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Vintage Sheet Music

  6 Lots      

Lot 754.  1940s and Earlier Sheet Music with Pickford, Jolson, Vallee and Other Stars on the Covers. Twenty-four pieces of sheet music, all but two from the 1930s and earlier, make up this collection. Most have vocal or movie stars on the covers. Some are by widely recognized composers, recording artists or both. A few are relatively obscure, but nonetheless interesting. Here is the list: Mary Pickford, “Daddy Long Legs,” 1919. Al Jolson, “Who Paid the Rent For Mrs. Rip Van Winkle?” 1914. Rudy Vallee, “If I Had a Girl Like You,” 1930, and “My Time is Your Time,” Vallee mentioned but not pictured, 1934. Harold Lloyd, “Freshie,” 1925; he was one of the top comedians of the silent film era, and in 1953, he received an Academy Honorary Award for being a "master comedian.” Alice White (actress), “Buy, Buy for Baby,” 1928. Major Edward Bowes (radio personality, hosted “The Original Amateur Hour” from 1935 until his death in 1946), “The Old Spinning Wheel,” 1933. Frank Crumit (singer – “Frankie and Johnnie” and composer – “Buckeye [Ohio State] Battle Cry,” vaudeville performer), “Pretty Little Dear,” 1927. Nora Bayes (singer, Ziegfeld Follies, et., performed with her husband, Jack Norworth, lyricist for “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”), “Freckles,” 1919. Mel Cooper (singer), “Silver Threads Among the Gold,” 1935. Don Azpiazú (leading Cuban band and orchestra leader), “The Peanut Vendor,” 1930. Ed Lowry (primarily a vaudeville comic), “Maggie! ‘Yes Ma’am’ [Come Right Up Stairs],” 1923. Scene from “Holiday in Mexico,” with Walter Pidgeon, Jose Iturbi, Jane Powell and Xavier Cugat, “I Think of You,” 1941. Joe Sanders, jazz pianist, singer and band leader, “Harold Teen,” based on the comic strip, 1923. Songs by prominent composers include; “The Blue Room,” 1926, by Rodgers and Hart; “Because You’re You,” 1915, by Victor Herbert; and “It’s De-Lovely,” 1936 by Cole Porter from “Red Hot and Blue!” starring Ethel Merman, Jimmy Durante and Bob Hope. Also, “Kittie Moore,” 1927 by Leo Wright; “Which Hazel,” 1921 by Ned Norworth and Abner Silver; The Turkey Trot,” 1912 by Henry Berti ; “Dear Little Mother with Silver Hair,” 1931 by Margery Watkins; “Silvery Waves,” 1907 by A. P. Wyman; “I Love You Dear, And Only You,” 1900 by Frank Pixley and Gustav Luders, and “With a Hey and a Hi and Ho Ho Ho!” 1947 by Mann Curtis and Vic Mizzy. This sheet music ranges from p to ex and averages g+; all of it is complete.
Minimum Bid $20     

Lot 755.  5 Early 1900s-40s Books of Children’s Songs. Four are hardbacks published without dust jackets: 1. “Santa’s Santalady: A Christmas Cantata for the Sunday School,” book and lyrics by Rowland H. Radcliffe, music by Arthur Radcliffe, 1924 paperback, “1930” written on front cover, vg, many Christmas songs. 2. “The Children’s Music Box,” lyrics by Paul Francis Webster, music by Frank E. Churchill, illustrations by Wolo, 1945 hardback, first edition, ex. Excellent illustrations and 20 songs, including “The Aardvark, the Yak and the Gnu” and “I Hate to Think.” 3. “My Picture Book of Songs” by Alene Dalton, Myriel Ashton, Erla Young, 1947 hardback, first edition. Vg+ cover, ex-m contents. Large book very well illustrated with 50 children’s songs categorized by the four seasons. 4. “Merry Songs for Boys and Girls” by Winnifred Loerch Gomez with illustrations by Eunice Young Smith, 1949 hardback, first edition, vg+ to ex, with 77 songs, some familiar such as “Twinkle, Little Star” and “America, the Beautiful,” and some less so, such as “Come, Ride with Me to Toyland” and “The Monkeys and the Crocodile.” Also: 5. “Musical Joys for Girls and Boys – Fourteen Very Easy Vocal or Instrumental Pieces,” 1908 softcover, p-f, covers and eight pages disconnected, 32 pages, nicely illustrated by Andre de Takacs, known for his art nouveau sheet music images.
Minimum Bid $10     

Lot 756.  15 Pieces of Sheet Music with Songs by Berlin, Cohan, Jolson, Rose, Herbert, Kern and Cahn. Irving Berlin wrote six of the songs: “God Bless America,” 1939, name written on the cover, vg. “Anna Liza’s Wedding Day,” 1913, pages separated, f+. “Tell Me Little Gypsy” from “Ziegfield Follies of 1920,” g. “That International Rag,” 1908, photo of Sophie Tucker on the cover, Uncle Sam directs an international chorus, g. “The Ragtime Soldier Man,” 1912, f-g. And “When That Midnight Choo, Choo, Leaves for Alabam’,”1912, pages separated, f. Four cover illustrations are by E. H. Pfeiffer. Three songs by George M. Cohan are for “Little Nellie Kelly,” the 1922 Broadway musical he wrote: “The Hinkey Dee,” vg-ex; “Nellie Kelly I Love You,” vg, and “You Remind Me of My Mother,” f+ to g. In 1940, MGM turned this play into a movie starring Judy Garland and George Murphy. Victor Herbert wrote two songs: “I Might Be Your Once-in-a-While” from the musical “Angel Face,” 1919, g+, and “All for You” for the comic opera “The Princess Pat,” 1915, first page separated, g. “California Here I Come” is attributed to Al Jolson and two other composers, 1924, name on the cover, this copy possibly issued in the 1940s, vg-ex. Also: “Who?” from “Sunny” by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein, 1925, vg+. “Tonight You Belong To Me,” Billy Rose, 1926, vg, and “Ev’ry Day I Love You” by Sammy Cahn and Jules Styne, 1948, name on the cover, vg+.
Minimum Bid $15     

Lot 757.  7 Pieces of Sheet Music with a Military Focus – World War II and Earlier. In fact, all but one song is from World War I. Some of the sheet music appears to be scarce. For example, “That’s What We’re Fighting For,” a 1918 song “Dedicated to the U.S. Army and Navy” by Sgt. C. S. Anthony, vg+ to ex. The earliest song is “American Patrol” by F. W. Meacham, originally from 1885. The date of this version is unclear, but it appears to be from the late 1890s because it promotes at least one song from 1897; covers separated, f+ to g. “We Are Hitting the Trail Through No Man’s Land and We’ll Soon be Coming Home” by Walter Cooper and William L. Britton has an interesting uncredited cover illustration; 1918, g. “I’m Going to Follow the Boys” by Howard Rogers and James V. Monaco, 1917, g+, presents the viewpoint of a young woman who has never been a nurse but plans to “follow the boys” to war. Al Jolson is on the cover of sheet music for “Hello Central! Give Me No Man’s Land” by Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young and Jean Schwartz, 1918, g, with an Albert Wilfred Barbelle illustration. During World War I, Canadian Lt. Gitz Rice wrote “Keep Your Head Down ‘Fritzie Boy’,” 1918, vg-ex. The lone WWII era song is “There’ll Always Be An England,” Ross Parker and Hughie Charles, 1939, g.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 758.  Sheet Music (10), Some with Bing Crosby, Ozzie Nelson, Guy Lombardo or Kay Kyser Covers. This music is from the 1930s-50s. Bing Crosby is on three covers: “Sisters” by Irving Berlin from the movie “White Christmas,” vg-ex, with Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen also on the cover. Also, “Little Dutch Mill” by Ralph Freed and Harry Barris, 1934, ex, and “Zing a Little Zong” by Leo Robin and Harry Warren, 1952, Crosby with Jane Wyman on the cover, ex-m+. Composer Sigmund Romberg is pictured with his composition, “Zing Zing – Zoom Zoom,” with lyrics by Charles Tobias, 1950, tape holding the middle page in, name on the cover, g+ to vg, looks better. Ozzie Nelson, band leader and star of “Ozzie and Harriet,” is the cover subject for “(Oh Suzanna) Dust Off That Old Pianna!” by Irving Caesar, Gerald Marks & Sammy Lerner, 1935, pages separated, g. Five other band leaders are cover subjects: Guy Lombardo, “In the Chapel in the Moonlight” by Billy Hill, 1936, vg-ex. Kay Kyser, “The Little Red Fox” by James Kern and others, 1939, light writing on the cover, vg. Frankie Masters, “Scatter-Brain” by Johnny Burke, Keene-Bean and Masters, 1939, g-vg. And Will McCune, “Dance with a Dolly with a Hole in Her Stockin’” by Terry Shand, Jimmy Eaton and Mickey Leader, 1944, vg+ with a name written on the cover. The final selection, “Playmates” by Saxie Dowell, 1940, has band leader Hal Kemp on the cover along with the a trio of singers known as The Smothies, pages separated, f+ to g.
Minimum Bid $15     

Lot 759.  10 Pieces of Sheet Music, Most with Songs Popular in the Late 1940s and 1950s. But not all! One is from the 1920s, and another, the 1970s. Here is the list: “Serenade of the Bells,” Kay Twomey and others, 1947, Albert Wilfred Barbelle illustration on the cover, vg+ to ex. “Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)” by Larry Morey and Eliot Daniel, 1948, from Walt Disney’s “So Dear to My Heart,” vg-ex. “‘A’ You’re Adorable (The Alphabet Song)” by Buddy Kaye and others, 1948, Kaye on the cover, ex. “Daddy’s Little Girl” by Bobby Burke and Horace Gerlach, 1949, vg. “Shrimp Boats” by Paul Mason Howard and Paul Weston, 1951, Jo Stafford on the cover, which has two names added, otherwise vg+ to ex. “The Little Shoemaker” by Geoffrey Parsons and Rudi Revil, 1954, vg+ to ex. Based on Revil’s “Le Petit Cordonnier” in French, this song was a No. 2 hit in 1954 for the Gaylords in the U.S. In England, it became Petula Clark’s first charted hit. “Hernando’s Hideaway” from “The Pajama Game” by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross, 1954, a name added twice to the cover, otherwise ex. “The Nick Nack Paddy Whack Song (Children’s March),” special version including Hammond Organ and Guitar, 1959, vg+. “The Glow-Worm,” music by German composer Paul Lincke with English words by Lilla Cayley Robinson, 1921, ex; the Mills Brothers, using updated lyrics by Johnny Mercer, had a hit with this song in 1952. And “Morning Has Broken” by Eleanor Farjeon and Cat Stevens, 1972, vg+ to ex.
Minimum Bid $15     

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