ex-m to nm. 10. 1985 Donruss Highlights set of 55 plus the checklist and puzzle. This set includes Seaver, Rose, Brett, Henderson, Ryan, Carew, Murray, Mattingly, Boggs, Winfield and others, nm-m. 11. 1985 Donruss Sluggers of the Hall of Fame, complete unused boxes, 5 of 8 - #1 Ruth, 2 Ted Williams, 3 Gehrig, 7 Aaron, 8 F. Robinson, nm-m and better. 12. 1985 Mr. Z’s Pizza Pete Rose, 5” x 7” cards, 8 of 11, missing Line UP Time, One Hit Closer! And Pete’s Back. One vg-ex and the other 7, ex-m. Scarce! Winning Bid $92.    

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       Winning Bid  $92


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