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Football Ticket Stubs & Publications – Programs, Yearbooks, Media Guides

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Lot 394.  1947 Football Ticket & 4 1930s-40s Stubs - 3 Football, 1 Baseball + a Pin. Among the teams represented are Army and Navy, Notre Dame, West Virginia, and Yale and Harvard. 1. Harvard at Yale football game, Nov. 22, 1930, ex stub. Harvard won, 13-0 at the Yale Bowl. 2. Carnegie Tech vs. Notre Dame football game, Oct. 22, 1938, g stub with the score added twice in pencil. Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, IN hosted 25,934 fans who watched the Fighting Irish edge Carnegie Tech, 7-0. It was the only game the Tartans lost during the regular season, and their 7-1 record earned the school its first and only trip to a bowl game – the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. There, they lost to TCU, the national champion, 15-7. 3. Army vs. Navy football game, Nov. 26, 1938, at Municipal Stadium in Philadelphia. The colorful stub, which measures 2.75” x 5”, is ex+ with “Issued to a Member of Navy Athletic Association” stamped on the back. Army defeated Navy by a score of 14-7. 4. Army at Navy baseball game, May 25, 1946 Army, g stub. The game was at Navy’s Lawrence Field in Annapolis. 5. Temple at West Virginia football game, Nov. 22, 1947, FULL TICKET, which technically is vg-ex but has a much better appearance. West Virginia won this game at Mountaineer Field in Morgantown, 21-0. The ticket features an Owl representing Temple and a gray outline of Mountaineer field against a red background. 6. A vintage 1.25” dark-blue and gold “PITT” pin has a tin football attached by a short ribbon. The football is approximately 2.5” long and 1.5” across. G-vg.
Minimum Bid $70     

Lot 395.  Sept. 30, 1944 Ticket Stub from the Notre Dame at Pittsburgh Football Game. The front of the ticket is eye catching. Pitt’s Cathedral of Learning and surroundings appear in violet on a silver background with white clouds in the sky. It was a bright day for the Fighting Irish. They crushed the Panthers at Pitt Stadium, 58-0. The ticket has a moderate amount of creasing to the right of the Cathedral. Vg. Clark Shaughnessy coached Pitt.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 396.  1948 New York Giants at Boston Yanks Football Program. These teams met on Sept. 23 at Fenway Park. Boston sustained its second defeat as the Giants opened their season on the road with a 27-7 win. The ex 16-page program has a composite photo page for each team, including Charlie Conerly and Tex Coulter for the Giants. Joe Bach, one of Notre Dame’s “Seven Mules” linemen, is pictured as the Boston coach, and Clipper Smith, a lineman on Fighting Irish national championship teams in 1919 and 1920, is shown as New York’s coach.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 397.  1948 Chicago Cardinals at New York Giants Program. In an effort to repeat as NFL champions, the Cardinals racked up 11 victories in 1948, including a resounding 63-35 triumph over the Giants on Oct. 17 at the Polo Grounds. The program’s owner neatly wrote the score on the cover and added this commentary: “Conerly, Swiacki and Roberts were good – the rest of the Giants awful. Harder kicked 9 points after touchdown for a new record.” Except for the commentary, the 20-page program is ex and presents photos of these Giants: Jack, Tim and Wellington Mara, the team’s owners; Steve Owen, the coach; and nine rookies, including Em Tunnell, Joe Scott, Skip Minsi and Bill Swiacki.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 398.  1948 Program – the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the New York Giants at the Polo Grounds. In a season of mediocrity for both teams, the Giants edged the Steelers, 34-27, on Oct. 24. The 20-page vg-ex program has a page of nine photos for each team, including Paul Governali, John Cannady, Len Younce, Frank Reagan and Tex Coulter for the Giants and Johnny Clement, Val Jasante, Jerry Shipkey and Bob Cifers for the Steelers. Charlie Conerly also is shown. Jasante was a favorite of Steelers owner Art Rooney. For more than 50 years, he was the only Steeler to lead the team in receiving for five consecutive years. Hines Ward broke his record in 2006.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 399.  1948 Brooklyn Dodgers at New York Yankees All-America Football Conference Program. At Yankee Stadium on Nov. 14, the Yankees were victors in this rivalry, 21-7. This 20-page vg+ program has three pages of photos, one each devoted to the Yankees, the Dodgers and the Cleveland Browns. Bob Hoernschemeyer and Bob Chappuis are notable players for the Dodgers. Players shown for the Browns, the league’s best team, are Otto Graham, Dante Lavelli, Lou Rymkus and Marion Motley and, on a separate page, Lou Groza.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 400.  Nov. 14, 1948 Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants Program. At the Polo Grounds, the Rams dominated the Giants, 52-37. The score and a note concerning a 99-yard kickoff return have been written on the cover; otherwise, the program is vg+ to ex. It includes a half-page cartoon of Bill Swiacki, an end for the Giants, and photos of Charlie Conerly, Joe Scott, Bob Waterfield, Tom Fears, Kenny Washington and Les Horvath.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 401.  1948 Chicago Bears at Boston Yanks Program. Chicago 51, Boston 17 was the lopsided final score of this game at Fenway Park on Nov. 21. The Bears were one of the three best teams in the 1948 NFL; the Yanks were one of the two worst. The 16-page program is vg. One page shows the Bears three formidable quarterbacks - Bobby Layne, Johnny Lujack and Sid Luckman. Two of the three are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and all three are members of the College HoF. Another page has a team photo of the Yanks.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 402.  Cleveland Browns at Los Angeles Dons Program for a Nov. 25, 1948 LA Coliseum Game. In 1948, the Browns dominated the All-America Football Conference, winning all 14 of their regular-season and then crushing Buffalo in the championship encounter, 49-7. They easily won this game, 31-14. Ex 22-page program with an outstanding full-page photo of Len Ford.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 403.  2 AAFC Programs for 1948 Los Angeles Dons vs. San Francisco 49ers Games. . One program is for a Dec. 5 regular-season game at the Los Angeles Coliseum, home of the Dons. The 49ers won, 38-21. Vg+ 20-page program with a full-page photo of Dons kicker Ben Agajanian. Frankie Albert and John Kimbrough also are shown. The other program is for an Aug. 18 exhibition game at the Rose Bowl. Vg 22-page program that has a 2.75” spine split. Len Ford is pictured, and so are Glenn Dobbs, Herm Wedemeyer, Norm Standlee, Frankie Albert and Bob Chappuis.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 404.  Dec. 12, 1948 Washington Redskins at New York Giants Program. The Redskins were already assured of a second-place finish in the NFL Eastern Division when they beat the Giants, 28-21. The program cover has facsimile autographs of Giants players and team officials beneath “A Merry Christmas” greeting. The 20-page program has the score added to the cover with this notation: “Passing duel between Baugh and Conerly with Baugh the best.” These two quarterbacks are pictured next to each other on a page in the program, which is ex except for the cover notations. Tex Coulter is also pictured, and there is a half-page illustration of Em Tunnell
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 405.  Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles Sept. 17, 1949 Fundraiser Exhibition Program. Philadelphia Inquirer Charities sponsored this 12th Annual Football Classic. The vg-ex program has articles on the Eagles’ Tommy Thompson and Chuck Bednarik and the Bears’ George Halas. Pete Pihos, Steve Van Buren, Frank Tripucka, Al Wistert, Ken Kavanaugh, Sid Luckman, George McAfee, Johnny Lujack and Bulldog Turner are also pictured.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 406.  Aug. 28, 1949 AAFC Baltimore Colts at San Francisco Forty Niners Program. These two teams opened the season at Kezar Stadium, and the 49ers posted the first of nine regular-season wins, 31-17, on their way to the All-America Conference championship game. The 22-page program is vg-ex with the centerfold loose. The program has two pages of San Francisco player photos, including Len Eshmont, Norm Standlee, Frankie Albert and Joe Perry. The team’s head coach, Cecil Isbell, receives a full page. Six Colts are shown on a page, including future 49ers’ quarterback Y. A. Tittle.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 407.  2 AAFC 1949 LA Dons vs. San Francisco 49ers Programs. The Forty Niners were 3-0 after they whipped the Dons, 42-14, at Kezar Stadium on Sept. 18. The ex 24-page program has photos of Buck Shaw, Norm Standlee, Joe Perry, Frankie Albert, Jimmy Phelan (full page), Glenn Dobbs and George Taliaferro. The two teams also met on Aug. 10 at the LA Coliseum in the First Annual Charity Grid Classic sponsored by two LA newspapers. Len Ford is among the Dons pictured, and Joe Perry is one of the 49ers in the program, vg+ to ex with 24 pages. Other All-America Football Conference stars are shown on one page, including Y. A. Tittle, George Ratterman, Otto Graham and Buddy Young.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 408.  NFL NY Bulldogs 1949 Inaugural-Game Program vs. Philadelphia at the Polo Grounds. At the end of the 1948 season, owner Ted Collins folded the Boston Yanks and persuaded the NFL to grant him a franchise in New York. His new team played at the Polo Grounds in 1949 and then moved to Yankee Stadium in 1950. This team essentially folded after 1951, although pieces of it found their way to Dallas and then Baltimore. The New York team was unsuccessful in its first outing, which occurred Sept. 22. The Bulldogs lost, 7-0, to Philadelphia before a crowd of only 8,426. The 20-page program is vg+ to ex. One page pictures three Bulldogs T-formation quarterbacks – Bobby Layne, Johnny Rauch and Bob DeMoss. Pete Pihos, Steve Van Buren, Tommy Thompson, Frank Kilroy and Vic Sears are also pictured for the Eagles, who went on to capture their second consecutive NFL Championship.
Winning Bid $30     

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