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“A Treasury of Stephen Foster” and Other Music Compilations, Some for Children

Lot 558. “A Treasury of Stephen Foster” and Other Music Compilations, Some for Children Random House published the Stephen Foster hardback in 1946. This 222-page first printing, illustrated by William Sharp, is vg+ with clean ex-m pages. The dust jacket is absent. Here is a list of the other publications: 2. “Songs from Hans Christian Anderson” with music by Frank Loesser, vg 24-page softcover with seven songs arranged for Hammond organ, 1953, vg. It includes “Anywhere I Wander” and “Wonderful Copenhagen.” 3. “The Golden Book of Favorite Songs,” 1923, more than 190 songs in 128 pages, ex+ softcover. It includes patriotic, religious and Christmas songs, and early 1900s classics. 4. “Musical Joys for Girls and Boys,” 14 easy songs for children, 1908, g softcover. 5. “Cornish’s Practical Instructor for the Reed Organ,” 1895, g hardcover. 5. And the Aug. 1948 edition of “The Etude Music Magazine,” approximately 70 pages with 17 music selections, vg Minimum Bid $10.    

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       Minimum Bid  $10


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