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Washington Redskins, Federals Cards & Memorabilia   23 Lots       »   

Lot 497.  12 Different 1951 Bowman Football Washington Redskins Including Baugh, Dudley. Cards are #34 Baugh vg, 35 nm-m (slight glue on reverse), 36 ex+, 70 g-vg, 71 g-vg, 72 vg, 106 ex+, 107 & 108 both nm (slight paper loss on reverse), 142 ex, 143 vg-ex, 144 Dudley ex-m (slight paper loss on reverse).
Winning Bid $50.

Lot 498.  150 1950s-60s Washington Redskins Cards, Coins and Bottle Caps. Includes 95 different cards, one coin and 16 different bottle caps. Ten 1953-55 Bowman cards average vg. The 1953 cards are #50, 63, 74 and 94. Topps is represented by 37 cards from the 1950s and 50 from the 1960s. Averaging vg, the Topps group includes 1958 #112 LeBaron ex. 1960 Redskins Team ex-m. 1962 #164 Snead, single print rookie, ex. 1968 #35 Mitchell (3), two g-vg and one vg, and 88 Jurgensen (5), vg. 1969 #67 Taylor g and 114 Mitchell (2), both vg. Philadelphia Gum produced 34 of the cards, which average ex. Highlights are 8 (of 10) 1964 cards that are at least ex-m, #185 Huff vg. 1965P #187 ex-m, 191 Mitchell g and 1966P #194 Taylor vg. 1961 Fleer #108 is vg and 1962 Post #200 Toneff g-vg. A 1962-63 Salada coin of #89 is vg. Sixteen 1965 Coke caps were carefully removed from bottles, and the players’ images are very strong. The group includes two Redskins All-Stars (#C44 Paul Krause and C50), #C30 Charley Taylor and #C23 Rick Casares, who played for the Redskins only in 1965. The Beckett checklist lists C23 as Willie Adams, and Casares does not appear on the list.
Winning Bid $75.

Lot 499.  250 Different 1970-85 Topps Cards Featuring Washingtion Redskins. Features: 1970 Supers #6 Jurgensen g. 1970 #145 Taylor vg, 200 Jurgensen ex; 7 others, overall vg-ex. 1971 Game #51 Jurgensen vg. 1971 #26 Taylor ex-m, 5 others, average ex-m. 1972 #195 Jurgensen ex-m+, 5 others, overall ex+. 1973 #236 Taylor ex-m, 18 others. overall vg-ex. 1974 #58 Kilmer ex, 510 Taylor vg-ex, 2 others, both vg. 1975 #20 Taylor vg-ex, 416 Theismann ex-m+, 14 others, overall ex. 1976 #55 Kilmer vg, 231 Theismann ex, 16 others, overall vg-ex. 1977 #14 Theismann vg-ex, 55 Riggins ex, 495 Kilmer ex-m+, 9 others, overall vg-ex. 1978 #155 Kilmer ex-m+, 215 Riggins nm+, 416 Theismann nm, 16 others, overall ex. 1979 #10 Riggins nm, 155 Theismann nm, 21 others, average ex+. 1980 #390 Riggins nm, 475 Theismann ex-m+, 23 others, overall ex-m. 1981 #165 Theismann ex-m, 194 Monk nm, 20 others, overall ex-m+. 1982 #515 Monk nm+, 520 Riggins nm+, 521 Theismann nm+, 12 others, overall ex. 1983 #198 Riggins nm+, 199 Theismann nm+, 193 Monk nm+, 19 others, overall nm+. 1984 #334 Monk nm, 390 Theismann nm-m, 13 others, overall nm, 1985 #185 Monk nm+, 189 Riggins nm-m, 190 Theismann nm-m, 14 others, overall nm+.
Winning Bid $61.

Lot 500.  Washington Redskins Grab Bag Choc Full of Interesting and Desirable Items. 1. Forty-one unopened packs of 1996 Exxon Redskins Trading Cards along with two counter displays that held them. Each pack contains 3 cards and a checklist; the set consists of 8 cards and the checklist. 2. 18 (5 different, others are duplicates) 11” X 14” sketches from the 1981 Shell Oil Co. NFL set. These sketches are extremely well done and printed on a hig-grade paper well suited for framing. The featured players are Riggins, Moseley, Lavender, Parrish and Joe Washington. 3. 5 complete sets in sheets of 1993 McDonald’s Redskins Game Day Cards. Nm-m. In addition, there are 33 McDonald’s Scratch-Off Play & Win cards. Most are unscratched. 4. 3 Redskins mini-pennants. 5. An unopened DVD from by NEXTEL – “70 Greatest Washington Redskins.” 6. Unopened pack of 3 Temporary Redskins Play Tattoos. 7. Unopened pack of Redskins Puffy Stickers. 8. 7 items from Topps’ larger issues - #5 Charley Taylor (2) from the 1968 Topps Posters set. #17 Jurgensen (2) and 32 Larry Brown (3) from the 1971 Topps Pin-Up set. A super lot for any Redskins fan!
Winning Bid $61.

Lot 501.  Darrell Green Bobble Heads with Original McDonald’s Display. As Green concluded a brilliant 20-season career as a Washington Redskins defensive back in 2002, the team and McDonald’s honored him with two bobble heads. One has Green towering over RFK Stadium, and the other, Fed-Ex Field. He wears the Redskins’ home uniform at FedEx, and the road uniform at RFK. Both bobbles are mint in their original boxes. The point-of-purchase display consists of a plastic case that proclaims: “He’s been around for 20 years. They (the bobbles) won’t be.” Both versions were offered. The case is ex-m, and the header has some creases and is complete, colorful and attractive. A “Farewell” program with Green on the cover is also included. One of the bobbles alone recently sold on EBay for $30.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 502.  8 Books Focusing on the Washington Redskins, Including Lombardi, Allen. These books are hardbacks. 1. Football’s Greatest Coach: Vince Lombardi, Gene Schoor, 1974 first edition, ex-m book, vg-ex dust jacket. 2. The Future Is Now, William Gildea and Kenneth Turan, 1972 stated first, nm book, ex price-clipped dj. 3. Washington Redskins, Jack Clary, 1974 stated first, ex-m+ book, ex dj. 4. Over the Hill to the Super Bowl, Brig Owens and Chuck Cascio, 1973 first, ex-m book, vg-ex dj. 5. Joe Gibbs: Fourth and One, Gibbs with Jerry Jenkins, 1992, nm book, vg dj. The following are paperbacks: 6. Quarterbacking, Joe Theismann, 1983, ex. 7. Great Quarterbacks, Phyllis and Zander Hollander, 1983 first, ex-m. 8. PB version of The Future is Now, 1973.
Winning Bid $40.

Lot 503.  20 Sports Illustrated, Other Publications with Washington Redskins Covers. Vince Lombardi, as the new coach, is on the cover of the March 3, 1969 SI. Vg-ex. Unless noted, covers have labels. SI issues: 7/28/69 Lombardi, Jurgensen g. 11/6/72 Larry Brown vg+ to ex. 7/9/73 George Allen vg. 8/16/76 Calvin Hill ex. 12/6/82 vg+. 1/31/83 Darryl Grant nm, no label. 2/7/83 John Riggins ex-m, no label. 10/10/83 Joe Washington ex-m+. 1/16/84 Joe Theismann ex-m, no label. 1/30/84 nm, no label. 9/3/84 Theismann vg-ex. 2/8/88 Doug Williams nm, no label. 2/3/92 Mark Rypien, nm, no label. Other publications: Allen on 12/72 Washingtonian g. Theismann on 10/70 Sport vg-ex, 7/78 Washingtonian ex, 1983 Street & Smith’s vg+. Jurgensen on 1969 Inside Football vg+ to ex, 10/69 Sport ex and 7/72 Washingtonian with Kilmer, g.
Winning Bid $40.

Lot 504.  9 1940s-60s Washington Redskins Programs. Five are for games with the Baltimore Colts. 1946, Sept. 22 vs. the Bears at Baltimore Stadium, complete, pages separated, p. 1949, Nov. 20 vs. the Bears, complete, most pages separated, otherwise vg. 1950, Nov. 26 vs. Baltimore, vg. Dec. 10 vs. Cleveland, vg. 1962, Nov. 11 vs Cleveland, writing on cover, otherwise vg-ex. Five programs are for the Redskins’ Shrine charity games, including the inaugural in 1962 against Baltimore; score on the cover, otherwise ex. The Redskins faced the Colts also in 1964 (cover writing; otherwise ex), 1966 ex-m and 1970 g+. The Bears provided the opposition in 1965, vg+.
Winning Bid $68.

Lot 505.  Washington Redskins Media Guide, Yearbook and Roster Collection. Media guides are from 1972 ex, the Redskins’ NFC Championship season under George Allen, 1973 ex+, 1974 g-vg, 1979 ex-m, 1981 ex-m+ and 1983 nm. Yearbooks represent 1973 ex, 1974 ex, 1977 vg+ and 1983-85 and 1987. These later yearbooks average ex to ex+. This collection also includes the Redskins’ Sports Focus issues from 1974 and 1976. These publications contain photos and brief biographies of Washington players, as well as a “prospectus” on each Redskins opponent. Both are ex-m. Training camp rosters for 1995 and 1996 complete this collection. Ex. 17 publications.
Winning Bid $35.

Lot 506.  For the Record – 3 Washington Redskins 45 RPM Records. Highlight of this group is the 1980 recording “Workin’ Our Way Back to You” by Dave Butz, Buddy Hardeman and Monte Coleman. Nm-m record in a picture sleeve featuring a drawing of the trio. The sleeve has a couple of light creases and displays very well. The second record has two versions of “Hail to the Redskins,” one by the Redskins Show Orchestra and the other by the Redskins Singers. Nm-m. “Washington Celebration” by Carlos Chafin is the third record; ex.
Winning Bid $40.

Lot 507.  Washington Redskins Programs, Publications. This collection begins with 14 programs: 8/3/66 vs. Baltimore g+. 1983 vs. Oakland vg. Vs. St. Louis vg-ex. 1984 vs. Dallas, Riggins cover, nm. 1986 vs. Minnesota, cover loose, vg. 1987 vs. St. Louis nm-m. 1996 vs. Jets ex-m+. Vs. 49ers ex. 1997 vs. Arizona nm-m. Vs. Dallas nm+. Vs. Giants ex. 1998 vs. Dallas ex-m+. 2000 vs. Detroit nm-m. 2002 vs. Houston nm-m. Super Bowl, Playoff Programs: 1984 playoff vs. 49ers nm+. Super Bowl XVII and XVIII nm-m, XXII vg-ex. Related pubs on Super Bowl XVIII, XXII, nm. Sports Illustrated: 1/31/83 Darryl Grant, 1/16/84 Theismann, 1/30/84, 2/8/88 Doug Williams, 2/3/92 Mark Rypien, all nm or better. Media Guides: 1972, 1981, 1983, average vg. Also, Sports Focus 1975 Redskins, ex. “Rally Round the Redskins,” 1985-87, 1996, some cards, ex. Larry Brown (2), Jurgensen (2) on 1960s-70s publications, average vg-ex. 20 1980s and more recent publications with covers including Theismann (4), Jurgensen (2), Doug Williams, Jack Kent Cooke, Monk, Baugh, Riggins. 1989 calendar, ex-m. Newspapers covering the 1983, 1992 Super Bowls, other key games. Also, 1971 Washington Daily News supplement, “The Future is Now” with George Allen, ex, and Oct. 12, 1969 Potomac with Vince Lombardi on the cover, vg. 70 publications.
Winning Bid $40.

Lot 508.  Washington Redskins Folk Art Collection. An original painting on board by Aviah, dated 1983, pictures the “Redskin Fun Bunch,” including Garrett and Brown. Nm. It’s accompanied by two examples of embroidery (actually, a type of cross-stitch), one covering a brick door stop and the other intended to cover a tissue box. Both picture a Redskins helmet, which is the subject also of a 10” ceramic clock that seems to be in working order. Ex-m. Rounding out this group are a rustic Washington, D.C., wall plaque, with an Indian painted on it, for holding dried flowers and a Redskins “team wall plaque” made of “genuine American pine.”
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 509.  Huge Redskins Grab Bag – 225+ Items - Publications, Pins, Glasses, Etc. No duplicates. Publications: 1983 “The Imposible Dream” and “1982 NFL Champion Redsins: The Season of Respect,” ex-m to nm. Programs for 1984, 1987, 1997 (2), 2000 and 2002. Nm. Calendars for 1978-79, 1983-84 (Redskinettes), 1989, ex-m+. 28 different schedules, primarily from the 1980s and 1990s, including player pocket schedules for 1982 (Butz), 1986 (Larry Brown), 1992 (Mann) and 1994 (Bobby Wilson). Average ex. Various promotion items. Redskins parking passes, including one pictureing Clinton Portis. 1992 NFL Champions Wheaties box, vg-ex. 27 bumper stickers, nine with division championships or Super Bowl appearances, including Super Bowl VIII. Average ex, many nm. 2 miniatures Redskins license plates. 1999, 2000 1/80th-scale trucks from White Rose Collectibles, mint in the original boxes. Redskins plastic coin bank filled with Snack Factory red and yellow jelly beans. Ex-m. 12” Redskins football, nm-m; soap football. 39 pins, one-third with a Super Bowl connection, some with a “Hogs” connection. Average ex+. 7 Christmas tree or holiday ornaments, all in the original boxes. 8 glasses or mugs. 4 hats or caps, including one “Riggo’s Rangers.” Duffle bag, small bag. 7 plastic cups, one with Jurgensen, one with the 1970s Redskins helmet. Also, a thermos (no lid), water bottle, golf balls, megaphones (3), magnets, patches (3), napkins, Garfield air freshener, flags, puffy stickers, pencils, lighters, key chains. In addition, Super Bowl XVII Coca-Cola bottle, Alamo ribbons for Super Bowl XXII, a “Whomp-It” “Team Booster” puppet, flags, towels, an 8 mm film and 16 posters, many related to Super Bowls. Whew! What a collection!
Winning Bid $55.

Lot 510.  Washington Redskins Super Bowl, Championship Memorabilia, including programs other publications, posters, pins and more related to the Redskins’ Super Bowl and NFC Championship seasons. Programs: Super Bowls XVII, XVIII, XXII and XXVI. NFC Championship, 1984. Nm or better. Also, a 32-page retrospective prepared for Super Bowl XVIII and a “Home Viewer’s Guide” for Super Bowl XXII. Yearbooks: 1983. Also, 1983 Media Guide, Post “1982 NFL Champion Redskins: The Season of Respect” and Times “The Impossible Dream: The Redskins’ Route to the NFL Championship.” Nm or better. Sports Illustrated: 1/31/83 Grant, 1/16/84 Theismann, 1/30/84, 2/8/88 Williams, 2/3/92 Rypien, nm or better. Post or Times Super Bowl coverage for 1983, 1992 (7 issues, most complete). Ex-m. Record albums (33 1/3 rpm), 1972-73 and 1982-83 seasons. Nm records. 1992 NFC Champions Wheaties box, ex. “‘Skin’ the Fish” Super Bowl XVII placard, vg. Bumper stickers: 1 Super Bowl XVII, 3 different, Super Bowl XXII, ex. 6 pins, all Super Bowl XXII, 3 ½” to 6”, one with Doug Williams, one with Williams and Elway. At least ex-m. Super Bowl XXVI VHS, unopened. Over the Hill to the Super Bowl, 1972 season, by Brig Owens, 1973 hardback, vg book and dj. Super Bowl XVII Coca-Cola bottle, ex-m. Super Bowl XXII T-shirt, cups (2), hat, Theismann key chain, poster and key chain in game ticket form, ex-m and better except the poster. Super Bowl XXVI hat, USA Today football, Christmas ornament, Matchbox truck, two plastic cups and a Coke can. At least ex-m except for the Coke can. Also, ticket stubs for 1984, 1988 NFC Playoff or Championship games.
Winning Bid $55.

Lot 511.  Redskins Memorabilia – John Riggins, the Hogs and Hogettes. Riggins is the focus of most items, including the complete Jan. 31, 1983 Washington Post that shows him scoring a 43-yard touchdown in Super Bowl XVII, ex+. He is on the cover of numerous other publications: Super Bowl retrospectives from the Post and the Washington Times, a 1984 program (with a Redskinettes poster inside), the 1983 issues of “ESPN Sports Almanac” and “Athlon’s Pro Football,” the 1984 Sporting News and Street and Smith’s “Pro Football” yearbook, the Aug. 1984 Washingtonian and a paperback copy of “Riggins in Motion,” a 1985 book by Denis Harrington. These publications average ex. Riggins is pictured inside “Vince Bagli’s 1984 Calendar of Sports,” nm-m, and on a plastic cup. Two 3” pins say “Go John,” and a third says “Go-Go Riggo,” nm. Three different camouflage hats are for “Riggo’s Rangers,” nm-m. The Hogs are represented by two “Hog Attack” T-shirts, a “Superhogs” flag, a 4” “Hog Chow” display item, a Hog snout and a 12” x 16 ½” “I Love Them Hogs!” plastic sign. These items are generally near mint. A 14” x 23” insert from the Times pictures the Hogettes, who appear also on five trading cards. A pin also features a Hog.
Winning Bid $40.
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