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New York Yankees Collectibles

  50 Lots       »   

Lot 370.  Boggs and Mack Autobiographies and 4 Books of Inside Baseball Stories and History. In 1950, Connie Mack published his “My 66 Years in the Big Leagues.” His 88-page stated first edition softcover book is g-vg with the covers held together with several small pieces of tape. The pages have an ex appearance. Wade Boggs’ 96-page autobiography, “Boggs!” is an apparent first edition softcover from 1986, vg-ex, with pages better than the cover. The third book with an autobiographic perspective is “The American Diamond” by Branch Rickey with Robert Riger, 1965 stated first printing, vg+ to ex hardcover with a stain on the front cover, dust jacket missing. Rickey provides a 204-page personal history and perspective of the game. The three other books provide players’ stories as told to various authors: “My Greatest Day in Baseball” as told to John P. Carmichael and others, 1945 first edition hardback, ex-m book, vg-ex dust jacket. “Conversations with Baseball Greats” by Art Rust Jr., 1989 hardback, ex-m book, ex dj. And “Teenagers, Graybeards and 4-F’s, Volume 1, The National League” by Harrington Crissey Jr., 1981 first edition softcover signed by the author as Kit Crissey, ex-m. These books present the stories of such stars as Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Cy Young, Satchel Paige, Christy Mathewson, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle, as well as lesser known players such as Connie Ryan, Bobby Bragan, Swish Nicholson, Joe Nuxhall, Bucky Walters, Andy Seminick and Harry Walker.
Minimum Bid $30     

Lot 400.  8 Jay Publishing or Team 1950s-70s Photo Sets or Partial Sets and Other Items – Yankees, Red Sox, Etc. The New York Yankees’ 1960 Jay Publishing set is complete, consistent with the Trading Card Database checklist, with 12 b&w 5” x 7” photos: Berra, Ford, Howard, Kubek, Lopez, Mantle, Maris, McDougald, Richardson, Skowron, Stengel and Turley. The Mantle photo has an insignificant ink mark approximately ¼” long in the outer edge of the upper right border. Some checklists for this set have Carey instead of Richardson. In 1960, Carey was traded to Kansas City after four games with the Yankees. Richardson was a season-long starter. This set is sold as is with Richardson. It grades ex overall. Here is a list of the other sets, partial sets and miscellaneous items: ASTROS: 1969 b&w 8.5” x 11” team sheet with photos of the manager, coaches and 27 players, including Joe Morgan. The 1969 season was the team’s first in the N.L. Western Division. Vg+. METS: 1986 uncut 7.5” x 10.5” sheet of 9 perforated cards with a Super Fan membership card and cards of eight players, including Carter, Gooden, Hernandez and Strawberry. Ex-m. RED SOX: 1972 team-issued set of eight, 7” x 8.75” color photos: Aparicio, Carter, Culp, Griffin, Krausse, Kennedy, Pattin, Reggie Smith. Ex. 1977 team-issued set of eight 7” x 8.5” color photos: Burleson, Doyle, Evans, Fisk, Lynn, Rice, Scott and Yastrzemski. Vg-ex to ex. WHITE SOX: Five photos from a 1972 team-issued set of 12 color photos, 7” x 8.75”: Bahnsen, Kelly, May, Melton and Wood. Ex to ex-m. Senators: 1958, 17 of 29 b&w 4” x 5” team-issued photos: Aspromonte, Beck, Becquer, Clary, Clevenger, Courtney, Fitzgerald, Griggs, Hyde, Jurges, Kemmerer, Lavagetto, Lemon, Pascual, Plews, Sievers and Thronberry. 14 photos ex-m, 2 vg and 1 g. TWINS: 1965 team-issued 4.75” x approximately 7” color postcards, 9 from a set of 10: Allison, Battey, Hall, Kaat, Killebrew, Mele, Oliva, Rollins and Versalles. Missing Pascual. Vg-ex to ex+. Four sets, three near or partial sets and a team sheet.
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 402.  9 Baseball Photos – Ruth, Mantle, DiMaggio, Roberts, Koufax, Bunning, Musial, Canseco. Color 8” x 10” photos, more recent prints, unless otherwise noted: Babe Ruth, black & white photo with facsimile signatures as “Geo. H. Ruth” and “Babe Ruth.” Mickey Mantle (2), both b&w, batting pose and a photo of a Rawlings premium. Joe DiMaggio, photo of a newspaper article that includes an image of him with his family and his 1949 Leaf baseball card. Robin Roberts, as a Yankee, offset-printed photo. Sandy Koufax, in street clothes showing a young boy how to hold a baseball. Jim Bunning, with the Detroit Tigers. Stan Musial, 5” x 7” b&w promotional card for Stan Musial & Biggie’s Restaurant in St. Louis. And Jose Canseco, batting. Ex-m to nm-m.
Winning Bid $25     

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